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Best Pre Shave Oil for Men 2013

Updated on September 27, 2014

Do I Need To Use Pre Shave Oil?

Pre shave lotion or pre shave oil is a step that most men tend to leave out because many of us tend to jump right into applying shaving cream and then shaving.

However, using pre shave oil helps improve the outcome of your shave by protecting your skin and providing a smoother and close shave.

Pre-shave oil is used BEFORE you shave, it is the preparation part of beginning your shaving routine to help the razor glide without clogging it up.

It also provides a protective barrier between the razor and your skin to avoid nicks, razor burn and razor bumps.

What is the best pre-shave oil?

Pre Shave Oil Reviews

Like all shaving products, there is not a single product or shaving routine that will work for all men. It is important to test out different scenarios to find out which shaving product and routine is best for your skin.

When selecting a pre shave oil, it is best to find one that has a thin consistency so that it doesn't clog up your razor. Search for one that is made with natural ingredients.

Although these products may seem pricey, a little amount goes a long way as it easily spreads across your face.

Let it sit from anywhere to 1-3 minutes (personal preference as far as how long you let it sit) and then apply your shaving cream.

Pre-shave oil is not for every man. Men with sensitive skin may find this useful while men with oily skin may not need a pre-shave oil. If you are using a proper shaving razor and still notice some drag then try a shaving oil for a better glide.

American Crew Shave Lubricating Shave Oil

This little bottle comes packed with essential oils that provides tons of smooth shaves and prevents razor irritation. It is not a thick oil, which is something to look for in a pre shave oil.

I shave 5 to 6 times a week and this bottle lasted up to 6 months! You can get a really close shave without getting cut with the American Crew pre shave oil.

Buy the American Crew Lubricating Shave Oil at

Dermalogica Close Shave Oil

This shave oil delivers as promised. This pre shave oil is suitable for all skin types and it great a barrier between your skin and the blade for the ultimate glide and close shave.

It has no artificial colors or fragrances which is great for men with sensitive skin.

Buy the Dermalogica Close Shave Oil at

John Allan's Slick Water - Pre-Shave Solution

John Allen's Pre Shave Solution is just that, a solution.

It has a slight herbal smell and goes on easily without leaving too much residue on your hands since it leaves your skin "slippery" and not oily, which is ideal for a smooth shave.

This product is also not oil based but instead glycerin based.

Buy John Allan's Slick Water at

Aramis Lab Series for Men Smooth Shave Oil

Aramis Lab Series for Men always delivers high quality shaving products for men and this shave oil offers extra lubrication for a close shave, free of cuts and nicks while also leaving your face smooth after shaving.

Once applied you will feel a slight numbing sensation. Works great for men with tough beards and sensitive skin.

Buy the Lab Series Shave Oil at

HOW TO Use Pre Shave Oil

1. After exfoliating or washing your face with warm water, simply apply a small amount of pre-shave oil and message it gently into your beard.

2. Then put on your regular shaving cream or gel and begin shaving. What this does is lubricate the razors path and thus eliminating razor burn and cuts. Men with oily, dry or regular skin can use pre-shave oil.

3. Once you are finished shaving simply wash off and there will be no oily residues left behind.

How Does Pre Shave Oil Help?

What pre shave oil does is keep your skin moisturized during the entire process and also softens up your beard far better than any other shaving cream.

Despite the word "OIL",

pre-shave oils do NOT leave your skin oily.

Pre-shave oils use natural oils which are low in grease compared to mineral oils. Natural oils come from plants such as olive, coconut and sunflower.

When buying your pre shave oil, look for products that include "antibacterial agents". This ingredient will help prevent breakouts, cuts and irritation.

What are the stats?

Do men use pre-shave oil? Answer the question below and participate in our stats!

Do You Use Pre Shave Oil?

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    • endamclarnon profile image

      Enda McLarnon 4 years ago from Belfast, Ireland

      Using pre-shave oil is a great way of loosening up stubborn facial hair. I think all too often men treat their face like their hands. They use cheap razors and want everything done quickly.