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Tips to Pick the Best Jeans for Men

Updated on March 28, 2013
Jeans for Men
Jeans for Men

Nowadays, men's jeans have evolved and become far more diverse in terms of styles that they used to be. The various designs and brands that are available in the market make sure that everyone will find at least something that suits his needs.

While it is important that one should pay attention to the particular style that a pair of jeans offers, it is undoubtedly equal important that he should also consider the quality and durability of the jeans.

A good pair of jeans will last long, at least a few years under not so extreme wear and tear. On top of that, when shopping for jeans, you should not neglect the comfort that it offers. It is nothing worst than wearing a pair of jeans that make you feel uncomfortable.

Finding the best jeans for men is quite like making a good investment. This is especially true you have found the perfect pair that not only fits you good but also offers the comfort that you are looking for.

Not forget to mention that it will stay with your for several years to come. This is the reason why it is important that you should put a lot of thoughts when selecting men's jeans, which many people find it quite overwhelming. In order to find the best jeans for men that not only offers a great look but also comfortable as well, you can follow the below guides when you shop for your next pair of jeans.

Picking the Right Jeans Tips

1. Getting A Proper Fit Jeans

When choosing for a pair of men jeans, there are quite numerous of styles for you to choose from. These include boot cut jeans, straight cut jeans, loose fit jeans, relaxed fit jeans and the famous tight jeans or popularly known as the skinny jeans.

  • Loose fitting jeans or loose fit jeans offers a baggier look, which from the seat of the jeans down to the legs is loose. This cutting is quite comfortable to wear and many youngsters love this cut.
  • Straight cut offers a perfect fit on the hips and which then falls straight down to the ankle or bottom edge of the jeans. Most medium sized people prefer this type of cutting as it won't make the wearer look too fat.
  • Boot cuts are perfect for men that often like to wear boots. These type of jeans has a tighter fit at the hips down to the knee and then they slightly flare at the hem in order to accommodate the pair of boots that worn beneath them. This jeans makes one look quite cool and awesome, particular for those who have a nice body.
  • Skinny jeans offer a form fit at the hips and will get progressively tighter down the lenght of the leg all the way to hem. It is skin tight and people who are very thin should only wear it. Skinny jeans is quite popular among rockers; have you seen Slash of Gun N' Roses in his early years?

Now with such a wide variety of cuttings for you to choose, it is undoubtedly that you can find one of two that suit your personal style and occasion. However, the most important aspect is that always choose the particular styles that flatter your body the most; make sure you look good in it, well, that's the reason why a style is for.

On the other hand, it is also important that you don't neglect the aspect of proper fit. Often, most shoppers will only pay attention to the overall look more than if the pair of jeans offer a proper fit for them. Don't make the wrong choice only to find out that you it does not offer you the proper fit. For that, when you are buying a pair of denim, you should select a few styles that appeal to you and try them on. Your objective is to find the right style that offers your the proper fit; the priority is finding the proper fitting and follows by style.

2. Denim washes

Men's Jeans
Men's Jeans

In addition to the various styles, the other aspect that you should consider is the color of the denim. Selecting the right color of the pair of jeans can be quite complicated. It is very essential for you to know that not all colored jeans will look well with every piece of clothing.

Generally, most people will find that the best colors to coordinate with almost every pierce of other clothing are none other than the blue and black in various shades and hues. Both of this colors are universal in the world of denim and so they are usually among the safer and more popular choices.

In addition to the choice of colors offered, you can also find pairs that have ornate or detailed designs which including streaks of white or dark brown which are intended to compliment certain styles and designs. With such wide varieties of options, it is hardly not finding the right pair for your style.

3. The Cost of the Jeans

There are expensive jeans and there are also cheap jeans. If cost is the issue here, no worry as there are a ton of cheap jean that you can choose from. They would also offer the same satisfaction that you are looking for. However, the concern might be the quality of the denim; they might not last long compare to those branded and more expensive pairs.

Things that you should consider before picking up a cheap jeans include how frequent that you will be wearing the jeans and the occasions or event that they will be worn. Most people would prefer branded denim pants, whether for quality wise or design, but you can still find a decent brand that provides quality and fade resistant at a more affordable price.

Try to look around and you might find what you are looking for. Flea markets could be the best place to hunt for one. I have a friend that frequents to flea markets and buys those vintage and used clothing at cheap price. Well, most of his pickings are good and hardly can be found elsewhere.

In short....

Finding the best men's jeans is actually quite based on an individual need and preferences. What may be good and desirable for you might not be the same for the others. And so, the ideal choice is the one that not only fit you well but also offer the best possible style for you, long lasting and of course with the right denim wash and design. Unless you aren't fuzzy about your style, DO keep these in mind when your are hunting for your next best fit.

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Learn to Pick the Jeans that Fit You

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