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Baby Knee Pads for Crawling Kids

Updated on January 23, 2015

Protect a Busy Crawling Baby's Knees from Scrapes, Cuts, Bumps and Bruises

When your crawling baby first starts to take a few tentative steps on his own, it's the most amazing thing to see - but oops, down he goes!

Nice thick diapers will pad your little toddler's wee bottom, but don't you just cringe when those little knees hit the hard floor? Even crawling around is so hard on that delicate skin, with carpet burns from the floor indoors and all sorts of little twigs and rocks when he's exploring out on the lawn.

Truth be told, I laughed a bit the first time I saw baby knee pads for sale, but the more I see of them, the better I like them. Doubtful? Just try romping around on all fours on that hard floor for a while, yourself, and a little padding seems to make a whole lot of sense!

Photo: Ah Goo Baby Kneekers Knee Shoes for Crawling Babies

My Top 3 Picks for Baby Knee Pads - Tough Indoor / Outdoor Protectors for Active Crawling Babies

Here's a "quick picks" overview of the top 3 choices - in no particular order - and we'll take a closer look at each in a minute. First, let's just give a little thought to what you want to be looking for in a set of knee pads, depending on your lifestyle and your individual child.

Woman and toddler
Woman and toddler | Source

Knee Pad Selection Tips:

A Note on Recommended Styles

Look for a well-padded and well-fitting knee pad that won't slip out of place too easily (they'll all slip to some extent, but you don't want to have to be fixing it every two minutes!) and is well made to stand up to all that wear-and-tear of a busy baby who is either in the stage of really fast crawling (apparently without stop!) or a baby who is just figuring out how to stand on his own and move around the room holding onto Mommy's hands or pieces of furniture.

Designs of baby knee pads seem to come onto the market and disappear again, and none of them are a "one size fits all" solution because every baby is so different. Right now there are three styles I'd consider for a crawling infant or a young child just learning to toddle around on his own two tiny feet, and you'll see those below.

Two are essentially a stretchy fabric tube that slips on over the leg, with a padded area that also is slip-resistant to help with the mechanics of crawling on a bare floor. Choose according to the level of activity of your tot, but also by how chubby those little limbs might happen to be. You'll want the tube to fit snugly enough not to slip down too easily, but still be comfortable to wear for at least the length of playtime.

The other style I've chosen to show you is more of a heavy-duty piece of equipment you'll be more likely to go for with an extremely active child - like my 2-year-old nephew; we swear he's going to grow up to be a football player - who is fast and fearless, always on the go at high speed and coming down to earth with an alarming thud! Playground athletes will find the thicker velcro-wrap pads a better match for their needs.

Ah Goo Kneekers - Best Cotton/Nylon Elastic Baby Knee Pads

If you've had trouble keeping a pair of knee pads on your active little one in the past, you may find the Ah Goo Baby design works better than some others for the slimmer child. The stretchy tube can sometimes be stretched out a bit before putting them on Junior, if you find the fit to be too snug, the same way your socks and leggings are tighter when you first pull them out of the laundry, but do bear in mind Ah Goo has made these quite slim-fitting on purpose, a "lean leg" fit especially for babies with a slim build.

Ah Goo Baby Kneekers Baby Knee Pads for Crawling, Unisex, Lime Fizz Toffee Pattern, for Lean Legs
Ah Goo Baby Kneekers Baby Knee Pads for Crawling, Unisex, Lime Fizz Toffee Pattern, for Lean Legs
Machine wash and machine dry - but Kneekers come in an attractive chocolate brown color to start with, so they won't show the dust and dirt as easily as some of the white and pastel colored knee pads out there.

Lil Melon - Soft and Stretchy Knee Protectors for Infants and Small Toddlers

Bright, lightweight and breathable, Lil' Melon knee pads give crawling babies that little bit of padding and silicone surface for the extra traction they need - without bundling up those little legs in hot weather. Check out the choice of cute designs in kid-friendly colors!

Double layers of stretchy cotton-spandex fabric in the Li'l Melon knee protectors are soft and breathable. You can use them indoors or outdoors, then toss in a machine to wash and wear again. The crawling baby gets great traction with paw-print design non-slip surface, and the little knees of super-active kids are gently protected from cuts and scrapes.

These pads are much more decorative and less like serious equipment than the other products I'm highlighting here, but for many young children - especially those who motor about indoors for the most part - this will be more than adequate.

Lil' Melon Birdie Baby Knee Pads with Silicone Traction
Lil' Melon Birdie Baby Knee Pads with Silicone Traction
These pads are like softly cushioned leg warmers with silicone knee area for extra traction.

Tough Knee Pads for Active Crawlers

Heavy duty crawlers need more protection and Snazzy Baby is the only design I've found that meets the needs of a developmentally delayed child, for example, for whom going on all fours down on the floor may be his most comfortable means of moving around. Snazzy Baby knee pads are also a good choice for outdoor yard and playground use.

Snazzy Baby Knee Pads, Ocean Blue
Snazzy Baby Knee Pads, Ocean Blue
These are tough knee pads, but the neoprene construction means they're naturally not as flexible as some of the other designs and the size seems to run a bit on the small side. Chubby legs may not be a good fit. If they work for your baby, the Snazzy Baby Knee Pads should last for years - machine washable, too!
Snazzy Baby Special Value Kneepads and Leg Warmers, Pink Pizzaz
Snazzy Baby Special Value Kneepads and Leg Warmers, Pink Pizzaz
When you get a set of knee pads plus leg warmers, that gives you the option to use one or the other or both types of protection, depending on the weather and the activity your little one is doing. In fact, you may find that a pair of knitted leg warmers over a pair of tights or pants will give ample protection against carpet burns, for example, and you can save the knee pads for the rugged terrain out in the yard.

What do you think?

Baby learning to walk,  (c) Domestik Goddess / Comforts of Home
Baby learning to walk, (c) Domestik Goddess / Comforts of Home

There's going to be plenty of time for scraped knees and bruises, when Baby gets a wee bit older and suddenly you're chasing after a fearless high-speed toddler, so why not protect those vulnerable growing bones and delicate skin while your tiny toddler is still little more than an infant?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I wish I knew about knee pads for babies when my twins were crawling. Great baby knee protection, especially when crawling on hard cold floors or outside. Inovative idea and lovely lense.

    • Camden1 profile image


      8 years ago

      I didn't know they made baby knee pads!


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