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Wholesale Barber and Beauty Supply Store

Updated on February 21, 2013

New Trend Beauty

About New Trend Beauty

New Trend Beauty is an online boutique carrying a whole lot of beauty and hair care items at wholesale price. In addition to affordable rate tags, our genuine, name-brand products including hair styling tools, cosmetic and skin care products are accompanied by certain perks in the form of 45-day money back guarantee and free shipping for purchase above $50. So visit us online to check out our vast array of items that range from adjustable blade clippers, flat irons, curling irons, cordless trimmers and hair dryers to concealer, skin care creams and lotions, finger / toenail polishes and hair treatment shampoos as well as styling gels.

A Detailed Look at Hair Clipper Motors

The heart of a good hair clipper is a mechanical motor that drives the blade. You can reach for the right tool every time if you are familiar with the clipper motor types and their benefits. Basically there are three clipper motor types. Magnetic motor clippers are very popular for several reasons. Pivot motor clippers are fewer well known and feature quite of mystery. Rotary motor clippers present exceptional benefits that many clipper cutters benefit from. Let's look at the three common types of clipper motors:

Magnetic Motor

Found in majority of the most low-priced clippers on the market, the magnetic motor design is simple and generally reliable, with only some moving parts. It consists of an electro magnet and a spring working in tandem to vibrate the blade back and forth. While the magnetic motor makes available a smaller amount power than the other two motor designs, it may be adequate for infrequent uses.

In the category of professional barber clipper models, the Andis Improved Master is one of the most popular magnetic motor clippers.

Pivot Motor

The pivot motor is close to the magnetic motor, but there is no spring and uses two electromagnets. Even as the blade speed is actually reduced, pivot motor clippers generate no less than two times the cutting power over magnetic motor clippers. This extra power makes cutting through wet hair a breeze. Pivot motor clippers are used by professional stylists and are ideal for daily cutting.

A very popular and strong selling example of a pivot motor clipper is the Andis SpeedMaster.

Rotary Motor

Coming in AC and DC powered units, Rotary motors are the engine behind the most powerful clippers on the market. Powered by batteries, several DC powered units are cordless. Even if DC units are less powerful than AC units, the freedom of cords can be a welcomed enjoyment. Rotary motor clippers are often costly and used for bulk hair removal applications together with dog and horse grooming.

An example of a high powered, high speed rotary motor clipper is the Andis BGRc. It strikes a balance between size, weight, power and speed that makes it a good choice for lots of hair cutters.

Since a good number of rotor blades are self-sharpening, they do not have need of technical maintenance. The blades are also measured safer than a straight razor, since they are guarded by a thin foil that reduces the possibility of nicks and cuts. For maintenance, the rotor blades must be brushed free of hairs between each use and lubricated on a periodic basis. All clippers need to be oiled on a regular basis - every two weeks or so. It is suggested that blades be oiled after each use.

Give a Haircut with Andis Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are used for close cuts like buzzed style haircuts. They are available for different hair textures and you can choose an appropriate clipper for your fine or thick hair texture. A hair clipper is handy and very easy to use, so you don’t have to be anxious about its weight. You can prefer a pocket size clipper to take it along with you.

Shaping your haircut in between salon visits is a great means to get more out of your haircut, while keeping more money in your wallet. Clippers allocate even the most inexperienced person to trim off the edges and clean up their cut. With a little practice you can save on haircuts and get professional-looking results at home. Hair clippers are readily available, reasonably priced, and easy to use. Most of them come in a kit with everything you necessitate to give a good haircut. By following one or two simple steps, you'll learn how to give a basic haircut that takes only some minutes, with a result you'll be proud of.

When buying a hair clipper for your needs, always choose a good quality product for your every day use. There are many local hair clippers available; but these can also damage your hair. For your regular use, try to purchase a branded model with adjustable blades that can give better results. Many of the clippers are available with a single blade; this may not be flexible for your regular use. With adjustable blades, you have an opportunity of using it consistent with your hair type. If your hair cutting needs are minimal then a bargain consumer grade clipper set may be sufficient.

Making an investment in a professional grade hair clipper set can easily save you money in the long run. Today, without doubt, Andis clippers are the best and most versatile clipper brand on the market. There are numerous competing companies; however even after almost a century, Andis is still the most demanded brand of hair clippers. The reason for this is the amazing reputation they have built up. The clippers are recognized for their exceptional safety, proper grip, control and certainly excellent value for money.

Andis clippers are manufactured to be simple to use, and last for lots of years. Each of them are equipped with a high speed heavy duty motor that will present you a painless, smooth hair cut. Adjusting blades can be relatively tiresome at whatever time you want to utilize the clippers, however with Andis you do not need to do this. The majority of the clipper blades is made with carbon steel, and is non-adjustable. Some do come with an adjustable blade system though, so these will be proper for those people who need this particular feature.

Andis 04810 RT-1 SuperLiner Trimmer

Hair clippers allow a stylist or groomer to attain a short cut that is even in length. Performing the similar cut with scissors would be very time consuming and tricky to get even. Clippers also let a lot of hair to be taken off at once, which can be vital when grooming a dog that is hard to keep still.

Having your own clippers can let you to give yourself or your friends and family members a professional looking haircut. For men who like to keep their hair really short, it can be convenient and cost effective to cut your hair at home. Boys who protest about going to the hairstylist or barber may be more cooperative if Dad or Mom cuts their hair at home. In addition, you can save money by cutting your own hair. You can purchase a pair of clippers for under $40, so after the third or fourth haircut, you will start on saving money.

Among so many brands and models, the Andis 04810 RT-1 SuperLiner Trimmer is a high quality professional clipper at a great price. Offering precise quality and performance, it is extremely popular mains operated clippers with detachable, precision ground blades for faster, cleaner cutting. These detachable blades also allow for easy changing and cleaning. Its major features include:

· Powerful rotary motor trimmer in a smooth, sleek, lightweight design

· Equipped with close-cutting stainless-steel T-Blade

· Perfect for outlining, detailing, shaving and shaping

· Ergonomic design with soft grip inset fits comfortably in hand

· Extremely quiet, maintenance free motor

Difference between Clippers and Trimmers

At the time of hair cutting, both trimmers and clippers can be used to take the place of scissors. The major distinction is that clippers are used for doing the bulk of a haircut, even as trimmers are intended for cleaning up the edges, and doing other small work. Typically trimmers are also used for grooming facial hair such as mustaches and beards. Both clippers and trimmers are also used to groom animals, and there is a comparable difference between the two in those contexts. Dog, horse, and other animal clippers are meant to cut the bulk of the fur or hair, whereas trimmers are used for smaller jobs.

The common design that both clippers and trimmers share involves a set of comb-like blades that slide across each other when activated. When hair passes between these moving blades, it is cut. Clippers and trimmers can be either manual or electric, though electric units are far more common. Physically operated models feature handles that must be squeezed together in order to move the blades back and forth, and they are still used in some applications. Related units are also used to shave animals such as sheep, though electric clippers and trimmers are more commonly used with other animals like dogs and horses.

Since hair clippers and trimmers share a common design, size and intended use are the chief differences between these devices. Hair clippers are large handheld devices that can be used to carry out a complete haircut from start to finish. These "clipper cuts" have a broad range of different styles, and clippers can also be used to augment regular haircuts that use scissors. Electric hair clippers work in the same way as manual ones, but are driven by an electric motor which makes the blades oscillate from side to side. They have gradually displaced manual hair clippers in industrialized countries. Electric clippers are available in both professional and consumer grade models, and can come with an assortment of options and accessories. Some clippers are also capable to do detail work, and some models are designed to shave closely enough to accomplish a bald look.

Clippers can be used to clean up hairlines, do edge work and shave necks however trimmers are particularly considered to do those jobs better and more proficiently. Normally hair trimmers are the versions of clippers that are meant for detail work or specialty. These smaller devices are not typically designed to cut through thick, bulky hair, but they can shave very closely and precisely. A few units are also destined for certain purposes, such as beard and mustache trimming. To trim ear and nose hair other units make use of different blade configurations.

Andis 23965 PM-1 Pivot Motor Clipper and Trimmer Combo

Cut your own hair easily and accurately, using the Andis 23965 PM-1 Pivot Motor Clipper and Trimmer Combo. It provides four times the cutting power of comparable magnetic clippers. Designed to last for years, this professional pivot motor clipper with adjustable blade is easy to hold and maneuver to achieve the perfect haircut you want.

Product Features

· High quality stainless-steel blade adjusts from Size #000 (1/100") to Size #1 (1/8") with a touch of a lever

· Includes eight attachment combs

· Powerful & quiet pivot motor

· Performs well on wet or dry hair

· Contoured to fit comfortably in your hand

Hair Clippers for Professional and Home Usage

The professional world of hair styling needs unique skills as well as professional high quality devices and accessories that offer you the possibility to realize all your genius skills and abilities. When you are using hair clippers for your own styling you have a single fascination to get a nice even look for your hair. However when you are daily engaged into hair styling of other people you should be careful about high quality hair clippers. They are broadly introduced by different brands on the professional beauty accessories market.

For hair cutting and styling, hair clippers make available more ways. There are lots of factors that differentiate professional clippers from simple models. Clippers for saloon practice are equipped with several accessories and attachments. In general they come in sets with many essential attachments and are possible to go together with supplementary ones you can purchase individually. Professional clippers are more costly, though the prices are ranging. These devices are equipped with more powerful engines and execute better durability. The popular brands on the market offer an assortment of devices in different options.

When choosing clippers, one can give preference to any of the brands; yet it is highly suggested to opt for the brand you have previously tried out. Some clippers are using standard blades; in the meantime some of the items require special size of blades to be equipped with. Barber accessories shops carry the most popular brands which are broadly bring into play in saloons all over the world that include Panasonic, Philips, Andis, Wahl and many others. Which brand to choose is a matter of taste and personal preference.

However if you just at a start up of your hair styling career and have not tried any of these devices it is highly suggested to check the feedbacks and reviews of the professional community as they may supply lots of useful tips on how to make a proper choice. Despite brand and usage, the clippers should fit the hand and be comfortable to maneuver as you should work with it in your hand for the whole day. Visiting a specialized store you can choose among worldwide known brands as Oster, Conair, Forfex, BaByliss which are specializing in hair devices and produce the best items for professional usage.

The majority customers purchasing clippers for home usage often give preference to the professional barber clippers. In some way such a choice helps to sufficiently save costs when it goes about durability and quality. So making your first professional choice clear up the matter and give preference to the more expensive device. A renowned brand guarantees the quality with its name and ensures you of security of the device performance.

Buying and Using Hair Clippers

Trimming your hair regularly will give the impression of being as if you just got a blunt haircut every day. You will be proficient in performing far better haircuts with thorough familiarity of hair clippers and a compliment of equipment like customized hair combs. So spend some time to read hair clipper reviews thus you can ensure that you get the best hair clippers. This also aids you to make sure that you pick hair clippers with features that are necessary to you. Below is a short guide on how to utilize hair clippers the right way.

Initially, understand your clipper and be sure you look through the maker's guidelines when making use of hair clippers. Manufacturer’s instructions help you in operating the trimmers optimally and also ensuring enduring service. Next set your own understanding to exercise by doing work on your own family. As your own level of efficiency and comfort improve, it should become possible to trim your own hair. Though, together with an understanding of basic concepts and some exercise, you will be capable to attend to your head of hear.

Always trim hair in the direction against the growth of the hair. This will help you get unbelievable results that will be reliable as well as dependable. As moist or even soaked hair will most likely clog the hair clipper, ensure that the head of hair that you are handling is dried out. While utilizing your hair clipper make sure to even cease from clumping too much hair into the blades as this could choke your blades. In case such things take place, you are in danger of spoiling your hair as well as the hair clipper.

When you start on utilizing hair clippers, first you have to clean the clipper's blades. Accomplish this using a little brush. After that, apply some oil created for clippers on the clipper blades then power up the clippers. Let the device to function for at least a minute. This helps the oil to distribute throughout the blades and layer each of the moving parts. To get a great cut and keep up the hair clipper carrying this out is very significant.

With all of this completed you are ready to start clipping some hair. Invest some moment to think about the definite style you mean to accomplish. Start simply by brushing the hair to your correct design you wish the end result to look like. One time you have an image of your process, start at the nape of the hair. Then work your way to the side after which to the top. The final cut will be round the ears prior to going back to the back of your neck to finish the process.

An introduction to Andis Professional Hair Clippers

In 1921, Andis was founded in the basement of Mathew Andis Sr. producing the finest grooming tools on the market. The Andis clipper was established a few years later and today, just about 90 years later; it is identified as one of the most esteemed clippers companies in the beauty industry. You will come across Andis clippers in the United States as well as in eight different countries worldwide.

Andis hair cutting clippers are light weight, quiet and are regarded as the powerful and versatile tool by most professional stylists due to their high quality and durable components. They are equipped with heavy duty motors for all-around styling and barbering. As they come with high precision blades, these clippers are able to defeat any hair texture on your head, body or ears. Andis also produces clippers designed for animal grooming.

Depending on your needs, there are several unusual Andis clipper haircutting supplies that can make trimming your hair easy and trouble-free from your home. Some of the standards attachments in a hair clipper kit include accessories for cutting hair over the left or right ear. Below are some favorite Andis models:

Andis EasyCut 8 Piece Hair Cutting Kit

This is a complete home haircutting kit recommended for fine to coarse hair. Featuring a convenient lever for blade control, it is light weight, powerful providing a quiet operation. With a powerful magnetic motor and a durable plastic case this clipper kit is tough enough for the entire family.

Andis Professional Phat Master Clipper

Its powerful magnetic motor generates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute and the exclusive, non-slip provides better-grip with a textured finish. The Phat Master is the perfect companion to Andis Master and Fade Master clippers. Where the Master and Fade Master are perfect for shorter cuts and fading, the Phat Master is designed to cut longer hair lengths up to a #2 blade.

Andis Elevate Speed Master Hair Clipper

You may want to choose the Andis Elevate Speed Master Hair Clipper, if you need a quick hair cut that is time efficient. This exceptional Andis clipper can cut hair at four times the rate of the normal Andis clipper model, which means that you can have your loose hair trimmed up and looking presentable immediately. For someone who likes to trim their edges this is the perfect gift so they can look shop before heading out the door.

Andis Ultra 14 Piece Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

It is a complete hair cutting kit great for all hair types and textures. It has an adjustable blade that controls cutting on all the different hair textures and lengths. This product is available with a heavy duty protective case.

Trimming Your Own Hair with Hair Clippers

Around the world hair clippers are a common tool that can be found in several bathrooms. Every so often they are used for the dog, however in general they are a cost effective means to acquire a haircut, devoid of going to a barber or stylist every two weeks. If you are on the lookout for a technique to cut cost for your family, you can pick up a set of hair clippers for the comparable cost as one haircut visit. Hair clippers not only save you money but time as well. Giving preference to this styling tool will help you successfully create a bit more elegant hair styles that you would like. Some of these devices come with instructional videos that teach you how to make a hair cut look good effectively and safely.

Choosing the Right Hair Clippers

Picking the exact hair clippers is an important decision as wrong ones not only will irritate you, but they also won't last very long. For this, finding customer reviews is the best thing you can do. If your hair is anything, then you have to be expected run through one or two sets of hair clippers and probably even thought of using hedge clippers on the tangled mass covering your grey matter. You don’t want to come across the set of hair clippers that do more jerking and pulling than actual cutting.

Hair Clipper Attachments

The set of professional clippers will contain a number of additional necessary accessories. They incorporate different neat little attachments that you can utilize to make life a small amount easier. Nose and ear hair trimmer is one of these attachments. They simply cut the hairs that you want to throw away; and are totally risk-free. The procedure is fairly uncomplicated and painless. The cheap hair clippers might actually pluck some nose hairs, but this will result eye watering and some stinging. Length guards are another set of attachments that are particularly useful. They allow you to cut your family members’ hair at an even length. These guards usually come with four lengths and are almost always included with the hair clippers.


If you are on a quest for hair clippers, or even a beard trimmer, it is just vital to keep in mind that you should probably put quality first. You do not want to pay money for a cheap pair of hair clippers that could die in the middle of one of your haircuts; this would cause an undesired result. Hair clippers are not restricted exclusively to your head. If you have a back hair problem, hair clippers might be capable to aid you resolve this, even to trim your beard. When making use of hair clippers ensure you look through the manufacturer's guidelines.

Pivot Motor Clippers and Rotary Motor Clippers

Pivot motor clippers

Pivot motor clippers are popular tools for a broad range of clipper cutting applications. The pivoting design of the clipper motor results in a clipper blade running at half the speed of a magnetic motor clipper blade. If you look at the clipper blade you can easily see that the blade is just not moving nearly as fast as the magnetic motor clipper blades do.

The trade off is that the blade has significantly more cutting torque, force or power than magnetic motor clippers offer. If you press your thumb down on the moving cutter blade of a running pivot motor clipper you will likely cut your thumb before you will stall the blade.

Pivot motor clippers have higher torque or blade power that makes it ideal for cutting thick, heavy hair. You will love its feed and power if you typically shampoo hair before cutting and the clipper cut on wet to damp hair. The lower blade speed will need that your cutting action and hand motions be a bit slower and more purposeful than you might utilize when cutting with a magnetic motor clipper. The smooth feeding and remarkable power of pivot motor clippers are well worth the swapping.

Rotary motor clippers

In the hair cutting business, rotary motor clippers are the work horses offering an extensive range of cutting lengths and special applications. They are offered with either adjustable blades similar to the pivot and magnetic motor types or featuring detachable blade systems. These detachable blades snap on and off easily. Most of these are animal grooming tools repackaged for sale in the beauty and barber business and not actually practicable as human hair cutting choices.

In rotary motor clippers, the strokes per minute (SPM) is ranging from about 2,400 at the low end to 4,500 at the top end of the spectrum. A speed of about 3,300 SPM is ideal for most human hair clipping. Rotary motor clippers are offered in single speed models, 2 speed models and even 5 speed models. There are a few variable speed units out there. These feature a dial which allows a full spectrum of speeds. The majority very large animal clippers are wicked fast and mighty powerful but just too big and heavy to be sensible for human hair cutting use.

Whether, it is a Pivot or Rotary motor clipper, investing on high quality and affordable hair clippers would be one of your sound decisions. As compared to the regular visits to expensive salons, buying reliable clippers is very cost-effective. It will give you greater savings in the long run plus you get to style your hair anytime you want. However, make sure you know how to use them properly as even the simplest hair cut can lead to a disaster if not done suitably.

Cheap Hair Clippers to Save Money on Haircuts

Today lots of people have determined that they have in need of making cuts in their financial plan. One of the most common ways to make cuts to the budget is to locate ways to complete services that you frequently pay for yourself. One of those services is getting a hair cut. If you would like to save money on haircuts, then you should think about getting a pair of cheap hair clippers. Cheap hair clippers will still do as good of a job as professional hair clippers do, but at a fraction of the price. Many hair clipper companies will include attachments and instructions with their cheap hair clippers that help you learn how to cut your hair yourself.

You can save a lot of money depending on where you go to get your hair cut. You can save even more if you have a family. Each amount of money that you pay out on a haircut can add together faster than you think. Some people may only get a $5 haircut, while most spend a great deal more than that. Cheap hair clippers can be anywhere from $10 to $30, which is much more reasonable than the $hundreds of dollars that a professional hairstylist will use up on their scissors and hair clippers.

Learning how to do some necessary haircuts is a great idea to save a lot of money. Men's hairstyles are the easiest haircuts to start with and are really simple to complete. You can look into your library or an online bookstore for some books that can learn how to create great hairstyles with hair clippers. After practicing a short time, nearly all people are proficient to feel confident enough to do their own haircuts. Once you have developed this skill, you can help other family members with getting haircuts so that they can save money as well. A lot of people who learn skills like this will trade services with others, so that they can all benefit from the new ability. This can really be helpful if you are a young mom, and trade babysitting for haircuts for instance.

When cutting hair for the initial time, it is essential to remember to create a blended look. Cutting everything perfectly straight does not look natural. When you keep this tip in mind, you can begin without being nervous and worried about how it will turn out. Certainly, you want to ensure that the length is even if you are going to just shave all the hair off. Note that hair clippers require a proper maintenance, so remain the blades clean in order to keep the device longer. You should need cleaning brush and special oil for clipper blades.

Andis Instructions

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Hair Trimmers: Tips and Hints

Usually hair trimmers are not intended to work with moist hair. So when handling them makes sure that the head of hair is fully dry. Wet or even moist hair will jam the blades and also destroy the trimmers. So before using these devices ensure that you browse the manufacturer's instructions, which will be of vast advantage to you when operating the devices. Don’t try to clump too much hair in to the cutting blades as this could clog the blades. That could also cause spoilt cutting blades and spoilt hair.

When it comes to the usage of hair trimmers, a great starting point would be with members of your immediate family. Given that it is more difficult to carry out, it will become reasonable that you can cut your personal hair with all your ability increasing. However, with the understanding of simple principles and just a bit of exercise, it is possible for you to handle your own head of hair.

When handling hair trimmers, make sure that the hair is bone dry as these tools are definitely not made to work on damp hair. Before beginning, decide on the hairstyle to become visible and more importantly, choose the length of hair you would want to trim away. Then comb hair that will look as if that fashion. Use the trimmers to achieve that style by starting with the nape - the back of the neck, and go up-wards against the growth. After that move to the sides finish by trimming around the ears.

The secret to consistent results is the spacer, or possibly hair guard. They put off you from over clipping. If you would like to obtain a crew cut and cut precisely right down to a quarter of an inch from the head, your spacer will aid make that come about. For getting a far more professional outcome, move the spacer length whenever you trim the hair at various locations.

To go with a good range of hair trimmers, utilize them in conjunction with add-ons similar to special combs that can help out hair clippers. Accompanied by an above average idea of hair clippers, it is possible to do more successful hair cuts. Perhaps the most common occasion regarding this could be something similar to a comb which hooks up to your trimmer and glides to adjust the measure of hair that feeds into the cutting blades.

At the end, clean the hair throughout the scalp and behind the ears. Clean the hair trimmer, mainly the blades. Prior to setting all of them oil the blades, which will prevent them form rusting. This can also make sure that the hair trimmer remains functional and in working condition until your next haircut.

Applying Clipper Oil to Hair Clippers

To cut short, layered hairstyles cleanly and precisely, the clipper blades -- the metal teeth vibrating back and forth to cut hair -- must be kept in best condition. Regular cleaning, oiling and realigning of the blades are the steps involved in effective clipper maintenance. Keeping the clippers lubricated aids to decrease friction that result in smooth cutting action. It also extends the life of clipper blades. Things you will necessary for the process is clipper brush or old toothbrush; clipper cleaning spray; clipper oil and cloth.

At first take away all comb attachments from the clippers to disclose the bare metal blades. Using the old toothbrush or clipper brush sweep away any cut hairs caught in the blades. Then with the help of the clipper cleaning spray remove dirt and grease. For this, follow the directions supplied with the cleaning product.

Hold the clippers so the blades are pointing downward and switch on the power. Squeeze out two or three drops of oil onto the top of clipper teeth. To spread the oil, allow the vibration of clippers until a thin coat of lubricant coats all the teeth. Turn off the clippers and wipe off any excess oil with a cloth.

Oil the clippers on a regular basis as directed by the manufacturer. For best results, a few companies recommend oiling prior to every use. Buy clipper oil appropriate for use with your clipper model. If your clippers do not come supplied with oil, stick to the same brand when buying oil separately. Do not apply hair oil, grease or solvent-based oil to lubricate your clippers.

Oiling a Hair Clipper

No matter, if you are a groomer, hairstylist or just employ a clipper personally, your apparatus needs to be in the best condition to get an accurate haircut. If a clipper is not maintained and oiled on a regular basis, the teeth will become dull and the clipper will miss hairs, cut irregularly, pinch the hair or cut skin. Oiling is very important to keep your clippers in perfect running condition. Clipper oil, clipper brush and towel are the necessary things for the process.

Before oiling clean the clipper using a blade cleaning product to make sure the surface and inner parts are clean. With the cleaner, spray the clipper on the outer blade cover; and brush all exposed surfaces with a clipper brush. Utilizing a towel, wipe off any excess.

Before applying oil turn on the clipper. Unless the blade attachments are moving the oil will not go through into the blades. By paying special attention to the area in between the blades, apply clipper oil to the tops and sides of the blade. Run the clipper and let the oil to penetrate for 20 seconds, and then turn it off. To avoid the blades sticking to the hair, wipe any excess oil off the outer blades.

Clipper oil is formulated to be thin enough to coat the teeth without evaporating or slowing down the movement of clipper blades. Use clipper oil carefully to keep away from any surplus running into the motor compartment and causing damage.

Adjusting Andis Clipper Blades

Andis manufactures clippers and trimmers for people and pets. For routine maintenance all adjustable clippers will need to be cleaned and oiled so that they perform as they did when they were new. The blades may need to be removed and cleaned thoroughly and re-adjusted when they don't seem to cut hair as easily or make a loud buzzing noise when the clippers are turned on.

Initially turn off and unplug the clippers. Take a look at the bolts that tie up the blades to the clippers so that you know whether to employ a flathead screwdriver or a Phillip's head screwdriver. Twist the bolts counterclockwise to take out them and put the bolts and the blades in a place where they can't get lost.

With a dry cloth clean the hair out of the clippers. Do not use water, as it may damage the electrical components inside the clippers. First with a dry cloth wipe the hair off the clipper blades, and then use a small brush for cleaning clipper blades after that with alcohol.

Replace the clipper blades, making sure that the teeth on the top blade aren't consistently matched with the teeth on the bottom blade. The uneven teeth let them to slide back and forth to cut hair. Turn the clippers on and lightly oil the blades. Too much oil will cause the blades to stick, but just an adequate amount of oil will maintain them going until the time comes to adjust the blades another time.

Best features of Andis MBG-2 Ceramic Advanced Clipper

For almost 90 years, Andis has produced a complete range of excellent quality clippers and trimmers - from lightweight, magnetic-motor clippers through to premium heavy duty, rotary-motor machines - for professional barbers and hairdressers worldwide. Their quality designs are used extensively in the barber and beauty industry to cut hair and trim necklines. Andis clippers and trimmers are designed to satisfy individual needs and guarantee the highest level of professional results.

Andis MBG-2 Ceramic Advanced Clipper is one of the most popular and best-selling products in the Andis clipper line. It is a powerful single speed clipper comes complete with "Ceramic Edge" 000 blade set. These blades stay sharper longer and 75% cooler as compared to other models. Featuring ergonomic profile replete with powerful rotary motor and thumb controlled side switch to on and off, the Andis Ceramic Clipper guarantees years of use provided it is well maintained.

Andis MBG-2 Ceramic Advanced Clipper performs well on dry or wet hair. It is supplied with 7 attachment combs and there are snap-on detachable blades for easy blade changing. Moreover, the blades and machine are compatible with Oster 97 tools.

To make available you with step by step instruction on the use of this product, an instruction manual is attached with the clipper. For getting a clear on this clipper’s functioning, ensure that you carefully read this pamphlet. For the enhanced performance, clean the clipper before and after every use with products that have been especially designed for the purpose.

Cleaning Clipper Guards

Hair clippers can be easy to use for even the most novice user. They are used to cut and trim hair at home that looks professionally cut to different lengths. You can purchase your own set of clippers at any stores, as well as online.

Even quality hair clippers can break or clog if they are not cared for as it should be. Learn to take care of them between every use instead of regularly pay for new clippers. Cleaning, sharpening, and oiling your clipper blades will ensure high performance and improve their lifetime.

If you utilize clippers to cut hair, it is essential to clean the clipper guards after every haircut, especially if you cut the hair of more than one person. Diseases, germs, and lice can be passed from person to person through hair-cutting equipment that has not been properly cleaned. It only takes a few minutes after each haircut to clean clipper guards.

To brush any hair from the clipper guards, utilize the cleaning brush that came with the hair clipper set. For removing any dirt and oils, wash the guards with soap and hot water. Disinfect the guards by spraying them with 91-percent isopropyl alcohol or by soaking them in a commercial disinfectant. If you spray them with alcohol, let the alcohol work for one minute. If you soak the guards, leave them in the solution for 10 minutes, and then wipe the guards down with a clean paper towel.

Adjusting the Blade on an Andis Pivot Pro Edger

For more than 80 years, Andis has produced outstanding variety of clippers and trimmers for professional barbers and hairdressers all over the world. Andis Pivot Pro hair clippers come attached with adjustable blades that are useful for creating more complex hair styles. They allow you to make fine, short cuts as well as coarse, long cuts in quick succession. Using this Andis product, you can cut your family's hair from home and save money on the cost of professional haircuts and styling.

In the case of adjusting the Blade on an Andis Pivot Pro Edger, exactly how you adjust the blades depends on the model you own. If necessary, you can use Phillips head screwdriver and Andis cutting blades for the process. There are some versions having a lever to speed up the adjustment process.

If you want to adjust the Blade on an Andis Pivot Pro Edger, first unplug the clippers and place the adjustment lever on the side of the unit. Put the flat top edge of the cutting blade on a flat surface. This makes it easier to recognize different positions of the adjustment lever.

To set the trimmer to the shortest possible setting, lift the plastic lever to the vertical position. For achieving longer cuts, move the lever downward. The blade makes the longest cuts possible in its lowest position.

If your model does not have an adjustment lever, take away the pair of Phillips-head screws on top of the trimmer and separate the current blade. For making a different-length cut, place a different-grade blade in position and put back the screws without over-tightening.

Andis 23475 PMT-1 PivotPro Hair Trimmer

Andis 23475 PMT-1 PivotPro Hair Trimmer
Andis 23475 PMT-1 PivotPro Hair Trimmer | Source

Specialties of Andis Pivot Motor Clipper and Trimmer Combo

Andis Pivot Motor Clipper and Trimmer Combo is a complete hair grooming product for professional clipping and trimming at home. It includes a SpeedMaster Pivot Motor Clipper and a PivotPro Trimmer, providing complete haircutting solutions. Both the tools are designed to fit comfortably in your hands. Moreover, they are great for dry or wet hair as well as for all hair types.

Men who would like to create their own style at home can go for Andis Pivot Motor Clipper and Trimmer Combo. It comes with high quality adjustable stainless steel clipper blade for clipping, trimming and outlining. The clipper included in this combo stainless steel adjustable blades that are adjustable with a touch of a lever whereas the trimmer has fine cutting teeth with T-Blade for close cutting. The T-Blade is ideal for trimming necks, beards, mustaches and edging around ears.


An instruction manual is available with the Andis Pivot Motor Clipper and Trimmer Combo to provide you step by step instruction on how to use the product. So as to utilize the clipper as well as trimmer to its full potential, it is highly recommended to carefully read these instructions. The product is designed to use with 120 volt, 60 AC electrical current.

To get started, take blade and put some clipper oil on the blade. To uniformly distribute the oil, start the clipper and let the blade run for one minute. After finishing the hair cutting process, clean the blade and put in some oil to maintain the blade in good condition.

Andis 23420 PM-1 SpeedMaster Pivot Motor Clipper 395055 Wet Or Dry Hair Cutting

Andis 23420 PM-1 SpeedMaster Pivot Motor Clipper 395055 Wet Or Dry Hair Cutting
Andis 23420 PM-1 SpeedMaster Pivot Motor Clipper 395055 Wet Or Dry Hair Cutting | Source

Why buy Andis PM-1 PMT-1 PinkPro Duette Clipper and Trimmer Combo

Andis PM-1 PMT-1 PinkPro Duette Clipper and Trimmer Combo is a great combo pack for home barbering. It includes a SpeedMaster Pivot Motor Clipper and a PivotPro Pivot Motor Trimmer. This combo pack also includes attachment combs and lubricating blade oil along with blending comb, blade cleaning brush, zippered soft case and blade guard. It performs well on wet or dry hair.

Both the clipper and trimmer have powerful pivot motor for professional clipping, trimming and outlining. The trimmer has close-cutting, stainless-steel T-Blade that is ideal for fast touch-ups and hair designing. The clipper has high-quality and adjustable stainless-steel blade for easy cleaning and cutting. The clipper includes nine comb attachments of varying size while the trimmer is available with four different combs.


For getting a clear idea on how to use each of the items included in your combo pack, it is highly recommended to read the instruction manual available with the Andis set. Following these simple instructions will not only contribute to the faultless performance of your combo set but also prolong its life.

Before and after every use, clean and sanitize your clipper / trimmer blades to keep it from excess hair, dirt, preservatives and germs.

Oil the clipper / trimmer blades on a regular basis. A well lubricated blade will promote both the durability and performance of your Andis 23155 set. For maximum results, apply Andis clipper oil to grease blades. If blades get too hot, spray Andis Cool Care Plus or immerse it on Andis Blade Care Plus.

Andis PM-1 PMT-1 PinkPro Duette Clipper and Trimmer Combo

Andis 23880 PM-1 PMT-1 PinkPro Duette Clipper and Trimmer Combo
Andis 23880 PM-1 PMT-1 PinkPro Duette Clipper and Trimmer Combo | Source

Andis BTB Cordless Personal Trimmer

Andis BTB Cordless Personal Trimmer is perfect for giving your beard, moustache and neckline a fine trim. It is a 14 piece men's trimmer from Andis for the best trimming experience. It adjusts to all the contours of your face and neck. The shaving head of this Andis trimmer allows you to carefully remove the unwanted hair.

The Andis BTB trimmer runs on 2 AA size batteries and gives you an efficient cordless trim. These batteries reduce the efforts of having to carry a charger wherever you go. For maintaining hygiene, the surgical stainless-steel blade in this Andis trimmer can be easily cleaned without water. This trimmer also comes with a T-edger blade which can be used for fine trimming, shaping and hair tattoos.

The Andis BTB trimmer comes with a protective blade guard preventing your shaving head from damages. It has a classy looking with a sleek and slim body which easily fits in your hand. The ergonomic grip gives you a comfortable trim. The Andis BTB trimmer comes with cleaning brush and oil for easy management. The 6 attachment combs that come with this BTB trimmer help in trimming and styling longer beards. The tapered barber and moustache comb aid in giving your moustache a neat look. The travel pouch of this trimmer from Andis helps you to stock up the trimmer securely when not in use and throughout travel.

Andis MPT-1 MultiTrim Rechargeable Grooming Kit

Andis MPT-1 MultiTrim Rechargeable Grooming Kit is a quiet and powerful trimmer ideal for close cutting. It is extremely powerful and precision made for hard to reach areas. The blades stay sharper longer and remain up to 75% cooler than steel blades.

The Andis MPT-1 MultiTrim Rechargeable Grooming Kit has remarkable capabilities, with six attachments that transform the trimmer into a shaver, an outliner, or even a nose hair trimmer. It can be used for any type of trimming from short stubble to long beard styles and tidy touch ups. The cordless rechargeable trimmer is easy to maneuver, and the ceramic trimmer blade maintains its sharpness longer and stays 75% cooler than steel blades. The kit also includes longer cut comb, closer cut comb, detail blade, nose and ear blade, foil shaver, blade cleaning brush, charger and storage stand.

Whether you wish to have close cut, longer cut, touch-ups or detailed outlining of beards, Andis MPT-1 is enclosed with almost all types of attachments to cater to your entire facial grooming requirements. Since cutting edge ceramic technology is used in their making, the blades will remain cool and sharp while running. Most significantly, it is backed by a five year warranty. In fact, you can never go wrong by owning this trimmer grooming set.

To transform the blades, simply release the button and within no time you could slip in your preferred attachment and derive your favorite style.

Andis Multi Purpose Grooming Kit

Keep yourself looking great with the Andis Multi Purpose Grooming Kit. Ideal for wet and dry operation, it is a men’s trimmer with a close-cutting stainless steel T-blade. It gives a close cut and a sharp detailing. This 10 piece rechargeable multi-purpose grooming kit provides everything you need for professional trims and touch ups at home. The kit also allows you to experiment with different hair-art.

This cordless rechargeable trimmer handles detailing, stubble look, long beard styles and close touch-ups. The ceramic trimmer blade stays sharper longer and remains up to 75% cooler than steel blades. It has detail blade for edging and outlining beard and mustache. The kit also include nose and ear blade for close and safe trimming. Moreover, there is foil shaver for ultra-close shaving and touch ups as well as attachment combs for longer and shorter hairstyles.

Lightweight and compact the trimmer has a comfortable grip and includes a bottle blade lubricating oil for hassle-free maintenance. It has a detachable head for easy cleaning and offers both battery and corded operation for ease of use. With its compact design and ergonomic grip, this grooming kit is easy to use and travel with. As it is versatile, the device is as user-friendly. A quick look on the manual will further prove helpful for its efficient use. The product is backed by 5-year full warranty.

Andis NT-1 Cordless Personal Trimmer

Andis NT-1 Cordless Personal Trimmer is exclusively designed to take away unnecessary hair from your ear and nose quickly and easily. It is a men's trimmer from Andis particularly developed to trim eyebrows and hair on nose and ears. By carefully trimming the hair, the Andis NT-1 trimmer leaves a smooth skin. It is appropriate for both dry and wet trim. The blade type is stainless steel and the power source is battery.

The recessed cutting blades of this NT-1 trimmer aid you to trim hair closer and safer than shears. For hygiene and your safety, these blades are made of rust-proof surgical stainless steel. The Andis NT-1 trimmer runs on a single AA size battery and gives you a fine cordless trim according to your convenience. This battery reduces the effort of having to carry a charger along with you every time you go out. The Andis NT-1 Cordless Personal Trimmer is rustproof; and features washable head.

Providing cordless operation, the Andis NT-1 trimmer shapes your eyebrows proficiently in just some seconds. As it can be rinsed using plain water, the maintenance of this trimmer is very convenient. The sleek and slim body of the NT-1 trimmer fits comfortably in your hand. The comfortable grip of enables easy control so that you safely take out unwanted hair from the eyebrows, ears and nose. The protective cap that comes with the trimmer keeps the blade safe during storage and while travelling.

Andis Pivot Motor Combo

Andis Pivot Motor Clipper and Trimmer Combo comes with a Speedmaster Clipper and a PivotPro Trimmer and all the attachments you'll need to get the perfect look. It has a powerful pivot motor for professional clipping, trimming and outlining.

The Speedmaster Clipper is equipped with high quality stainless-steel blade that can be adjusted from size #000 to #1 with the touch of a lever. Designed to last for years, it performs well on wet or dry hair. This professional pivot motor clipper with adjustable blade includes 8 attachment comb sizes as well as cleaning brush and lubricating blade oil. Moreover, it is contoured to fit comfortably in your hand.

The PivotPro Trimmer includes 4 attachment comb sizes and is contoured to for comfortably in your hand. It has powerful pivot motor for professional clipping, trimming and outlining; and there is fine cutting teeth for extremely close trimming.

Fitted with professional pivot motors that boast four times more power than typical magnetic motors, Andis's Andis Pivot Motor Clipper and Trimmer Combo effectively banish stray hairs. Groomers can make use of the clipper's blades to leave hairs standing only 0.02 inches from the skin, or they can snap on an attachment comb to tame longer strands. The trimmer's fine-cutting teeth proffer an adequate amount of precision for creating pencil-thin sideburns or shaving a Monet reproduction into the side of your head. Moreover, the professional pivot motors produce four times more power than comparable magnetic motors or tiny lawnmowers.

Andis PMT-2 T-Liner Trimmer

Andis PMT-2 T-Liner Trimmer is exclusively designed for great trimming and clipping experience. It serves all your body grooming and clipping needs from head to toe. The lightweight feature of this grooming tool enables easy portability during your tours.

The powerful pivot motor of the Andis PMT-2 T-Liner gives you excellent cutting results. The motor functions silently in spite of its rigorous performance and does not disturb anyone. The blade of the trimmer-clipper can be simply detached using a button without the use of any external tools. You can easily clean the trimmer by oiling it often which will make it to long last. The Andis grooming kit features four attachment combs sizes: 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8", which give a precise cutting according to your requirements.

For the proper use of Andis PMT-2, a quick look on instruction manual is highly recommended. To change the blades, simply release the button and within no time you could slip in your preferred attachment and get your preferred style.

Taking proper care of your Andis PMT-2 Trimmer will not only helps to extend its longevity but enables to incredibly contribute to its outstanding performance. In order to keep it from excess hair, dirt, preservatives and germs, clean and sanitize the trimmer blades before and after every use. Oil the trimmer blades on regular basis. A well lubricated blade will add to both the longevity and performance. If blades get too hot, submerge it on Andis Blade Care Plus or spray on Andis Cool Care Plus.

Andis 01690 ML FadeMaster Clipper

For over 80 years, Andis has provided the barber and beauty industry with the premium quality of hair styling equipment to guarantee the highest level of professional results. Now this technology is available for home use with the Andis at Home line of products.

If you are on the lookout for a professional, durable hair clipper providing perfect results every time, then look no further with the Andis 01690 ML FadeMaster Clipper. Equipped with the revolutionary Fade Blade®, this state of the art device adjusts from #00000 to #000 and can be zero gapped, providing any look or style you desire, including the ever so popular fade. With a solid aluminum casing and a powerful yet quiet, cool motor that delivers efficient strokes of up to 14,000 per minute, this will be the only tool you will ever need.

With its powerful magnetic motor, durable housing and lightweight profile, Andis FadeMaster Clipper makes even the toughest hair cutting easy and simple. Further, it goes well with all hair types and lengths, whether it is short, medium, fine or coarse. Most significantly, it promotes for a noise-free, cool hair cutting and trimming. Proper maintenance will not only expand the durability of the product but also make a payment for its better performance.

Andis 04603 GO Outliner II Hair Trimmer

Andis Professional 04603 Outliner II Personal Trimmer is equipped with close-cutting blades that work well for fades and design work. And they also will be useful for cutting around your neck and ears. It means that this small and compact device will totally take care about the hair on your face and you will always look fresh, nice and tidy. The blades are especially made carbon-steel and hardened for long service and cutting life. It won’t be needed to spend extra money and purchase blades.

Andis Outliner II works very well and does not pull the hair at all. It is great for cutting around your neck and ears. It has a shut-off function, so doesn’t require to be continually controlled. The courted handle make available convenient holding. For professional styling and trimming the trimmer has a powerful magnetic motor.

Andis Professional 04603 Outliner II Personal Trimmer can be used both at home and by professionals at barbers. As it doesn’t run on battery, it is needed to be plugged into the wall outlet. The card has an 8 foot length that will be sufficient even though the wall outlet is not as close as you wish. The motors in this trimmer work very silently and won’t annoy you and bother somebody who is close to you.

Andis 04710 GTO T-Outliner Trimmer

Dry shaving, trimming necks, beards and mustaches as well as edging around ears are a breeze with the Andis 04710 GTO T-Outliner Trimmer. Its high-speed motor and extremely close-cutting T-Blade are perfect for all-around cutting and fading. The T-Blade is great for flexibility, safety and versatility. Moreover, the device is cool running and quiet.

The secret of the performance of Andis T-Outliner Trimmer is in the construction. It is heavy and solid and houses a heavy high speed motor. The contoured housing features a powerful, yet quiet, motor that pushed high-quality carbon-steel blades specially hardened for long cutting life. It's all powered through a heavy-duty 8-foot cord and, when you are done, you can take advantage of the convenient hanger loop.

The Andis GTO T-Outliner Trimmer cuts so close without any pain or irritation. Long Heavy-duty 8-foot cord with hanger loop is an advantage if wall socket is not close at hand. Sharp blades, makes your outlines look sharp and fresh. This product is also great because it is compact, durable, easy to clean and maintain.

Technical Specifications

· Model No. : GTO-04710

· Blade Replacement Item : #04521

· Power : 120 VAC, 60Hz

· Size : 5 1/2" x 1 3/4"

· Warranty : One year limited

Andis Fade Master Hair Clipper

Barbers and professional hair stylists prefer the Andis Fade Master Hair Clipper for the ultimate high-performance hair clipper that can do it all. The Andis Fade Master can clip and trim all areas of the hair and face with ease, making the hair stylist or barber's job that much easier. Not only can it clip, cut, and trim with perfection and ease, but it is practically everlasting.

Its performance benefits in conjunction with its reliable and durable construction make it a must have for any barber. The aluminum used to produce the Andis Fade Master is strong and durable and can stand up to the most demanding conditions. This unbreakable and powerful nature is the main reason why barbers are declaring the Fade Master as their number one choice. Hair professionals that use their clippers with high frequency need a dependable tool such as this and cannot ask for anything more.

Designed and engineered in the United States, the Andis Fade Master cuts to faultlessness and has a perfect design. Stylists do not have to be afraid of overusing this clipper. With the stylist in mind, Andis designed the housing to fit in the hand contentedly and with the slightest amount of strain on the hands and wrists.

Andis GO Outliner II Hair Trimmer

If you want a neat clean shave that will keep you looking sharp, the Andis GO Outliner II Hair Trimmer is the device to pay money for. This outliner works really well, just fiddle with the blade and it can cut close to skin, very good for line-ups, bald fades etc. Its fully tempered super fine tooth blades never nip or scratch, letting you dry shave smooth, clean, and neat. Once the blades are adjusted to zero overlap and blades are set on point these trimmers gives you a razor sharp line up.

Equipped with close-cutting T-Blade, the Outliner II Trimmer is the perfect all purpose powerful styling tool for trimming and shaping the latest hairstyles. It can be used for trimming necks, beards, mustaches and edging around ears. With narrow blade and heavy duty 8 foot cord with hanger loop, it is ideal for a closer, more precise cut, clip against the grain of your hair. As an extra plus it runs smooth, quiet, and is easy to maintain. The product is smooth and super sharp, leaving a very close stubble gaze - that looks really cool.

Other Features

· Perfect for all-round outlining and fading

· Runs cool and quiet

· 10 Watts 110 Volt 60 Cycles A.C.

Benefits of using Andis Fade Master Clipper

The Andis Fade Master Clipper is a great tool for tapering and all-around cutting. It is made of durable aluminum housing and is controlled by a side thumb control which can be operated with one hand for fast and easy operation. The housing is unbreakable, making it perfect for the salon or barbershop environment as it can last for years even with high usage and repeated drops.

The fade blades on the Fade Master are adjustable and can be zero gaped and cuts hair from a super short #00000 (1/125") to #000 (1/100"), with complete accuracy. Even though the Andis Fade Master Clipper's magnetic motor is very powerful, generating 14,000 cutting strokes every minute. It also runs quiet and cool. Clients do not have to endure a loud motor in their ear nor do they or the stylist have to handle the distress that comes with a clipper getting too hot or vibrating wildly.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the Andis Fade Master comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Clean the clipper properly to dispose of dirt and hair embedded within the blades. For best performance, before and after use trimmer blades should be cleaned and oiled with Andis Clipper Oil. If repair is necessary, return to any Andis Authorized Repair Service Station, or to Andis Company.

How to Choose the Best Professional Hair Dryer

These days, the majority hair dryers show off several features that look appealing to customers. In this situation, there arises a question; is a $200 hair dryer actually superior than a $20 hair dryer? If you really necessitate a better quality device for hair drying, then the answer will depend on several factors. For those who need healthy, strong hair that is not frayed or brittle, paying a small amount more for a quality hair dryer is a practical investment.

Below mentioned are some of the important features you should search for in a quality hair dryer.

Heating Element

Usually low-priced hair dryers make use of plastic or metal heating elements. These types of heating elements will burn when there occurs extreme and uneven heat and they dry your hair by cooking the water out of it. Extended blow drying will make your hair grow brittle and eventually break if you don't take more steps to look after your hair. This is for the reason that your hair can't stand up to being flash-fried frequently. In addition, even the usage of products that defend against heat damage can't hold up to this type of heat for a long time.

But in the case of high-end hair dryers, they utilize ceramic heating element, which provides stable and even distribution of heat across the hair. Due to the amazing properties of heat conduction, recent space heaters and similar home technology have a tendency to use ceramic.

Let’s look for the remarkable benefits of ceramic heating elements. This also gives explanation why ceramic flat irons and curling irons are the choice of professionals.

Ceramic material has the ability to produce radiant far infrared heat, which penetrates the hair shaft securely, without heating from the outside in. It also offers efficient heat retention and the elimination of damaging spots. The result is increased luster and shine to the hair without any damages. Ceramic material can also be infused with tourmaline or other elements to produce a gentle heat and eliminate tight curls for smoother, silkier hair.

Ceramic space heaters won't catch things on fire the way metal ones are inclined to do, and ceramic hair dryers won't blast your hair with destructive energy.

Ionic Drying

Inexpensive hair dryers, using metal or plastic elements - spread positive ions that cause the opening of the cuticle covering of hair shaft, leading frizz and dull appearance. Ceramic dryers produce negatively charged ions that quickly seal the cuticle layer to remain flat, thus preserving more moisture within the hair shaft. It also eliminates frizz and gives hair more body.

When compared to ordinary dryers, ceramic models dry hair faster and leave it shinier and smoother. This is owing to the fact that they don't "cook" your hair dry similar to the old metal or plastic coils did. Ceramic dryers actually break down water molecules in your hair. The dryers also send away the static electricity resulting in a flyaway mess of hair.

Ceramic hair styling tools charge ions negatively to an extent - however combining it with other elements can boost that charge.


Recently introduced to the hair styling industry, Tourmaline is known for its unbelievable capability to produce negative ions. With the increased amount of negative ions, a hair dryer can dry faster up to 70% for incredibly sleeker, shiny hair.

To add to the shiny, sleek effect, tourmaline hair dryers can also be combined with tourmaline treated brushes or other heat styling tools like tourmaline flat irons.


Wattage is one of the factors that vary among hair dryers, but it is always recommended to purchase something with 1300 watts or above, (except for travel hair dryers). Wattage directly has an effect on how fast your hair dries. Higher watts mean more time to snooze in the morning.


For achieving the best results, it is recommended to employ a hair dryer with multiple speed settings (standard on professional hair dryers). Separate heat settings are also a plus point. Use cooler settings if your hair is only damp.

Cool Shot Button

Most hair dryers come with Cool Shot options and you can use it to dry finishing sprays or similar setting products. With this feature, the dryer creates a blast of cool air which is helpful for setting finished styles.


Nearly all professional hair dryers are developed for use by a hair stylist who has to hold it all day. Thus they have a tendency to be much lighter than cheaper hair dryers, weighing around one pound or less. Not only is this more comfortable to use, it gives you greater flexibility in terms of targeting your whole head evenly, and easily maneuvering however needed.

Going for a powerful travel dryer is a great option, if you would like something even lighter. So you don't have to give up quality for weight.

Diffusers and Attachments

Be sure to purchase a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to create more volume or waves. A concentrator attachment directs air from the dryer to a targeted space. This is useful for better control if you like to blow dry your hair straight using a brush.


Today there available hair dryers producing very low EMFs and lots of people are searching for this type of device. For extended use, the traditional dryers generate EMFs at higher levels, which is considered potentially dangerous. But today's professional quality dryers produce very low amount of EMF, which is not only safer for you and but friendlier to the environment.

Different Features in a Hair Clipper

Hair clippers are manufactured for either hair cutting or trimming neck and facial hair. They are available in a range of sizes and styles. Whether it is used in a home or professional setting, the best hair clippers are those with the preferred features and functions for their proposed function.

Today, various different features are available on these tools to aid to create eye-catching styles. So always consider the type of hair styles you look forward to create with clippers.

Blade Levers and Guide Combs

For those who would like to make use of their hair clipper not just for trimming, but for hair cuts and contours, make sure that it has taper control or adjustable blade levers. They let you highest versatility and allow you cut hair at different lengths. Try to find blade levers that have at least 3 selections, ranging from 1.0 to 2.0mm. To create professional cuts, guide comb attachments are also imperative. They can extend the range of the blades up to 32mm (1 1/4"), depending on your preferred cut results.


When it comes to the ergonomic design, the shape is not only more beautiful, but keeps your wrists from straining. A well balanced design can also lessen the effects of noise and vibration.


For those who have to work with hair clippers every day, before deciding on your tool, it is suggested to compare weights and ergonomics. Formerly clippers come attached with high-performance heavier motors, but with the help of most recent technologies it is also promising to get a decent weight out of a high-duty clipper.

What to Look for When You Purchase a Hair Clipper

Hair clippers are one of the necessary tools for different hair cuts. Before paying money for the first set of clippers on the market, it is vital to recognize what different features to seek for getting a finished hair cut. In addition, select the type of clippers that can work well with your style visions.

Speed and Performance

Professional hairdressers need hair clippers providing high speed and performance. Motor is the major part any clipper appliance. As compared to a high-duty motor, a low cost, small motor is simply not capable to generate as much speed and cutting force. In short, you can take for granted that the cheaper the hair clipper is, the less power and speed you will get from its motor.

Blade Material and Maintenance

Clipper blades come in different materials and sizes. They can come in steel, chrome finish, ceramic, or even titanium coated. To keep away from early wear and corrosion, choose materials that are hard-wearing and keep sharp as long as possible, like ceramic - titanium. Ensure that you keep the clipper blades clean and dry frequently. Before storing the clipper, maintain and oil them.

Cordless or with Cord

Hair clippers with corded designs are less expensive than battery charged models. However, the majority home users and professional hair dressers nowadays have a preference of cordless clippers. If you opt for a cordless clipper, then evaluate products for required charging time and battery lifetime. It is also sensible to pay money for a clipper that maintains power supply through battery in addition to cable.

Andis 80345 HS-1 Styler 1875 Ceramic Hatchet Dryer

Andis 80345 HS-1 Styler 1875 Ceramic Hatchet Dryer is equipped with ceramic technology that emits negative ions to give you a healthy looking hair. This involves limited amount of heat and so there is no damage caused to your hair.

The ceramic technology dries hair faster by breaking up water molecules. Ceramic, with its smooth finish, minimizes friction and delivers far-infrared heat. It also penetrates the hair from the inside out, for deep, lifelong styles.

Key Benefits

• 1875 Watts of drying power

• 3 Air/Heat settings

• Ceramic even-heat technology preserves natural oils & seals in moisture

• High velocity airflow

• Cool shot button that locks in style

• Dual voltage for worldwide travel

• Turbo boost for high speed

• INCLUDES: 100% boar bristle attachment, wide tooth comb and fine tooth comb


Andis 80345 HS-1 Styler offers 1875 W of professional drying power that gives you salon-like drying as well as styling administration from the comforts of your home. A must-have professional function, the Cool Shot button offers an intense burst of cold air. To finish and set the style, it is used after styling. This Andis hair styler has 3 flexible speed and temperature settings to give you customized hair care.


When it comes to the features and profile, this specialized hair dryer comes with a cool shot button and varied heat settings that provides liberty in drying as well as styling your hair according to its length as well as texture. Added features include 100% boar bristle attachment and comb. In particular, it can be used worldwide due to its dual voltage feature.

Usage Tips

When hair is blow-dried frequently it is prone to dryness. To avoid this, the most important thing that you can do is keep it hydrated. Most days of the week, consider using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner system. An experienced hair stylist will be able to recommend a line of products which is perfect for your hair type.

Andis 80305 MI-2 Ultra Super Turbo Red Dryer

Give your hair an instant care with the Andis 80305 MI-2 Ultra Super Turbo Red Dryer. The charged negative ions eliminate static, condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles to intensify the hair’s shine and glossiness. The result is smooth and frizz-free hair that shines beautifully. Further, its high quality motor guarantees for best performance and longer life.

Key Benefits

· Ionic and far-infrared technologies

· Multiple heat and speed settings

· Powerful, very quiet long-life motor

· Heavy duty cord with strain relief

· Concentrator and a styling pick for added versatility


Andis 80305 MI-2 Ultra Super Turbo Red Dryer is designed to operate trouble free. It is particularly ideal for straightening hair, leaving a shiny, smooth and no fizz hair for a long time. It also comes in handy for those who do not want to spend too much money on hair dryer. This tool comes with 1875 watts that is very powerful so hair drying is no longer a lasting and annoying process in salons.

The ceramic and ionic properties make it possible for the dryer heat sufficiently, as a result adding smoothness and shine to the hair. The ionic feature also improves hair moisture, while adding smoothness and shine on hair, even as it minimizes flyaways.


The slim profile accented with quick drying features is perhaps the most significant of the specialties of Andis Super Turbo Hair Dryer. Strain free characteristics including sleek design and heavy duty cord add to its superb performance.

Usage Tips

If you have noticed that your hair is extremely dry due to heat damage, you may want to consider using a deep-conditioning masque or reconstructing product.

To avoid disturbing the hair cuticle, be sure to direct the flow of hot air in the direction of the hair.

Andis 80015 ID-1 Professional 1600 Hair Dryer

Andis 80015 ID-1 Professional 1600 Hair Dryer dries faster by breaking up water molecules into micro-fine particles. It better penetrates the hair shaft to seal hair cuticles, preserve natural oils and restore moisture balance. Achieved results are immediate. Hair is renewed, repaired and revitalized for a softer, smoother and shinier finish.

Andis 80015 ID-1 creates the most favorable level of airflow and moderate drying power, for beautiful results every day. For fast drying, styling or even for a gentle airflow, the speed of the airflow can also be regulated.

Key Benefits

• Eye-catching Red/Black finish

• 1600 Watts of drying power

• Powerful, quiet, long-life AC motor

• Contoured handle for comfortable grip

• 3 heat settings and 2 air speeds for ultimate styling


Andis 80015 ID-1 is a complete hair dryer with up-to-date features such as two speeds, three heat settings, a cool shot button and pick attachments. With its ionic properties, this Andis hair dryer retains hair’s natural moisture while eliminating frizz and adding shine and smoothness of your hair.

This blow dryer is further attached with removable filter that aid for its easy maintenance. Another of its specialties is its hanging loop that enables for its easy as well as secure storage.

The Andis hair styling tool with ionic conditioning will give you those shining and frizz-free locks. To create the perfect end result, the speed and heat required can be easily adjusted. The flexible settings make sure precise and tailored styling.

Usage Tips

The majority people who apply a blow dryer turn it up to the highest heat setting. This can make the drying process go a lot quicker. Though, your hair will benefit by opting for a lower heat setting. Preferably, you may want to think using the coldest heat setting that is available. Consider opting for the medium setting when this doesn't work due to time constraints.

Andis e.logica Clipper Review for the Valuable Customers

Andis is one of the top company’s of the world. It is celebrating its success since 77years. It has got a wide popularity for its high quality, reliable products. It has been producing several products like trimmers, dryers, cleaners, clippers and many more from past 77 years. On celebrating its success the Andis is now offering its products at a very low price. Andis e.logica clipper is very popular for its cord and cordless feature. Besides there are some other types of clippers like e logica, detachable blade, professional, master and many more. The demand for the Andis clippers has been increasing day by day. Most of the professional hair stylists barber and groomers usually prefer the Andis products. Thus if you are planning to have a professional hair cut, then the Andis e.logica clipper would be your perfect choice.

Andis e.logica Clipper Features:

Some of the outstanding features of the e.logica clipper are

•High quality stainless-steel T-blade

•USA manufactured product

•Perfect choice for edging and outlining

•Adjustable blade

•Various attachment combs

•Quiet running motor

•Great design

•Outstanding look

•Non-breakable housing

•Provided with 12 months warranty

•Rust resistant blade

Andis e.logica Clipper Review:

This is a very handy design which is specially designed for home grooming. It’s cordless as well as cord design works great both on the dry hair and wet hair. This clipper fits easily in any hand and you can hold it for hours together. Besides, its motor won’t get heated up easily even after its run for a long time. This clipper is designed with stainless steel blade that consists of fine-cutting teeth. This clipper consists of 4 great attachment combs. Making your own hair styling in your home, that too within your budget makes you feel so relieved. Another main benefit of this product is that it is provided with a NiMH battery. This clipper is offered to you with a sleek stand. So, when e.logica clipper is available no need to worry about your expenses on hairstyling.

Andis 23885 BTF-2 SlimLine 2 Cord Cordless Trimmer With T Blade Reviews

Andis 23885 BTF-2 SlimLine 2 Cord Cordless Trimmer helps to take away unnecessary hair easily and quickly. It is perfect for trimming beards, mustaches, necklines, outlining and edging around ears. The trimmer allows you to complete the most accurate outlining and trimming of even the most course texture of hair.

Key Benefits

· Fine cutting teeth for extremely close trimming

· Cord/Cordless rechargeable trimmer with T-Blade

· Allows the convenience of cordless operation

· NiMH battery for superior performance

· Dual voltage charger for worldwide use


Andis 23885 BTF-2 SlimLine 2 Cord Cordless Trimmer is a rechargeable set designed for professional clipping, trimming and outlining. It is equipped with Ni-MH battery for superior performance and less memory effect. Due to the dual voltage charger, it can be used anywhere in the world. The package includes Trimmer, Sleek acrylic stand, Dual voltage charger, Blade cleaning brush, Blade guard, and Blade oil. Moreover, it is backed by a one year warranty.

The trimmer includes six attachment combs that let you to quickly and easily cut hair at the preferred length.


Andis 23885 BTF-2 SlimLine is ergonomically designed for comfort and easy handling. The sleek, ergonomic design is contoured to fit your hand. The trimmer can be used with or without cord attachment.


Weight : 686g


Trying to cut too much hair at a time can cause the clippers resistance which will not be pleasing for the person who is having their hair cut. Try to clip small sections at a time as this can be the best means to keep away from any resistance from happening. If you feel resistance, don’t force the clippers. Just try to do smaller sections of hair in the area where the problem occurring.

Andis 23880 PM-1 PMT-1 PinkPro Duette Clipper and Trimmer Combo

Andis 23880 PM-1 PMT-1 PinkPro Duette Clipper and Trimmer Combo is known for its high quality construction and durability. It is made to last long term use and is created with more durable materials. This model is great for hard to manage hair and comes at a very low price.

Key Benefits

· High quality stainless-steel adjustable blade

· 9 clipper comb sizes

· Perfect for detailing and trimming necklines, beards and sideburns

· Consists of 4 trimmer comb sizes and soft storage case

· PMT-1 New and improved blade design

· Perfect for outlining and fading

· Powerful and quiet pivot motor

· High quality adjustable stainless-steel blade


Andis 23880 PM-1 PMT-1 has a powerful and quiet pivot motor that offers four times the cutting power of comparable magnetic clippers. This also makes it highly effective for quick and flawless haircuts. For trimming and outlining, the new and improved close-cutting blade adjusts from Size #000 (1/50") to Size #1 (3/32") with the touch of a lever.

The package includes 9 clipper comb sizes: 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" 3/4", 7/8" and 1" as well as 4 trimmer comb sizes: 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8". In addition to this, the set comes complete of various items to aid you maintain your clipper and trimmer in perfect condition, such as a soft storage case, blade guard, oil and blade brush.


· Dimensions : 3 x 5.8 x 6 inches

· Weight : 1307g


An important practice that ensures clean and even cutting is oiling the blades before each haircut and afterwards for storing. The motor may be strained if the blades are not properly oiled. This in turn generates excessive heat and delivers fewer strokes to the cutting blade.

Andis Clipper Repair Parts List

Andis have designed some clipper repair parts in order to assist you by providing the best clipper repair parts for your clipper. There are a wide range of Andis clipper repair parts and some of the Andis repair parts include

· Armature Assy

· Bearing cup-large

· Bearing cup-small

· Blade drive

· Brush housing

· Carbon brush-set

· Cord

· Cam bearing-Assy

· Field assembly

· Hanger bail

· Housing-lower black

· Hinge-AG

· Motor frame-front

· Motor frame-clip

· Screw

· Housing

· Circuit and switchboard assy

· Spring

· Switch 1-sped

· Lock keeper

· Hinge Assy

· Switch insulator

· Self-adhesive foam

· Upper housing

· Core assembly

· Tension spring

· Lock washer

The above stated are the various Andis clipper repair parts and you can pick up your required clipper repair part to repair your clipper effectively. These parts effectively repair your clipper and are offered to you at an affordable price. You can buy them either from retail stores or online stores. But it would be better if you purchase them from online as the online stores offers you these parts at a very reasonable price. Besides, this also saves your time too. However, if you are interested to buy the repair parts from retail stores, it is suggested to you to visit the online stores before purchasing them. So, by doing this you can get a proper idea on their price, and thus can compare their prices and choose the store which offers you the parts at a reasonable price.

Andis is offering some variety of products like trimmers, dryers, clippers and many more. Some of the clippers of Andis include envy professional, e logica, master, detachable blade, master professional, ultra, e.logica and many more. However, each and every clipper of Andis has its own name and fame. Andis is celebrating it success ever since 77 years. It has stood in the top position due to its unique design and reliable price. Moreover, they work without getting damaged for years together. So, shop Andis clipper repair parts to make your clipper run like a new one!

A Review On Andis Clipper Trimmer

Have you ever dreamed of making your own hair styling and beard styling? Just imagine how fabulous it would be! Yes, you can make your imagination true with the help of Andis clipper trimmer. Andis is the world’s No.1 Company which has first introduced the hair styling products into the market. This is the company which has created a hope among the middle class people too. Now styling does not alone belong to the top class people, as Andis introduced clippers and trimmers into the market. They have designed their price in such a way, even the normal people can afford it. Instead of wasting your money on saloons, and grooming centers you could prefer these products for your styling. You’ll get a better haircut and beard cut with these tools. You can get even more stylish haircuts and beard cuts than which you usually get in saloons.

Another main benefit of these tools is you can use them at any time and in any place when you feel like grooming yourself. Moreover, you can carry it along with you wherever you go. Andis has really introduced some great tools into the market. They are just amazing! Most of the people usually confuse with the terms trimmers and clippers. So, do you know what makes clipper different from a trimmer? Have a look below to find the difference between the clipper and trimmer.

The closeness of cutting is the basic difference between a trimmer and clipper. Clipper is meant for haircutting but they does not provide close cut. Whereas the trimmer provides close cutting, it effectively trims the necklines, sideburns. You can comfortably adjust both the clipper and trimmer according to your requirement. Make sure that your clipper and trimmer are clean before using them. Moreover, you need to oil their blades regularly in order to enhance their sharpness. Andis has also introduced some other tools like blow-dryers, curling brushes, and haircutting kits.

Here are some hairs cutting tips provided by Andis:

You need to make sure that your hair is clean, and dried before using the hairstyling products like Andis clipper and trimmer. In case if your hair is quite thicker, then divide your hair into divisions and then start cutting it. Always make your haircut from top to the bottom. This will give you a good looking hair cut, moreover your hair will not be cut short if you do it in this way.

Andis clipper trimmer combo kit

Andis has specially designed the clipper trimmer combo kit especially for their lovely customers. They have designed this kit in such a way that it fulfills all your needs. The clipper/trimmer of this combo kit is a high speeded tool. The clipper of this kit is fitted with adjustable blade. Moreover this clipper is perfect for trying new hair styles and all-around hair styling. Its trimmer is perfect for shaving, outlining and trimming. Its clipper includes 6 attachment combs like 1”, ¾”, 3/8”, ½”, ¼”, and 1/8”. Besides, its trimmer includes 4 comb attachments like 3/8”, ¼”, 1/8”, and 1/16.

Its clipper easily cuts both the dry hair as well as wet hair. Its ergonomic, balanced design makes you to feel it lighter and smaller. You can hold it for comfortably for some hours together. Its motor runs cool, and stays cool even after the extended use. You can operate the clipper and trimmer with the help of ON/OFF switch provided on it. Its trimmer is fitted with an extra-ordinary magnetic motor. Moreover, the trimmer of this kit is fitted with T-blade. This trimmer works too well even after using it for some years together. This trimmer is perfect for all-around fading, outlining and dry shaving. Due to its contoured shape, it fits easily into your hand, and you can hold it very comfortably for any number of hours. You need to definitely purchase this for trying all the latest trendy hair, and beard styles.

Where to shop combo kit?

A number of stores are available these days, and you can shop it from any store. But the thing which matters here is, how comfortably and instantly you shop it! Don’t you know how to shop comfortably and instantly? Then here is the answer for my question, you can shop it from online stores. Shopping the Andis tools online gives you a great experience. Moreover they deliver’s you this product on time without making any delay within your door steps. What else we need when our required product with all great features is delivered to us within no time!

Andis clipper trimmer kit for added benefits!

Andis is the only company which is coming up with some new ideas and innovations all the time. Andis is offering various products like dryers, clippers, batteries, Curl irons, trimmers and many more, where each product has its own specialty. These products assures for great durability and longevity. Unlike other products you will not find any kind of problem with these tools. Moreover Andis is the first company which has introduced the hair styling products. Andis clipper trimmer kit is specially designed by the professionals of Andis. You will definitely love this kit. It is offered to you with multi benefits.


This kit includes a wide range of styling tools like shears, combs, brush and many more. So, you can cut your hair and trim your hair with any of these tools. Both the clipper and trimmer of this kit deliver you great results. This combo kit is offered to you with a DVD and a case. This DVD is designed with all the instructions related to your safety and its products. You can use this case to store your clipper and trimmer. This is truly a great gift for us from Andis. Another special attraction of this kit includes four trimmer combs and four clipper combs. Barber cape, brush, shears, blade oil and storage case.

You’ll definitely love this kit. Andis is offering all these tools together in the form of a kit at a very reasonable price. Why to choose other products when such a lovely product is available at a very reasonable price. You can carry this light weight kit along with you wherever you go. Moreover, you can recharge these tools anywhere, even in your car too. So, you can use these tools for your styling in your home. So, no need to run around the saloons now to have a stylish haircut.

You can minimize your saloon charges with this kit. You can buy this kit either from online stores or retail stores. But it would be better if your buy this kit directly from online stores. Moreover, the online stores offer you the Andis products at a very reasonable price. They deliver you the product within your door steps in few hours after your payment is made. This kit will definitely satisfy you in many ways. You will definitely enjoy using it! So, hurry up and purchase this lovely kit for enjoying its added benefits.

Andis clipper t-outliner for perfect hair styling!

Have you ever dreamed of having your own beard and hair styling in your home? Don’t you have time to go to saloon for having beard and haircut? Are barbers emptying your pockets? Don’t worry! You can put an end to all your worries now. The world’s best company Andis has recently designed Andis clipper t-outliner. This product works so fabulous. Andis have really done an awesome job. Customer satisfaction is its main preference always. It takes the customers opinion regularly and tries to implement them. It is only company which gives importance to its customer’s feedback. Moreover, the Andis products are high quality products. You can undoubtedly pick them for your styling as they lasts for some years together. Andis always delivers us high quality products at a very low price. I’m really excited to speak about this lovely product. Are you ready?


This styling tool gives you awesome fading and all-around outlining. This stylish tool is equipped with extremely close cutting T-blade. This blade provides you an extreme close cut. You have to definitely try this in order to experience the true styling. You’ll definitely find lots of difference after trying this product. Moreover you can hold this lovely product for any number of hours together. This product can be run for any number of hours together. Its motor remains cool even after using it all along the day. It is the product with high durability and longevity. Its motor runs so fast with a very high power. But it does not make any noise while running.

You can trim your mustaches, beards. Moreover you can edge around your ears too. Do you know what? Most of the world’s famous barbers and professional beard and hair stylists usually use the Andis products. So, you can save your pockets now! No need to worry that you don’t have ample time for your beard and hair styling. You can use this product at anytime according to your wish. Its contoured shape housing makes you comfortable to hold it for any number of hours together. It fits in your hand very easily and very flexibly. Its blade is made up of the best quality carbon-steel. Regular oiling to the blade will definitely retain its sharpness. You’ll definitely love it.

A number of retail and online stores are available these days. So, where to buy this product from? Don’t worry! You can purchase this product either from the online stores or the retail stores. But purchasing it from online saves both your time and money. So, shop it for yourself instantly. They will deliver this product within few hours after your booking.

Andis 23975 PM-1 Elevate Pivot Motor Clipper And Trimmer Combo Reviews

Featuring the pm-1 clipper and the pmt-1 trimmer, the Andis 23975 PM-1 Elevate Pivot Motor Clipper And Trimmer Combo is everything you need for at home barbering. The pm-1 has a professional pivot motor with a fully adjustable blade. It has four times the cutting power of other magnetic motors on the market but still stays quiet for a calm hair cut. The pmt-1 features a new and improved stainless steel blade that cuts closer than other blades on the market. It also has a powerful pivot motor that runs quiet and cool.

Key Benefits

· Equipped with T-Blade

· High-quality, stainless-steel blades

· Heavy-duty, 8-foot cords with hanger loops

· Clipper includes eight attachment comb sizes

· Trimmer includes four attachment comb sizes


Both the hair clipper and trimmer feature a powerful pivot motor for professional clipping, trimming as well as hanger loops for easy storage. The motors are quiet and the cut is quick and consistent devoid of tugging or pinching. It cuts dry and wet hair equally well. Finally, the packaging, storage case and clipper accessories are all great quality. Moreover, the price is very reasonable.


The finest thing regarding this product is that it is smaller and lighter than other models with the same functionality. It has a powerful pivot motor with very sharp blades which give a close trim. The sharp blades make it very easy to trim even hard to reach places.


· Weight : 1259g

· Dimensions : 3.5 x 10.2 x 9 inches

Usage Tips

Always begin the hair cutting process by washing your hair thoroughly. It is easier to cut hair when it is clean and free from grime. Pat your hair dry with a towel.

Attach the desired guide comb to your clippers and ensure that the guide comb is held firmly onto the clippers. Or else, you may finish up injuring yourself.

Andis 23975 PM-1 Elevate Pivot Motor Clipper And Trimmer Combo

Andis 23975 PM-1 Elevate Pivot Motor Clipper And Trimmer Combo
Andis 23975 PM-1 Elevate Pivot Motor Clipper And Trimmer Combo

Andis 64850 BGR+ Cordless Rechargeable Professional Detachable Blade Clipper Reviews

Andis 64850 BGR+ Cordless Rechargeable Professional Detachable Blade Clipper is a powerful rechargeable clipper designed for all day heavy duty use. It features ceramic edge blade that stays cooler than traditional blades.

Key Benefits

· Comes with seven attachment combs

· Includes Storage Case and Clipper Oil

· LED lights indicate charging mode

· Maintenance free - no oiling or greasing is needed for internal parts

· Charges in less than one hour

· High capacity battery pack for extended run time

· Battery can be charged separately from the clipper

· Break resistant housing, contoured to fit your hand


The Andis 64850 BGR+ comes with a large set of great quality 'guards' ranging from 1/16" to 1". It takes very little maintenance, cuts extremely well and evenly, and is said to run a full hour on one charge. The charger also detects when your clipper's battery does or does not need charge. It also has a drain/refresh function for simple, fool-proof battery maintenance.

The charger has a discharge feature that you can use periodically to keep the battery pack from developing memory. It charges the battery relatively quickly. With the battery fully charged the clipper runs at a brisk pace and cuts very well.

The clipper will run continuously for one hour with a fully charged battery pack and charges in less than one hour. The storage case holds everything nicely. The combs snap on and off easily and are clearly


· Weight : 2746g

· Dimensions : 4.5 x 13.5 x 10 inches

Usage Tips

Using the clippers for home hair cuts is so easy that the majority men can utilize them to cut their own hair. All you need is a bathroom mirror and an idea of how short you would like it cut.

Andis 64850 BGR+ Cordless Rechargeable Professional Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis 64850 BGR+ Cordless Rechargeable Professional Detachable Blade Clipper
Andis 64850 BGR+ Cordless Rechargeable Professional Detachable Blade Clipper

Natural And Long Hair

Methods to grow hair in a faster way are hard to follow especially if you want to do it naturally. Genes are the only reasons to build your hair (how thick or thin your hair is depends on heredity). How often you trim your hair is the other choice. You don’t need to trim you hair if it is healthy. When you trim your hair, you will be devastated. Though you will like it for a day or two, you will definitely want your longer hair back. Hence it is wise to learn how to grow your hair naturally in some quick and easy ways. Here are some effective tips for you to grow your hair naturally.


Split ends are the only reasons to trim the hair. To get rid of split ends and to make your hair thick and strong one must opt to trim one’s hair. But if you don’t take care of split ends, it may result in breakage and unhealthy hair. Hence trimming your hair to 1/4th of an inch keeps your hair healthy and beautiful. But if you don’t have split ends better skip trimming your hair.

Oil Scalp Massages

The best way to feel your hair thicker, softer and longer is to opt for hot oil treatment. It’s the coolest way to grow your hair in quicker way. Apply hot oil to the scalp, and wait for a while; you will feel the difference. Use jojoba oil as a hair conditioner before you wash your hair. Rosemary, cedar wood oil, lavender and juniper berry can be added to jojoba oil boost the conditioner properties as they are best for scalp and hair. Egg white also adds softness to your hair. Hibiscus leaves paste can also be applied to achieve strong and soft hair. Boil onions in hot water and apply it to hair; it adds shine to your hair. Make juice out of 2 potatoes and mix it with 3 drops of honey and egg yolk, and apply it to hair. This will help your hair in faster growth.


For your hair follicles and skin, blood circulation is important. Better hair comes out of healthier skin. Drinking more water, taking vitamins such as Biotin A, B12, B1 and C will enhance your skin and hair growth. Biotin has been proven to be an essential vitamin. Eat fish, eggs and different types of meat which provides different proteins for hair growth


Less is more. The less you do the more you yield. Brushing once during the day time and once during the night will help you in stimulating circulation in your scalp. Do not blow dry frequently.

Best Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin is definitely a problem to think about. Going out, especially to attend a party with oily skin is very embarrassing. People often look for various ways to get rid of this problem. Do you have oily skin? Then, following are some handful of tips that help you overcome the problem:


· Avoid products containing alcohol; it adds more oil to your face.

· Washing your face twice or thrice daily using cold water can help you keep your face sweat-free throughout the day.

· A toner is helpful to get rid of oily face when you don’t have time to wash it.

· Use papaya as a scrub for washing your face.

· Use lime juice, cucumber juice in equal quantities and apply the mixture to your face, and clean it with cold or lukewarm water after some time; try doing this consistently for one or two months for effective results.

· Take a lemon and squeeze it into a glass of water, mix it well, and apply it to your face to feel clean and fresh.

· Mix 7 drops of lime juice with 1 tablespoon of apple juice, and apply the mixture to the affected area daily for 20 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water.

· Use Deep Cleanser or Almond Cleansing Milk.

· To feel fresh for a long time mix 5 to 6 drops of rose water in a 3 table spoons of ice water and apply it to the affected area. Else, wash it 3 times with soap and apply a mixture of mint and rose water to your face.


· Benzoyl proxide or sulphur absorbs oil, so treating your skin with high concentrations will help you unmask the oily skin.

· Apply egg white onto your face and wash it using basin flour but make sure not to apply the pack around eyes.

· Mash Tomato/Cucumber, and apply it and leave it on your face for 20 minutes.

· Use Almond Face Pack as your weekly treatment.

· Try using soaps that are glycerin-based.

· Mix a tablespoon of honey and 1 egg, and apply the mixture as a face pack. Finally wash it off after 15 minutes.

· If you are out in a sunny day use butter milk to clean your face for 15 minutes, and wash it with lukewarm water.


· Don’t use any moisturizers. If you want to use any moisturizer then go for Almond /Aloe era Moisturizing creams.

· Use moisturizer only during nights

· Try using Almond Pack as a weekly treatment


Especially in summer avoid cream based makeup or the makeup that contains particles that enhance shine (mostly glimmer particles)


· Avoid oily, cheesy foods.

· Take citrus fruits in a large quantity.


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