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★ HAIRSTYLE Ideas for Women and Girls | Creative Inspiration, Tutorials & Video How-Tos ★

Updated on February 18, 2016

Creative Ways to Style Your Hair

If you are like me and always have the same dull hair style every day, then you've come to the right place!

I've put together a list of the best tutorials for creative hair dos and techniques such as french braids & twists, cool and modern mohicans, and retro styles like beehives and finger waves. The options range from those you can do for work or school, to those that will 'wow' on a night out.

I hope you find the how-tos useful and that you feel inspired to give new hair ideas a try :-)

Dye It!

Fun Hair Accessories

'Bumpits' add volume to your hair and are great for beehives and 60's styles, and the donut hair accessory lets you make super-size buns:

An Introduction

And Some Ideas

I have worn my long hair either down and straightened, or up in a ponytail for most of my life, and it took a long time for me to consider trying something new. But when I did start to look for new styles in magazines and on the internet, I discovered a lot more hairstyles than I even thought were possible, and I have since expanded my repertoire :)

So if you are also bored with the same old hairstyles and want to try something different, I hope you will find some usable ideas on this page. A lot of the examples here are totally acceptable to wear everyday at work, both informal and formal, whilst the rest are more for special occasions and parties.

I know that my main concern when looking for new styles was time, but I found that once I'd practised a method a couple of times I could speed it up, and most of the styles on this page can be done in 10 minutes maximum, which is good for me because I have to admit I'm lazy and I hate spending a copious amount of time getting ready!

There are a few different choices to make for your hairstyle to start with; you need to choose the parting (central, side, diagonal, zig-zag), whether you want an updo or you want to have your hair down, and also whether you want your hair straight or wavy/curly. It's easier to find a suitable style then, and you can also narrow down your search depending on whether you are just wanting an everyday 'do, you are going to a party or special occasion, or you are out to impress.

I personally particularly love vintage 'updo' styles like pin curls and waves, and 'pin-up' styles so I've linked to quite a few of those types of styles on this page too for you to try if you like. You will find as you are browsing through that the same techniques and methods will keep coming up in different styles, but it's how you combine them together that makes all the difference.

Take braids for instance - once you've learned a regular braid, you can combine it with other hair styling methods, and changing this core method very slightly creates a whole range of brand new awesome hairstyles including fishtail, French, milkmaid and waterfall braids, and you can also braid with more than the usual 3 strands too for an unusual look. So basically what I'm saying is learn the basics well because that is what all other hair styles are created from...oh yeah, and have fun!

Retro Pin Curls


Photo by Mary Heinz.

Hairstyles In Action

Retro Hairstyles

If you're looking for a hairdo which is a bit different to the norm, why not go back in time with a 50's coiffure?
If you're looking for a hairdo which is a bit different to the norm, why not go back in time with a 50's coiffure? | Source

Vintage, Retro & Pin-Up Hair Styles

Fashionable Hair Dos

Pigtails & Zig-Zag Parting

Because your parting doesn't always have to be straight!
Because your parting doesn't always have to be straight! | Source

Beehives, Hair Bows & French Twists

French Twist

An elegant classic.
An elegant classic. | Source

Browse Hair Styles

Great for inspiring your own ideas.

Hair Bow


French Braiding and Other Braiding Techniques

Braided Chignon

This lovely hairdo has been created by making 2 fishtail braids and twisting them into a chignon updo.
This lovely hairdo has been created by making 2 fishtail braids and twisting them into a chignon updo. | Source

Awesome Series of Video Lessons - Messy Buns, Ponytails & Handy Tips

Useful Hair Products & Idea Books

There are plenty of hair accessories and idea books on the market, but here are my top picks:

How to Wear Your Hair
How to Wear Your Hair

This very useful book helps you determine what face shape you have and then gives you ideas for hairstyles which will flatter you the most. Filled with plenty of detail and colorful photos.

Phillip Brush Teaze Brush
Phillip Brush Teaze Brush

This brush has a polished hardwood handle and 3 rows of bristles, and is perfect for teasing your hair to add height and volume. A highly rated product.


Pretty Styles for Fashion

Beautiful Loose Braids

This is one of my favourite styles.
This is one of my favourite styles. | Source

What Length Hair Do You Have?

See results

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      i like the frengh bairds,great lens

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      Jan 1980 5 years ago

      I will show this lens to my wife,she especially love those lenses about hair styles.But the way lense is great.

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      jennifer-slack 6 years ago

      THAT'S IT !!!! EVERY TIME i L@@k something up that's Cool... It's on

      SQUIDOO!!!! O.K..... I'm Convinced !!!! This was the breaking point..THESE

      RETRO HAIRSTYLES ARE ABFAB!!!! Especially the young beautiful

      blonde girl would gave me the inspiration to do up my Do like hers in her how-to

      video !!!! BRAVO! GIRL !!!! YOU LOOK FABULOUS !!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      This is what I do to my hair and it come out pretty nice

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      Lauriej1 6 years ago

      Great lens!

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      sydeli 6 years ago

      I love that hair bow style! Not what I thought when the sub head said hair bow though...

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      sainirohit 6 years ago

      Wow the hair cuts you shared are awesome.Thanks for sharing hair stylist Orange County

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      anonymous 6 years ago


      The hair and tutorials are very nice! Very cute and unique!

      Mind checking out video out? We'll love to hear from you :D:D

    • wyrm11268 profile image

      wyrm11268 7 years ago

      I enjoyed watching the videos and think I might try out the retro look at a party this week.


    • chrissuard lm profile image

      chrissuard lm 7 years ago

      Nicely made lens, very direct and helpful. Too bad I've got short hair and can't do/won't do anything with it. :)