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Best Aerobic Shoes

Updated on February 20, 2014

Top Rated Aerobic Exercise Shoes for Women

Working out in top~rated exercise shoes like these will keep you going longer. There's a lot to consider when looking for the ideal aerobic shoe and things can get overwhelming when you're out there shopping.

What makes for a good aerobics shoe? Well, it's not really any one thing but style, fit, usefulness and value have a lot of bearing on a shoe's popularity. I'm happy to dissect all the reviews before summing up an aerobic shoe in the real scope of things: our feet, our happiness and our pocket book.

Aerobics is a high-impact cardio exercise that makes having the right shoe an absolute must. My ideal is: Say goodbye to the basic "sneaker" and hello to the science of proper aerobic shoe. Remember, your feet take a major assault and the right cushion, support and overall comfort can help you achieve your total workout time, toned body and/or weight loss goals without pain and in style.

Scroll down for an amazing array of the best in aerobic exercise shoes for women at more affordable prices that won't drain your pocketbook.

Image credit: The top~rated aerobic shoe shown here is available below.

Ryka Women's Assist XT Fitness Shoe - 4.5 Star Rating: Ideal for Wider Feet

Ryka Women's Assist XT Fitness Shoe,Grey/Dark Grey/Red,6 M
Ryka Women's Assist XT Fitness Shoe,Grey/Dark Grey/Red,6 M

This latest version Ryka Women's Assist XT Athletic aerobic shoe delivers lots of toe room and it's credited with a fit like non other and great arch support. The sole is very stable which is a big plus for aerobic wear and it's really lightweight with breathable mesh upper. Crafted from lightweight, man made materials, these aerobic classics are ideal for vegetarians and vegans alike. Perfect for wider feet, these women's Ryka Assist aerobic shoe will leave you blister-free after a heavy workout!


Women's Pink Cross-Trainers - Top~Rated for Comfort & Fit

These women's cross trainer shoes are top rated for fit, comfort and style. I'm of the ideal that some shoes can handle the activity of several exercise routines. Highly rated, they're an ideal pick for your aerobic workout and will serve you well for their great looks and good support. Find your fave and run with it.

Best Rated Women's Cross Trainer Aerobic Exercise Shoes in Blue/Diva Pink

Best Rated Women's Cross Trainer Aerobic Exercise Shoes in Blue with Pink

Best Rated Women's Cross Trainer Aerobic Exercise Shoes in Purple & Yellow

New Balance Women's WX20v3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe,Black/Pink,8 B US
New Balance Women's WX20v3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe,Black/Pink,8 B US

These top~notch New Balance cross trainers have high marks for their ankle stability which helps prevent the "ankle roll" that leads to injuries during high~impact aerobics training and while running.

You'll realize great gripping power with the treaded, rubber soles lending to comfort and a longer, quality workout. The mesh construction, as noted in the style above, means great ventilation and a light~on~your~feet workout without worry and foot pain.

Many women reported unparalleled comfort and fabulous toe room (typical of New Balance). The popular colors are high~contrast and fashionable, so you'll look great while working toward you goal. Step into these cross trainers with confidence, as these lightweight aerobic shoes will serve you well. OK ladies, no more excuses!


"The right tools are half the job. Shoes are no exception."

Best Rated Aerobic Shoe: Reebok Women's SlimTone Edge Toning Shoe Purple/Black & White

Best Rated Aerobic Shoe for Women: Reebok SlimTone Edge Toning Shoe Pink/Grey/White

Reebok Women's Slimtone Edge Toning Shoe,Black/White/Gravel,6 M US
Reebok Women's Slimtone Edge Toning Shoe,Black/White/Gravel,6 M US

The Reebok Slimtone Edge Toning Shoe claims this trainer boasts the air-filled circular discs that insure extra cushioning and comfort at the heel, toe pads and balls of the feet. With all those claims, I had to check it out myself to see if these shoes live up to their claims. It's been my experience with Reebok that my wide~load feet are just too, well, ungraceful. I've found that these SlimTones are, indeed comfortable but as I suspected, they are narrower than most aerobic shoes.

The name doesn't refer to their size, though but these Reeboks do cater to slimmer feet quite well and women say they're extremely comfortable while working out. Yes, they're great, true to size aerobic shoes, but for a narrower foot.

I do recommend these SlimTones for style (they look fabulous) and comfort if you've no existing foot problems.


Best Rated Aerobic Shoe: RYKA Women's Synergy Shoe Black/Vapor Grey/Aqua/ Lime

Best Rated Aerobic Shoe: RYKA Women's Synergy ShoeChrome Silver/Blue/White/Grey

RYKA Women's Synergy Shoe,Black/Dark Pink/White,8 M US
RYKA Women's Synergy Shoe,Black/Dark Pink/White,8 M US

Researching this RYKA Synergy shoe, I was really impressed with the reports of superior stability with its wider base ~ especially during Zumba class.

The style is unbeatable, though as the leather upper sports a front strap that'll keep this shoe in place and the sole is ideal for dance and Zumba, as the shoe won't "catch" on rugs or mats. I love the style, contrasting shoe strings, the leather uppers and non~constricting but stable sole. This exercise shoe is a keeper.


You're important--invest in yourself.

Please share my personal story further down.

Nike Lunar Hyperworkout Women's Aerobic Cross-Trainer - Most Sizes Available

Nike Lunar Hyper Workout fitness trainer Sneaker women grey 598395 003, shoe size:EUR 38.5
Nike Lunar Hyper Workout fitness trainer Sneaker women grey 598395 003, shoe size:EUR 38.5

This Nike Free Lunar Hyperworkout Cross Trainer is an exercise chameleon. I'm really excited about this Nike diva (for lack of a better term)! It's well suited for any aerobic challenge and this workout friendly companion can convert to other exercise genres quite nicely. Its lightweight "Flywire" technology structure is really strong via mega~lightweight nylon cables that automatically tighten upon sudden bursts of movement. There's also a foam innersleeve for cushioning comfort and support. The Nike Lunar offers a cushioned heel (in back) and stable grooves in the sole for fluid movement and comfort making this cross-trainer a 'high~tech" winner at the aerobicss. If you're prone to change your routine strategies mid~stride and you're of the serious fitness ilk, the Nike Lunar Hyperworkout Cross Trainer is for you!


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Women's Black & Pink Exercise Shoes and Cross-Trainers

We all know that exercise is so important to good health but we often think of the physical benefits of working out. But our mental health is often greatly improved with exercise as well. There's simply not enough in the news about how one can improve their own depressive thoughts and feelings via exercise; it's the greatest anti~depressant in my mind.

Improving the way you look with simple exercises also helps boost self esteem while improving overall physical health. There's no question that exercise is the fountain of youth; it's the secret to aging gracefully.

I've had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis most of my life (since aged 12).. At the time, there was nothing to help me, to stop the disease process and take away my pain. So, today I'm pretty affected physically from it with limited range of motion and unrelenting pain. I did exercise my JRA into remission and told my doctor about it. He said my exercising was a coincidence in alleviating my symptoms; I believed him. I shouldn't have.

I got caught up in having children, a stressful job at a brokerage firm and a divorce. My JRA symptoms overwhelmed me. I wish that my hunch about the benefits of exercise and arthritis had been recognized. This was before home computers and networking.

My mission with this message is simply to encourage everyone to exercise your symptoms away. Any symptoms, any stresor. Keep at it.

Keep healthy.

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