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Backpacks for Tweens

Updated on July 28, 2013

Picking out a Good School Bag for Your Tween

When it comes to tween fashion, sometimes it seems like a toss up. On the one hand, your child wants to be grown up, and will opt for mature styles and colors. However, every now and then, your tween will shock you, with a completely juvenile choice, or with a fashion selection that looks like it should have been left in the 60's! Function is more important to a parent, as academics take precedent, and sometimes school bags and backpacks aren't conducive to good organization. Deference to your tween's fashion styles are helpful, because if he or she doesn't like the backpack, it won't be used. At the same time, insist on good organization and management, so that the year is an academic success.

Backpack Styles

Backpacks can easily become a sea of disaster. End of class, bell rings, books and papers are shoved into the midst of everything else, on to the next class. This abyss can be astounding, and can lead to academic troubles. Make sure that you inspect your middle school student's backpack periodically, particularly if grades are falling. At that first unsatisfactory notice, make a point to examine the book bag together with your tween, and you will probably have your first clues at the strategy for improving grades.

Traditional backpacks can lead to a little more disorganization, so it's helpful to find a more open style. Messenger bags are a fantastic alternative, as the horizontal shape and means of opening makes it just a bit easier to store and retrieve materials.


The pack pictured above is one of my favorite tween girl options at the moment because of the fun colors and contemporary plaid look.


Looking for a backpack brand for a boy that provides great options without being too childish? Try Quicksilver for quality construction and excellent style.

Quiksilver Men's Schoolie, Good Day Blue, One Size
Quiksilver Men's Schoolie, Good Day Blue, One Size

Logo graphics with just a hint of color contrast makes this a good backpack for middle or high school.


Middle School Backpack Tips

Your child may need your assistance in staying organized as he or she begins middle school. Unfortunately, many tweens won't want that help. You can be subtle in helping, making a periodic backpack check. If grades slip, of course, insist on a weekly check.

Middle School Girls Backpacks

Skip the characters and opt for fun motifs or simple solids as you look for a pack that enhances organizational skills while providing fashionable fun.

Trailmaker Classic 17" Black Pink Purple Striped Plaid Back to School Backpack Pattern with Pencil Case
Trailmaker Classic 17" Black Pink Purple Striped Plaid Back to School Backpack Pattern with Pencil Case

Plaids are great for girls, and there are many variations...check the related options when you explore this link.

High Sierra Loop Backpack (19 x 13.5 x 8.5-Inch, Teal/White)
High Sierra Loop Backpack (19 x 13.5 x 8.5-Inch, Teal/White)

This is one of my fave backpack designs out there for tween girls, and you'll find additional color options as you check out this design.


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