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★ Best FASHION Blogs & Websites | Trends and Inspiration | Men's & Women's Street Style ★

Updated on February 16, 2016

Inspiring Designer & High Street Fashion

Welcome to my fashion page, where I have listed many of the best fashion themed blogs and websites found on the web, including those directed at only men's fashion, which are few and far between.

Some are galleries of outfit examples and street style photographs, some are about a range of creative things, some focus on high street clothes whilst others focus on high-end designer goods - there is a massive range of blogs to choose from, so I hope this list helps you find your new favourite fashion inspiration!

I have also included links to up-to-date guides to the current and upcoming fashion trends and popular colours so you can follow the fashion too. I hope you find this page useful :-)

Rockie Nolan

I found Rockie Nolan through Lookbook, but you can also find her photos on her website or Flickr page.

Top-Rated Fashion & Street Style Books

If you are keen to learn about, and be inspired by, fashion from around the world (both catwalk and street style), then there is no better resource than a book. The following 2 books have been put together by people who have a passion for the subject as well as possessing expert knowledge, and they make excellent coffee table books too:

Vogue: The Editor's Eye
Vogue: The Editor's Eye

When you think fashion, you think 'Vogue', and this large and heavy (416 page) book does not disappoint. It is a treasure trove loaded with beautiful and stunning high-quality fashion photography, including classic shots as well as modern examples and even a few famous people (Marilyn Monroe for example).

It's not just a photo book though; it also has interesting content and would make a brilliant coffee table book.

The Sartorialist
The Sartorialist

This is the first book released by The Sartorialist and is an excellent collection of photographs for people who are interested in fashion, street style, and portrait photography. I think it will be fascinating to look back on in 20 or 30 years to see how fashion changes over time.


The Sartorialist

This is Scott Schuman, the photographer behind the famous fashion website, The Sartorialist.

Photo by Daniel Krieger.

Street Style

Photo by Daniel Krieger.

If you want to see more street style fashion shots, click here.

Groovy Shoes


It's All About The Detail


Very Dapper!


Male Fashion Blogs

The blogs above contain some men's fashion, but the following websites focus on male fashion alone:

Color Combos

Photo by Jaro Furosaki.

Click here for more eccentric street style inspiration.

100 Years of Style

Do you make an effort with make-up at Halloween?

See results

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    • etherealclothing profile image

      etherealclothing 4 years ago

      Good list - there's some I'd never heard of - will check them out. You might like to have a look at my men's t-shirt site too :)

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      thanks for sharing...


    • Jawill profile image

      Jawill 4 years ago

      Fun lens with great resources. This helps me a lot. Thanks!

    • FancyThatUK profile image

      FancyThatUK 4 years ago

      Well I already read a few of those, but some are completely new to me.

    • TheCandle LM profile image

      TheCandle LM 5 years ago

      Loved it. I''m not big into fashion, but this was fun! Thanks.

    • oomiloo-clothing profile image

      oomiloo-clothing 5 years ago

      This is a must have Favs lens in your list

    • profile image

      muskankouture 5 years ago

      Here is great data mining about fashion magazine blog, It helped me a lot.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Awesome lense, i learn a lot from here.

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      kawasts 5 years ago

      cozy and cool

    • profile image

      fashionismypassion 5 years ago

      Thanks for introducing me to rockie!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      You should add a rss feed. It would bring me back to your lens daily.

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      DJam1 6 years ago

      Thanks always interested to know what is in

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      fashionstyles1230 6 years ago

      its really great and use full about the latest fashion, is also my favorite, i am going to suggest the link to all my friends

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      shoefiend 6 years ago

      I really like your lens. its very original

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      PearlHowie 6 years ago

      Great range of info!

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      nbrandt123 6 years ago

      I had fun browsing through your lens. I just can't get enough of it. I love fashion!

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      friendshipquotes 6 years ago

    • profile image

      jerviewagon 6 years ago

      Hey there,I love your fashion... Youâve done an excellent job. I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. Iâm confident they will be benefited from this website

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Such a great list! I know a lot of these blogs and websites but I definitely found some new ones that I need to check out. New street style websites are always a good find.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Such a great collection really i like it. Photos are cool & trendy.