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Skinny Jeans and the Modern Man

Updated on November 15, 2015

Skinny jeans constrict a man's soul, too.

You don't need the observatory prowess of Galileo to see that the modern man has undergone a precipitous emasculation in recent decades. In fact, Western society has been screaming for men to pipe down, get in touch with their feminine sides, and control any display of testosterone-driven impulse.

Men have collectively been asked to stop acting like men.

While media seems to single-handedly initiate fashion trends, the only direction to go is the one in which they point, otherwise fall into the realm of antiquity and obscurity, aka single. Biological science confirms that males are subconsciously ruled by their primal instinct to mate and only adapt to become more attractive options to the opposite sex.

The only question is- Who's giving the advice and is it truly what women want?

Educate us, please...

Have skinny jeans gone too far?

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Enough is enough, says woman

Despite the fact that skinny jeans are hugely popular with mainstream America and Europe, there are a large group of holdouts, which obviously did not include the voters on HubPages, women that say it is not flattering to their men.

Skinny jeans have gone the way of the hipster and seem to necessitate a general disregard for commercial products and a love of all things 80's. While moral fabric is important to many, a general appearance and attitude of masculine strength is what a woman essentially demands in her man.

Will skinny jeans be the final nail in the coffin for this trend in the effeminacy of man?

The physiological differences between girls and boys

From childhood the physiological and hormonal differences between boys and girls is evident. Early classroom scenarios are the first example of boys being told to behave contrary to their natures, being strictly confined to a desk for hours of prime daylight. That statement is more than just macho boy-talk, it has legitimate scientific support.

For young ladies, sitting still and focusing on mentally challenging activities is perfectly within their hormonal makeup. A female’s attention span is longer than their male counterparts'. Yes boys, though we have conquered each other, nature, and our borders with space, women are smarter than us. There are facts to prove it. Additionally, their muscles do not require constant stimuli like a young man. To insist that a boy stifle his nature for the higher goal is noble and all, but it is not the most productive method of instruction. I cannot believe I am saying this, but it seems that single sex educational guidelines and institutions should be re-established. Things were once that way, and boys were not distracted by the latest cheerleader to hit puberty. The fact that boys and girls are taught in the same way seems highly counter-productive. In fact, I may venture as far as to say that since our learning environments are so obviously advantageous to a woman's way of learning, it is no wonder that the gentler sex is more mentally developed. We cater to their mode of learning.

Instead the boys sit silently, the perpetual energy of youth and primal urge to release it builds in them. After this assimilation of the genders into one structure of behavior, the number of boys that were diagnosed with A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. suddenly jumped to record levels. There seem to be obvious parallels between this move towards a muted, more metrosexual male majority and the number of social and developmental problems reported each year.

Rock Stars and Regular Joes

Skinny jeans for men, but all men?
Skinny jeans for men, but all men? | Source

Will There Be Physical Effects?

Following the suggestions of popular evolutionary supporters, the human species adapts to survive like all life on our planet. There are theories to the effect that ongoing social and personal emasculation of a group in close proximity to each other has the potential to manifest erosion of physical characteristics. In a nutshell, each generation immersed in this trend seems more frail than the last. Evolution insists that as a man depends more on his mind than his strength, the growth and developmental processes of nature will respond. The muscles will develop smaller while the mental abilities become greater.

No Pity for Self-Inflicted Wounds

Men have been expected to block their natural desires, their instincts to move or yell, to express themselves boisterously. We have adapted to fit into what we are told women want. The result of this campaign to stifle the modern man has back-fired on the opposite sex. While most women appreciate a man who can express himself, they do not prefer it at the cost of their manliness. The phrase “Where have all the real men gone?” is commonly used these days to express the frustration of women who only see a product of media-driven advertising. The answer to that question is simple ladies: you turned them into chicks.


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    S.P. Kelly 4 years ago from Just outside of international extradition agreements

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