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The best way to buy Ballet Clothing

Updated on January 19, 2011

The best way to buy Ballet Clothing

Ballet is a five hundred year old art form. Taking ballet lessons helps people improve their flexibility and learn to listen music better. Ballet lessons for children allow kids to move more gracefully and become more self confident. Ballet classes for adults are an ideal way to expand your range of motion and relax each week. In order to best learn ballet moves, proper ballet clothing is necessary. Ballet clothing is designed to help you extend your body line and add to the sense of a performance as you give one. The right ballet clothing should fit well and be in tune with music. Look for clothing that has stretch to it.

Above all make sure the ballet clothing that you have suits your needs and does not impede your movements.

Start by determining the type of ballet clothing you want to wear. Your ballet clothing should fit in with the kind of music that you are using. Most ballet movements are centered around classical ballet. Classical ballet will help show of your limbs. Classical ballet clothing typically comes in either muted, pale tones or brighter colors designed to help draw attention to a specific body part.

If you are taking ballet lessons with an overtone of jazz, look for clothing that has more of a modern feel to it. Clothing with contrasting colors and modern tones will convey this feel to an audience.

Ballet clothing should start with the right stockings. Stockings are designed to show off your legs and feet. Good stockings are typically made of lycra for added stretch. The stockings should not bunch at one end or another. Instead they should create a smooth impression on the body.

After you have chosen stockings look for a leotard. A leotard is supposed to fit closely on your torso. Leotards used in ballet clothing are typically ether short sleeved or long sleeved. Short sleeved leotards should end at a point in your upper arms. Long sleeved ballet clothing leotards should fit along your wrist and not extend below this.

Ballet clothing also includes a skirt or a tutu. Ballet clothing skirts are usually short to help show off your legs as you dance. Look for skirts that hug your waist and then flare out at the ends. The material should gently drape the body without obstructing it. Try on the ballet skirt before you start a performance. A ballet skirt can come in a color that matches your leotard or a contrasting color that brings out a dramatic effect as you dance.

A tutu will be stiffer. Most tutus are purchased from a specialty store. The tutu will fit over your waist and stand out from your body.

In addition to stockings, leotards and skirts, some ballet clothing will include a unitard. A unitard is a one piece garment that serves as both leotard and stockings. The unitard is used in modern dance pieces. Look for unitards that fit smoothly without bunching.

The right ballet clothing is essential when dancing. Take the time to find clothing that suits your needs. Try on garments and speak with sales people. You will enjoy the dance more if you are well attired.

Ballet Clothing Buying Guide


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