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Reveal Amanda Seyfried's Tattoo Meaning

Updated on July 31, 2020
Morning Beauty Amanda Seyfried
Morning Beauty Amanda Seyfried | Source

What's A Name?

Amanda Sayfried began her debut in modelling. After seventeen she took voice and opera lesson. Sooner, she appeared as an uncredited extra in the daytime drama television series Guiding Light and followed by several roles in TV drama series and TV shows.

Today, Amanda has became a young superstar played in many movies and got many awards and achievements. She got #1 on People's "25 Beauties at 25" list in 2011. As many other celebrities, her fame was followed by her personal life controversies, one of them was her tattoo.

Amanda Seyfried 's tattoo is different than others', what I say, rather weird. Why is it weird? What is the secret meaning of her very personal tattoo? Keep reading this hub!

Amanda Seyfried's Profile

Amanda Michelle Seyfried
Place of Birth
Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Date of Birth
December 3, 1985
Recent Ancestry
mostly German descent, and also has some Scots-Irish and English
High School
Allentown's William Allen High School
Jack Seyfried
Ann (Sander

Source: and

What is the meaning?
What is the meaning? | Source

Amanda Seyfried's Tatoo is...

For the first time I read this word, I really had no idea about it. It seemed rather stranger word for American. I tried to check to Webster on my book shelves, but I found nothing nor in my Oxford for Advance Learner.

I went online, I checked to my favorite free dictionary and bingo! Wow... the meaning was rather vulgar. It was British taboo slang. I ensured to the ... and the meaning was similar. I thought it would be better I checked to the urban slang dictionary to get the right direction.

Yeah, it was that!

The big question was why did Amanda get it tattooed on her left foot? What was her aim to do that?

The question was answered when Amanda revealed her tattoo meaning to Alan Carr: Chatty Man in his show below.

Other Amanda Seyfried's Tattoo Investigation

I was curious to find more other Amanda Seyfried's tattoos. With the assumption that most celebrities have their secret tattoo concealed in their hidden area, so I did small investigation through Amanda's body. Here it is Amanda's beautiful body...

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried | Source

I found nothing, it might be concealed in her very private area which I could not see. The only I have found was the red mermaid temporary tattoo on her right arm which she proudly displayed to her friend during a pool party in Miami.

Why it was red mermaid? Has Amanda other tattoos? Wait my next investigation :)

Get Girls Temporary Tattoos Ideas! - The alternative...

Many girls won't to have permanent tattoo engraved on their body, but they want to be sexy with them. The temporary tattoo can be the alternative. One of the most popular places that girls love to get tattooed is their arms.

More Nickname Tattoos Idea

Many people's nickname were rather weird to listen, but it gave an idea to tattoo your own name on your body than your date's or other person's name.

Yeah, to have tattoo on your body is ever more of a commitment. You can't erase tattoo even you can cover it up, but it still always there as your reminder. Karen L. Hudson in advised us to strongly consider before we etch our significant other's (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc.) name in our skin for all eternity. "The people whom we love might be an enemy of us, someday"

Where should I put my tattoo?

See results

Where Should I Put my Tattoo

It's your choice where to put your tattoo. If you want to put it somewhere to share it easily and to show people without hide it you can put in your arm, around your neck or leg. But, if you want to make it private, you can make it in your private area or your lower back.

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