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The Shoes That Are Most Comfortable For Teachers

Updated on June 29, 2016

Stylish or Comfortable? Wish There Was a Pair That Was Both?

If you are a teacher you know how important comfortable shoes are. Lots of teachers say that so-and-so brand is great and so-and-so brand is also great, but you should always keep in mind that everyone's feet are different. So in this article I want to share with you the best shoes for teachers that will fit and work for most people.

Before every teacher had a choice when choosing what shoes to wear, you could either wear stlylish shoes that were very uncomfortable. Or a pair that were not nearly as good looking but at least provided a little relief from the pain. You probably wish there was a pair of shoes that are stylish and comfortable, and there actually is. The best shoes for teachers that I recommend is Orthaheel, they are fashionable and super comfortable, so best of both worlds.

So when I researched, I looked for shoes that are comfortable, stylish, not very expensive, and most importantly what brand most teachers love. Orthaheel is a brand specially designed for people with heel and other foot problems like, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and other issues that plague teachers' feet. Try this brand, known for making the best shoes for teachers, and tell me how you liked them in the comment section below.

Why do Teachers Get Heel Pain More Than Others?

Standing too long on your feet causes heel pain which then causes the tissue in your heel to get inflamed. Teachers get heel pain the most, along with doctors, nurses and a few others, because they have to be on there feet for long periods of time. Teachers normally don't get to sit down for very long and relive the pressure off their feet because they need to be up and aware at all times.

So one of the biggest questions that people ask is how do you relive pain when you cannot sit down for a long time. And a few weeks ago I would not have been able to tell you, but for weeks I have researched and found the simplest and best answer for you. The answer is just simply you need the right shoes. Now before I tell you what the best shoes for teachers are, I want to tell you what most teachers have when they get foot pain and why they get it.

The first one I want to tell you about is one of the most common and it is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is when the tissue that connects your heel to the ball of your foot becomes inflamed, people who get this are normally runners, walkers, or people who are on their feet for hours.

The second one which lots of people have is Achilles Tendinitis. Achilles Tendinitis develops when the tendon that runs along the back of your heel is inflamed by too much use. Dancers, runners, walkers, and people who are just on their feet to long are subject to getting this.

The last one is called Heel Spurs, now this one is the one that lots of teachers will get. Heel Spurs are caused by the lining that is around your heel gets stretched too much. When that happens, pieces of the lining will start to break off and that causes what is called Heel Spurs.

So all of the things above listed are caused by different things but can be cured the same way, by buying the pair of shoes that I recommend. The best shoes for teachers that most people that have these symptoms recommended is Orthaheel. Orthaheel has a lot of different styles that you can choose from and each one has great arch support and heel support and that is what is needed in heeling these foot problems. So your feet will start feeling better within a few days once you try these shoes.

Did You Know?

Teachers have to stand for approximately 2,430 hours in a school year!

Here are the Best Shoes For Teachers From Orthaheel - Flats Are the Best for Your Feet

Vionic Womens Olivia Ballet Flat Black Patent Size 7
Vionic Womens Olivia Ballet Flat Black Patent Size 7

-Made with leather, for a sleek and shiny look.

-Also made with a rubber sole.

-Has a microfiber footbed.

-Heel is 1/2" high, which is the perfect size if you are teacher, so you can still walk around easily.

-Comes in six different colors: Black Patent, Blue, Yellow, Black, Bronze, and Purple.PRICE: $34.99-$89.99

Orthaheel Orthaheel Dr. Weil Women's Chelsea Flat Shoes, Black, 9
Orthaheel Orthaheel Dr. Weil Women's Chelsea Flat Shoes, Black, 9

-Made with leather.

-Comes with a microfiber footbed

-The outsole is made of rubber.

-This shoe has a 1/2" high heel.

-The Chelsea Casual Flat has a smaller area in the toe, for people with smaller feet.

-Comes in three different colors: Black, Purple, Grey

PRICE: $55.00-$129.99

Orthaheel Melanie Orthotic Flats Black - 10
Orthaheel Melanie Orthotic Flats Black - 10

-The Mary Jane is also made with leather.

-It also has a podiatrist footbed.

-This shoe has a rubber outsole.

-It also has a 1/2" high heel

-Comes in five different colors: Black, Chocolate, Purple, Natural, and Natural- Orange

Price: $42.99-$100.00

Orthaheel Dr. Weil Milan Flats, Espresso, 9
Orthaheel Dr. Weil Milan Flats, Espresso, 9

-This shoe is made with leather.

-The upper is made with suede and leather.

-The Milan Flats will fit people with medium width feet.

-Comes with a decorative leather buckle trim across vamp, for even more style.

-This has a Biomechanical Orthaheel orthotic technology with a Multi-density microfiber covered orthotic with EcoFresh.

-The rubber outsole is flexible and also lightweight and has a pattern tread for more traction.

-The Milan is invented by leading Australian podiatrist- Phillip Vasyli- this shoe features biomechanical orthotic technology that supports your feet and helps realign the lower legs- reducing over-pronation and associated aches and pains.

-Comes in four different colors: Cobalt, Espresso, Black, and Grey

PRICE: $55.99-$99.99

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Women's Bali Slingback Black Synthetic Size 9 Medium
Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Women's Bali Slingback Black Synthetic Size 9 Medium

-Made with synthetic leather.

-Has a built-in podiatrist-designed and tested orthotic arch support.

-This shoe restores the foot's natural / neutral alignment which enables the feet- ankles- and legs to function dynamically as they were intended.

-Orthaheel Bali is a Medium Width - B sandal.

-Has a tri-planar Motion Control system for essential support and stability.

-Also made with a flexible and lightweight construction.

-The adjustable back strap makes this shoe capable of fitting more people.

-Great for people who have plantar fasciitis or over-pronation.

-Research supports Orthaheel's success in reducing over-pronation- which can help relieve associated conditions such as heel and ankle pain.

-Comes in four different colors: Cobalt, Raspberry, Ivory, and Black

PRICE: $37.90-$79.99


Still Want to Keep the Shoes You Have?

If you want a cheeper alternative then these are what you should buy. These insoles are still made by Orthaheel and are a lot cheeper than buying a pair of shoes. You can just slip these in your old shoes and they will magically feel like a different shoe. They work just like an Orthaheel shoe would, by having a high arch and a cushioned heel.

For more information on how these insoles work watch the second video above.

Orthaheel Orthotics - Relief 34 length insoles size: X-Large
Orthaheel Orthotics - Relief 34 length insoles size: X-Large

-Made out of nylon.

-These are very lightweight insoles.

-Has a shock absorption and energy return through the heel strike phase.

-Remember to remove the factory insoles before putting your Orthaheel orthotics insole in.

-Replace your orthotics insole about every 12 months.

-These insole are ideal for flat- or low-heeled shoes without removable insoles.

PRICE: $34.95


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    • georgepmoola2 profile image

      georgepmoola2 3 years ago

      Good, informative lens, although I suspect the male teaching fraternity will struggle to find the shoes you have highlighted in a comfortable size. You also should give some thought to the aerodynamic qualities of these shoes for use in a launch situation in the direction of the back of the classroom.