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Best Smelling Cologne for Men in 2014

Updated on February 14, 2014

Best Perfume for Men - 2014

The best smelling cologne for men in 2014 can be quite a challenge to find. Smelling nice in and of itself can be a chore, a nightmare, a blessing, or a mercurial concoction of all three. A scent that might appeal to one party could very well offend the olfactories of another. Whether you are looking for a cologne that could add one more notch to your personal list of positive physical characteristics or you are someone who just wants to try out a new scent to see what all the fuss is about, choosing the right perfume can be a difficult decision.

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When buying a perfume you want to know who you are trying to impress. If you are single and ready to impress a broad spectrum of women, it might be easier to find a nice smelling fragrance. However, if you are aiming to impress a special lady, you might want to do a some research to see what kind of smell she enjoys before forking over your money for something that she may not like.

Tips on Buying the Perfect Manly Perfume

If you are at a loss on where to begin looking, fear not, for there are many roads in life than can appear dark and dreary and fraught with peril, misinformation, and disinformation, including the journey to find the right cologne scent. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the best smelling manly perfume is highly contingent on what smells nice to women. While you want to be able to stomach the scent of a perfume that you are wearing, keep in mind that other people will smell your scent as well.

If your hope is to attract a certain lady, find out what type of smell she enjoys by asking her friends. You want to catcher by surprise when she smells your new fragrance for the first time, so avoid asking her directly. The element of surprise is a very powerful tool in the game of romance. If you do not have a specific lady in mind, go for a perfume scent that is not overpowering. Far too often, guys think that having a strong smell will make the ladies go wild. Quite the contrary, a scent that is too powerful may be huge turn off and have ladies scurrying off in every direction.

Clean, Fresh Cologne and Manly

Whoever said that masculinity and a bit of fruitiness are mutually exclusive is one, scurvy-prone fool. This refreshingly fruity ingredients consist of lemon, mandarin orange, and grapefruit. With such a combination, you can almost taste that citrusy goodness on your tongue as well as imagine the scent. If you are tired of the same, boring smell, definitely try Happy by Clinique. You'll definitely be stirring feelings in the women that surround you. I've applied this scent a couple times and every time I do, I'm surprised by how fresh it smells. But then again, I am a connoisseur for anything that is citrusy.

Clinique Happy For Men. Cologne Spray 3.4 Ounces
Clinique Happy For Men. Cologne Spray 3.4 Ounces

There is an old saying, "follow your nose, it always knows." The smell of the human body is like a fingerprint or a snowflake. Everyone has their own unique smell. Some smells might appeal to certain women, while other types of smells will attract a whole new category of women. I've never quite understood what made women attracted to certain guys, and now as I approach my 30s, I am nowhere closer to finding the truth.


Best Nature Fragrance Cologne for Guys

Whether or not you can trace your lineage back to the Emerald Isle, this scent has an intriguing combination of a mythic island, the sea, nature, and masculine mystery. A top-selling fragrance since its debut in 1998, be at peace, for it's potency and effectiveness does not diminish if you are not Irish. I am down to my third bottle and have received countless remarks from both men and women who are curious about what type of perfume I am using. When I tell them, they're so surprised because it is still quite an unknown fragrance compared to other brand name ones that are much more popular. But why would you want to buy a fragrance that everyone else is wearing?

Patrick Cologne Spray for Men, 3.3 Fluid Ounce
Patrick Cologne Spray for Men, 3.3 Fluid Ounce

There was a recent study conducted at Brown University, which looked at the different components of what made a woman attracted to a certain males. The study found that smell was the most important characteristic to a woman when it came to physical attraction. Although I am a bit skeptical on whether women consider smell to be the most important element (I think women find confidence to be the most attractive) in selecting their mate, I don't underestimate its power.


Most Manliest Cologne Ever

With mint, pine wood and tobacco as the main combination, this scent from Hugo Boss just exudes a solid aura of masculinity and confidence. It's recommended use is in the evening. Thus, when you see the onset of gloaming, before going outside into the haunted forest to chop down a thousand giant trees with your heirloom of an axe inscribed with ancient runes, light a cigar, kiss your beautiful wood nymph of a wife goodbye, and put on this fragrance. I've used this scent on countless occasions and I've always gotten remarkable feedback from both genders, asking me where I got it.

Best Long-Lasting Cologne for Guys

A perfume with a simple, pleasant scent and an extremely long life with just one application, the Ultimo for Men is the one for you. Usually when a smell lasts for days and days, that might wrinkle a few noses and furrow many a brow, but in this case, the smell is a pleasing scent and the wearer is a great smelling demigod mingling with mere mortals. I discovered this cologne recently and I've been very surprised by how long it lasts without starting to smell bad. I didn't realize how long fragrance could last until I tried the Ultimo.

My Personal Favorite Perfume for Guys

I've worn Cool Water for many years and even to this day, I get the most compliments from the ladies when I wear it, more so than any other scent I've ever worn. And I've tried a ton of different perfumes over the years. The great thing about Cool Water is that it smells clean and fresh without being overpowering. Most guys mistakenly put too much scent or go for the ones that have a strong and distinct smell.

Davidoff Cool Water Edt Spray for Men, 6.7 oz
Davidoff Cool Water Edt Spray for Men, 6.7 oz

What most guys don't realize is that women like subtle smells that are not very apparent in the beginning. It adds mystique and mystery to your character and it'll leave the women wanting for more. So if you are truly indecisive on what perfume to wear, I wholeheartedly recommend you get Cool Water as a default.


Find the Perfect Fragrance for Males on eBay

Over the last few years I've bought and sold countless fragrances and perfumes over eBay and I've never had any major problems. In fact, when I was first buying cologne from eBay, I was very surprised by the high quality. I was cautious about the quality because I had heard how a lot of sellers were diluting their products by adding water. However, I did careful research to find sellers with high ratings from other customers. Be wary of sellers who have poor ratings or who have only sold a handful products over the years. If you follow these precautions, you'll be able to find great deals on eBay.

What is your favorite fragrance for men?

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