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Apple Watch and Nike: The Perfect Combo!

Updated on December 15, 2016

Are you looking for something to give as a gift this Christmas? If yes have you heard about the news? Apple teamed up with Nike? It is their newest product and it is called the Apple Watch Nike plus. It is a good gift for someone who really loves watches and someone who loves running and exercising or someone who is very sporty.

This is the best gift that fits to him or her. Apple Has teamed up with Nike to create a good and unique product for their valued customer and something specially to give as a Christmas gift for your family and love ones. It is created for convenient use while running or having an exercise and is also fashionable. This is very unique and easy to carry while you do your thing.

Apple watch offers more convenience.
Apple watch offers more convenience.

Know More About Apple Watch Nike Plus

Here are some of the special features that makes Apple Watch Nike plus unique!

Apple has teamed up with Nike to create the running-focused Apple Watch Nike plus for everyone who enjoy running. It is for them to run comfortable without hassle. The special version of Apple Watch Nike plus includes extra benefits like unique band designs and the colors, combined with nike faces and with Nike’s specialized running app.

For the people who are sporty and love running, Apple Watch Nike plus have the same benefits as Apple Watch Series 2 including a built-in GPS for outdoor running, walking, jogging and also cycling. It tracks without carrying an iPhone. It is also durable and water resistant enabling you to swim with it.

In addition, it has brighter display for you to see clearly outdoors even at night. It is offered with two sizes, designs and four different band colors: Apple watch band 38mm or 42mm.

Another good thing about Apple watch is its two unique watch design that feature Nike’s signature font and good designs with digital and analog versions. You can customize the style including how the time appears. There is a special offer of instant access to the Nike plus Run Club application when you buy the product. You can also use Nike’s Volt color on Apple’s watch. This features are only is only offered in this Apple Watch Nike plus that makes it unique to Nike products.

It can also be paired with iPhones.
It can also be paired with iPhones.

The Apple Watch Band

Nike Sport Band is a unique combination with Apple’s Sport Band that features a very good design and special colors that you will love. It has unique features that will help you in your daily activities or hobbies. It is designed for their valued customers helping them to do their activities easier. One unique feature is the compression-molded perforations that gives increased ventilation during activities. This holes also somewhat reduces the weight of the band and in addition, it has the extra benefit of being adjustable.

This holiday season, if you want to make your family and love ones happy especially those members who are active in sports such as running and swimming, give them Apple watch as a Christmas gift and try this Apple watch band for additional comfort and convenience.


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