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Do you Know the Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Updated on May 3, 2014

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Do you want better skin, shinier hair and improved health?

Coconut Oil is not only good for your health, there are many benefits of Coconut oil that can be used in your beauty routine, particularly for the hair and skin. Coconut oil, is inexpensive, it smells divine, it's travel-friendly and most important, it works. The benefits of coconut oil can improve the quality of skin and hair in a natural way. This natural ingredient is cheap to buy and readily available.

Because coconut oil, has a small molecular structure, it is easily absorbed through the skin. Coconut oil benefits are not only beneficial for those with mature, dry skin, but for those who are looking for a product that will help prevent wrinkles and rough spots. Coconut oil, has a multitude of beauty uses.

Keep on reading to find out the benefits of coconut oil.

Image source: www.the-beauty-magazine.comfont

benefits of coconut oil
benefits of coconut oil

A celebrity favourite?

Miranda Kerr is a picture of health. Pefectly, toned, curvy body. Glossy hair and clear skin. You would expect a crazy diet and expensive products to be the reason behind this right?

Miranda Kerr recently revealed that coconut oil her beauty and health must have. In an interview last month she attributed her blemish-free skin and shiny hair to the miracle oil.

Miss Kerr, 28, who models for Victoria's Secret, said 'I will not go a day without coconut oil. I personally take four tablespoons per day, either on my salads, in my cooking or in my cups of green tea'

It's not only Miranda who love the benefits of coconut oil. Gwyneth Paltrow claims to regularly use virgin coconut oil to moisturize her skin after bathing. Whilst Angelina Jolie claims to have a spoonful every morning before breakfast.

Even health advisor Dr Oz is eendorsing virgin coconut oil! Dr. Oz recently ran a two part series on his popular show called Coconut Oil Superpowers.

So it seems using coconut oil is a celebrity favourite that we can all have access to. Read below to find out more health benefits and beauty benefits of coconut oil.


Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure & Unrefined, Cold-Pressed, USDA Organic, Non-GMO
Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure & Unrefined, Cold-Pressed, USDA Organic, Non-GMO
See the benefits of coconut oil for yourself. Put these tips into action to see an improvement in your hair, skin, health and nails. This huge 32 ounce jar is only $15.29. Coconut oil benefits are increased when you use extra virgin coconut oil Check that the lauric acid content is at least 40%

Quick Tip

Coconut oil is normally in a solid form if stored at room temparture depending on how hot it is where you live.

You can get the benefits of coconut oil by rubbing between the palms of your hand to melt it enough for use.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Hair

benefits of coconut oil for your hair
benefits of coconut oil for your hair

A major one of the benefits of coconut oil is for the hair as it provides natural moisture and nutrition. It helps with healthy growth and keeping the hair shiny. Over time hair will be stronger, more nourishes and softer to the touch.

When you use Coconut oil, it can bring hair back to life by repairing the hair's cuticle and moisturizing the scalp and improving the overall quality and beauty of the hair.

Since I have made coconut oil a staple in my hair care routine, my hair is more manageable, shiny and I have seen an improvement in hair growth.


Coconut oil can be used as a conditioner to smooth and help repair damaged hair. Simply apply to the hair after washing on either dry or wet hair. I like to use coconut oil on dry hair as a leave in conditioner.

I rub a small amount in my palms and apply to the ends of my hair this keeps my hair conditioned and I have seen a considerable reduction in the amount of split ends. Allowing me to go longer without a haircut. Plus my hair smells amazing after.

If your running low on time add some coconut oil to your shampoo so that your hair can be cleaned and moisterised at the same time.

There are also benefits of coconut oil when used to massage the scalp, this helps keep the scalp moisturised and healthy. I like to do this once a week to stimulate my follicles and to promote growth. I have been doing this for two months and have seen my hair grow longer and stronger.


You can get more beenfits of Coconut oil if you use it as a mask, this works just as good as many expensive hair masks without the nasty ingredients. My favourite way to do this is to mix equal parts coconut oil and honey and apply it all over my head.

This can be left on for as long as needed and the result is soft silky hair. When doing this my hair feels lovely and soft and nourished. After doing this consistently my hair is much shinier and glossier.

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Benefits of coconut oil for you nails
Benefits of coconut oil for you nails

Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Nails

Use Coconut oil to beautify your nails.

One of the benefits of coconut oil is that it can be used to keep you nails in great condition.

Massage coconut oil into the nails to keep them strong, shiny and less prone to breaking.

Massage into cuticles to keep them soft and prevent dry skin around your nails.

You can also mix coconut oil in with your usual hand cream for an extra moisterising treat.


benefits of coconut oil for your lashes
benefits of coconut oil for your lashes

Benefits of Coconut Oil for you Skin


Benefits of Coconut oil for you skin are really effective due to it's nourishing properties.

It can:-

- Reduce liver spots caused by sun damage

- Prevent aging due to it's super hydrating properties

- Leave your skin with a gorgous glow

- Aid in healing and repairing

- Make skin more even textured

-Cure and prevent blemishes

- Smooths skin by acting as an exfoilant and removing the top layer of skin

- It will penetrate deeper into the skin then most creams can, this will strenghten underlying tissues

Coconut oil benefits will not only bring temporary relief to the skin, but it will aid in healing and repairing. It will have lasting benefits, unlike most lotions. It can help bring back a youthful appearance.

Since I have started to use coconut oil my skin is more clear, when I get blemishes they heal quicker and don't hurt as much as the coconut oil soothes. I have also noticed my fine lines and wrinkles are less obvious.

The biggest benefit of coconut oil, has been in controlling my oily skin. As coconut oil properly nourishes my skin, my skin produces less oil.


Coconut oil can be used to keep lips kissable and soft, use as you would a lip balm. I like to apply before sleep to wake up to plump lips. Add some sugar to your coconut oil for a DIY lip scrub, simply rub into the lips and wash off to reveal super smooth plumped lips.


Pure virgin coconut oil is the best natural ingredient for skin lotion available as it not only softens the skin, but protects it against damage, promotes healing and gives it a more youthful, healthy appearance. I either apply to bare skin or over the top of my other products to wake up to better skin.

Makeup Remover

Use coconut oil as an eye makeup remover. This really works well and removes all traces of makeup quick and effectively. Healthier, stronger and longer eyelashes are an added bonus


Use a small amount of coconut oil on your cheek bones and other areas you want to highlight for a glow that won't block you pores.

Massage Oil

Use coconut oil as a massage oil for a nourishing treat with a refreshing scent.

After Sun Lotion

Use coconut oil as an after sun lotion to sooth sunburn. This will prevent peeling and the anti-inflammatory properties will keep the redness under control

Stretch Marks

If you suffer from stretch marks use coconut oil multiple times a day to keep areas moisterised.

Image source: Istock

benefits of coconut oil
benefits of coconut oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil as Shaving Cream

Coconut oil benefits continue to shaving. If you have sensitive skin, soap based shaving creams and gels will only aggravate your problem. A natural oil is a skin-friendly alternative.

Blended coconut oil that stays in liquid form at room temperature is easiest to use in the bath or shower, but if you have the solid version, simply leave the sealed container under the hot shower for a bit and you will soon have enough melted liquid to apply.

Rub all over your legs (or anywhere else you are shaving) then shave as usual.

You will find that the razor glides smoothly over your skin with the lubrication of the oil, leaving you with a really clean shave and beautifully moisturised skin too.


benefits of coconut oil
benefits of coconut oil

Benefit of Coconut Oil- Longer Eyelashes?

Another benefit of coconut oil can be found when used on eyelashes. The components in coconut oil will have a positive effect on eyelashes.

Using coconut oil on eye lashes will help grow them longer and thicker. Coconut Oil can eliminate brittle eyelashes for good.

To do this, use an old mascara brush that has been thoroughly cleaned. Brush on like mascara, and you’re done.

Find out more tips on getting longer eyelashes here

Longer Eyelashes

benefits of coconut oil eczema
benefits of coconut oil eczema

Eczema Cure?

Benefits of Coconut Oil on Eczema.

You can use coconut oil as a natural eczema treatment and it does work, in fact this is what I do myself. I have been an Eczema suffer since I was little and although it is better now I still occaisonaly get it round my elbows and knees.

Coconut oil has been the only treatment that has worked for me. It immediatley soothes the area and calms the inflammation.

According to a 2008 study published in the journal Dermatitis, virgin coconut oil has emollient properties that help to heal and protect the skin's surface, as well as broad-spectrum antimicrobial components that help to protect against bacteria, viruses and fungi associated with eczema.

. As coconut oil does not contain any fragrance or chemical substances, it is non irritating to eczema sufferers. The moisterising properties helps to clear up the affected area.

Another reason it's great to use coconut oil in this way is because it's a lot cheaper and easier to get hold of then over the counter treatments.

Use can apply coconut oil directly to the affected area or put a spoonfull in the bath.

NOW Supplements, Virgin Coconut Oil 1000 mg, Cold Pressed and Unrefined, 120 Softgels
NOW Supplements, Virgin Coconut Oil 1000 mg, Cold Pressed and Unrefined, 120 Softgels
If you prefer to cook with a different oil try taking one of these soft gels to gain the benefits of coconut oil
use coconut oil
use coconut oil

Coconut oil DIYS

DIY's are a great way to help incorporate coconut oil in your routine.

Whilst you can use coconut oil on it's own to achieve amazing results, these recipes will help you get more benefits.

These are simple and fun to make and much cheaper then store brought products.

Use coconut oil in the DIY's below to get more out of your coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Lip Scrub

Coconut oil can make a great scrub when used with the right ingredients. Try using this twice a week for a refreshing way to exfoliate

1 cup organic coconut sugar

1/3 cup fine ground Himalayan Chrystal or pink salt

1/2 cup cold or expeller pressed, virgin, organic, coconut oil

2-3 tablespoons almond oil1 tablespoon vitamin E oil1 or 2 drops of lavender essential oil (or you can use rose essential oil)

Simply mix together and store for whenever you want to use :)

Coconut Oil Body Butter

As coconut oil is so nourishing you can make an amazing body butter with only a few ingredients.

1 cup coconut oil

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil (optional)

Drops of essential oil for fragrance (optional)

Whip on high speed with your KitchenAid mixer whisk for 6-7 minutes

Coconut Milk Shampoo Recipe

I1/2 cup Coconut Milk (full fat, creamy)

2/3 cup Liquid Castile Soap

1 tsp Castor Oil

1 tsp Sweet Almond Oil

15-20 drops Lavender Essential Oil (or essential oil of your choice)

mix together and use for soft hair.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also effective when used for oil pulling. This has a multitude of health benefits, I have wrote a separate lens about this to find out more check out the lens below.

How to use Coconut Oil Video

Watch these videos for more benefits of coconut oil. There really so many ways coconut oil can be used.


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