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Art Nouveau Jewelry Boxes

Updated on February 4, 2015
Art Nouveau Lady Jewelry Box
Art Nouveau Lady Jewelry Box

Romantic Art Nouveau Jewelry Boxes are Memorable Gifts

If you're giving a special someone a gift of jewelry, make it even more memorable by presenting it in one of these elegant Art Nouveau jewelry boxes.

If you or someone you love keeps their favorite earrings or other jewelry on their bureau, dresser, or on a shelf or vanity where it will be readily at hand, these boxes will keep it safely in its place. Why not show off a box that's as beautiful and decorative as what may be stored inside?

The gorgeous Art Nouveau jewelry boxes you'll see here are ornate and romantic, combining both sweet and sensuous elements. They will surely become a cherished addition to your decor--and they'll definitely be conversation pieces. And even if the jewelry box will be for your eyes only, it's always nice to see something beautiful when you go to get a piece of jewelry or just pass by.

I hope you'll enjoy looking through this collection of Art Nouveau boxes and reading some of the interesting history of the Art Nouveau style.

6 Inch White and Gold Hand Painted Art Nouveau Lady Jewelry Box
6 Inch White and Gold Hand Painted Art Nouveau Lady Jewelry Box

High quality resin in faux ivory and gold leaf.


What is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau is a decorative style of art, architecture, and design that's based on natural forms. It features intricate designs and sinuous curves. Art Nouveau began in the late 1800s, remained popular until WWI, and is still a much loved style today.

The fine sculpted and hand painted details in these three Art Nouveau jewelry boxes are exquisite. Left to right: Dragonfly, Twin Peacocks, and Butterfly with Calla Lilies. All available at
The fine sculpted and hand painted details in these three Art Nouveau jewelry boxes are exquisite. Left to right: Dragonfly, Twin Peacocks, and Butterfly with Calla Lilies. All available at | Source

Nature Inspired Art Nouveau Jewelry Boxes

The Art Nouveau boxes on this page look rich, but they're actually very affordable and most are eligible for free shipping.

Order early as popular designs sell out quickly, especially around the Winter Holidays, Mothers Day, and Valentine's Day.

Choose from Flora or Fauna, Bronze, Pewter, Delicate Colors, or Boldly accented designs to suit your preferences or coordinate with your decor.

Art Nouveau Peacocks, Dragonflies & Butterflies

What do these three popular Art Nouveau motifs have in common?

Peacocks, dragonflies, and butterflies appear frequently in Art Nouveau designs.

On a purely physical, visual level, the three creatures share a remarkable iridescence or metallic quality to their coloring, complicated structural patterns, and curvilinear forms.

Historically, each of the three have been imbued with the same symbolic meanings of renewal/rebirth/resurrection, wealth, and good fortune across cultures and time.

Art Nouveau: Where Does the Name Come From?

The actual term Art Nouveau is derived from a shop opened by Siegfried Bing in Paris in 1896. The shop featured the new style of art that was all the rage: Art Nouveau, which literally means "New Art."

An Art Movement by Any Other Name...

The Art Nouveau style is also known by a variety of regional names with the majority of those, like the French Art Nouveau, also referencing "newness."

5 Inch Hand Painted Resin Art Nouveau Seated Lady Jewelry Box
5 Inch Hand Painted Resin Art Nouveau Seated Lady Jewelry Box

• Made of Hiqh Quality Resin

• Expertly Hand-Painted in Soft Colors

• 5 inches by 5 inches


Here are some of those variations and the countries that adopted those terms:

  • Italy: Arte Nuova and Stile Liberty
  • The Netherlands: Nieuwe Kunst
  • Portugal: Arte Nova
  • Spain: Arte Joven (young art)
  • Catalonia: Modernisme
  • United States: Tiffany Style
  • Scotland: The Glasgow School (after the institute founded by Charles Rennie Mackintosh)
  • Germany: Jugendstil
  • Austria: Sezessionstil (Secessionist)

Is Art Nouveau the Same as Art Deco?

No. Many people confuse the terms Art Deco and Art Nouveau or use them interchangeably, but they are very different. At Nouveau is a softer sounding name with rounded tones, much like the style itself. Art Deco, on the other hand, has a harder more rigid tone that is more hard-edged, like the crisp geometric forms and angles of the style.

Art Nouveau Beauties on Beautiful Jewelry Boxes

The lovely lady profiled against floral backgrounds have signature Art Nouveau flowing lines in their long hair and typical intricately detailed headpieces and decorative accessories.

Bronze Color Display Art Nouveau Primtemps Box
Bronze Color Display Art Nouveau Primtemps Box

See larger photo for a better look at the incredible detailing and hand-painted accents on this one.


What? You Haven't Picked Out the Perfect Piece of Art Nouveau Jewelry to Complete Your Gift?

Help is a Click Away!

Art Nouveau Antique, Vintage, and New Jewelry
Art Nouveau jewelry is very popular today...Learn about Art Nouveau and see our wonderful collection of great pieces...

© 2012 Chazz

Which Art Nouveau Box Did you Like Best? - Do you have anything in this style?

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    • vineliner57 profile image

      Hal Gall 

      6 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      I have no idea why I like jewelry boxes so much, being a dude and all. The mermaid one looks nice!


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