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Best Money Clips for Men

Updated on October 30, 2014

Choosing a Money Clip

The difference between a good or a bad money clip can be the difference between watching your cash spill out onto the floor and keeping a slim, neat pocket. We've selected some of the best money clips for men on the market, so you can save time and money in finding the piece that's best for you.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Money Clip

This clip is simple, modern and sleek. Made of stainless steel, it can hold around 5-12 bills and over 5 cards, though it's shape means that it's a clip that can accommodate itself to your needs. At $30, this mid-range money clip can provide the utility for a man looking to cut down on his bulky wallet.

The Kenneth Cole brand is known for its American brand and quality, hard wearing items, and their money clips for men don't let them down. The smooth finish on the metal also means that it's easy to engrave and personalize, making it the perfect gift.

M-Clip Solid Aluminum

The M-Clip is the ultimate in money safety. It's unique, pressure-based design means you can be confident that your cards and bills aren't going to fall out of the fold without you taking them out. At $69.95, the M-Clip is worth the cost to a person who wants to make sure his money stays secure without compromising on space.

There is a choice of three different colors; black, blue and red, with a plain aluminum pressure plate that slots to pinch your cards or bills tightly together. Rated five stars on Amazon, this clip is sturdy and long lasting and great for the person that is looking for money clips for men that can go the distance.

Original Steinhausen Stainless Steel Money Clip

A real golden beauty, this Steinhausen money clip has a folding design, an ideal compromise between the slimmer clips and the larger cases. Available at $24.99, it comes with a no-pressure price tag.

The handsome gold metal finish is an eye-catching feature of this money clip, but it's spring grip also allows bills, cards and ID to all be held completely safely. The steel also means that this clip is durable and resistant, boasting the ability to carry up to 50 bills without worry. If you're thinking of upgrading your wallet, the Steinhausen Stainless Steel Money Clip could be the one to do it with.

Leather Money Clip Credit Card Holder

There are those who aren't quite so sold on the metal money clip designs but want to start streamlining their pockets, and if you're one of those, this Amazon rated four star money clip could be the one for you. Made out of genuine leather and measuring in at 2.75” x 4” with four credit card slots, this is a classic. It also comes with a classic $6.50 price tag!

With a firm four star rating, this money clip is a favorite with customers. It comes in black or brown, the leather subtly textured to create a low profile clip that's perfect for cutting down on the bulk of your wallet. The soft leather, high quality stitching and finish make the Leather Money Clip Credit Card Holder a piece that will last the frequent handling that many poorer quality money clips fail on while staying in a highly affordable budget.

Titanium Smart Money Clip

Are you looking at money clips for men that really maximize the space in your pocket? This could be the one for you. Weighing in at 1.4 ounces, the double sided Smart Money Clip is a light and durable money clip. At $29.95, it's titanium finish makes it scratch resistant and designed to go the distance. The clip can hold up to 30 bills and 10 cards while remaining sleek.

This clip uses pressure and crafty design to keep your cards and bills safe from coming loose in your pocket. The Titanium Smart Money Clips are money clips for men that are no fuss, no muss, so if you are looking for a holder that can keep up with your demands without losing any of its luster, this clip could be ideal.

Men's Stainless Steel Money Clip with Carbon Fiber

When looking at money clips for men, finding something that fits your personal style and taste is important, and this money clip is an understated yet stylish piece. At only 2” it really holds the potential to cut down on bulky pockets while retaining sophistication and class. Proving that low profile doesn't have to mean boring, the carbon fiber inlay on the front is a subtle change on the more standard money clip.

Rated at 4 stars on Amazon, the clip uses spring technology to keep your bills and cards safe and sound. As the stainless steel won't tarnish over time, this money clip makes a beautifully long lasting purchase. It costs $31 and comes with the option of a beautiful presentation box.

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