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Best Hypoallergenic Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin Types

Updated on February 27, 2015
Art of shaving unscented shaving cream
Art of shaving unscented shaving cream

Hypoallergenic shaving creams have anti-bacterial action that reduces the risk of skin blemishes. They also have a moisturizing action that softens the skin and reduces razor burn.

Why use an unscented shaving cream?

The main reason why you might consider using an unscented shaving cream is most likely because you may be having allergic reactions to the scented variety of shaving creams. There are also many people who cannot stand the smell of some of the scented shaving creams and are completely put off by it.

Fragrance-free shaving creams offer a lot of advantages over the ones that have fragrances because in most cases they are made from more natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic to the skin. Here are some compelling reasons why you should opt for fragrance-free creams over scented ones:

Unscented shaving creams are hypoallergenic

By hypoallergenic, it means that your body will not react in a defensive manner towards them. Allergic reactions in the body occur when the body considers the substance it is in contact with as a threat to the immune system.

Though in some cases there is evidence that allergic reactions are hereditary, there are cases where they occur due to repeated exposure to allergens.

That is the reason why some people do not develop allergic reactions to scented shaving creams until much later in life. The initial reaction to the cream may be light and unnoticeable but it will increase with continued use over time.

Perfumes in scented shaving creams make the skin dry

It is a well-known fact that most perfumes are alcohol based and will dry the skin on contact. This dryness causes irritation and itchiness which then opens the floodgates for a myriad of opportunistic infections to take root.

The same applies to shaving creams and the effect is more pronounced because apart from the ingredients in the cream, there is also the shaving action which leaves the skin pores open to infections.

This occurs because in most cases people use hot water which opens the skin pores in the face. When the skin is dry, it does not contain the natural oils which are an effective barrier against bacteria and loss of moisture.

It is in this condition that the skins is most vulnerable to infections and subsequent shaving only aggravates the situation further. Fragrance-free shaving creams do not contain perfumes and therefore will not dry the skin leading to the conditions mentioned above.

Fragrances in shaving creams irritate the skin

Why then would shaving cream manufacturers put in these perfumes if they cause so many problems to a person’s skin?

Well, you must remember that people mostly shop using their senses and the most important of these in making a decision is the sense of smell. The makers of these creams no this and will always try to lure you using attractive fragrances.

Another reason why cosmetic companies add fragrances to shaving products apart is to mask the smell of the ingredients, some of which have a very repulsive odor.

Chemicals such sodium hydroxide contribute to this smell and the manufacturers try to mask the smell using all kinds of alcohol based fragrances that do not add any value to the process of shaving.

What about organic and natural ingredients in shaving creams?

With more people realizing that some fragrances in shaving products may actually be harmful, there is an increasing demand for fragrance-free products. Like all other cosmetic and personal grooming products, there is a new fad for products containing natural ingredients.

The thinking that is been promoted with these products is that they cause less damage because they are the same as would be found in nature. Unfortunately, this may not be entirely true as some of the natural ingredients also have the same irritating effects when used on shaving products.

For example, an ingredient such as lemon or eucalyptus found in some shaving creams may be as irritating to the skin just as much as any other synthetic ingredients and chemicals.

The point here is that a substance is an irritant to the skin, it does not matter whether it is a natural, organic or synthetic – the effect will be the same no matter what.

Fragrance-free shaving creams

Finding an unscented shaving cream can be a challenge especially because some claims cannot be easily verified. As mentioned earlier, the product may be unscented yet still contain some irritants and allergies that are harmful to the skin.

Art of Shaving Unscented Shaving Cream

If you are looking for a fragrance-free shaving cream that you can trust, Art of Shaving stands above the rest in reliability and quality. Reviews from people who have used the product for many years indicate that it is the best cream for people with skin sensitivities brought about by perfume based shaving creams.

The hypoallergenic quality of the product is enhanced through the use of glycerin and coconut which result in a smooth as well as adequately moisturized skin. In addition to this, the foam produced by the product forms a thin protective layer that prevents the shaver from traumatizing the skin.

This reduces the risk of razor burns which as we saw can be a gateway for other skin infections. In addition to this, the product will enhance the shaving experience by softening the beard resulting in a clean and pleasurable shave.

The Art of Shaving is definitely the best unscented shaving cream in the market today and it has an undisputed reputation as a reliable product. You may buy the product at the Amazon store and it is currently selling for $18.30 plus shipping.

If you purchase products worth more than $35, they will be shipped free of charges. Buying from Amazon is a good deal because you can save up to $10 as the price is a 34% discount from the normal price of $31.63.

Art of shaving unscented shaving cream is well complimented by an accompanying pre-shaving oil that is also unscented specifically for people with sensitive skin.

It prepares you for that smooth shave by softening the facial hairs and is especially useful for people with tough beards as well ingrown hairs. The pre-shave oil uses a formidable combination of organic creams that specially formulated to take care of sensitive skin types.


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