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Fabulous Fashion for Big Women

Updated on December 29, 2010

Hidden potential

I have always been a big girl from a child and with that came a tremendous load of low self esteem, loneliness, anger, rejection and fear. Being big was especially cruel in the area of fashion because I could not find any nice clothes to fit right and feel comfortable in, I always had to shop in the adult sections as a young girl and the plus size section as an adult and this was very frustrating to me as well as unflattering because their clothes selections were always very limited and frumpy looking. As an adult I never felt like a woman so I always wore all big clothes in order to hide or disguise my bigness and not call attention to myself but in fact it was having the opposite effect and I did not realize it at the time, by dressing this way it was actually calling attention to myself and the fact that I was big. As a child you would find me in jeans, T-shirt and sneakers at all times, I did not take much pride in myself much less fashion because I was always disappointed in myself as well as the fashion world because big people were always overlooked and made to feel like outcast in society.

Low self esteem was my constant companion from a child into adulthood, I didn't like myself. People, both strangers and family didn't miss a beat in laying into me, every one around me were constantly reminding me of how fat I was and along with that statement were added cruel remarks and I internalized all the pain and took on the shame of being fat. People beat me down real good with their words, snide looks and rude behavior towards me. it really hurt what others had to say about me and boy did this caused a lot of internal turmoil that unleashed into a frenzy of negative emotions that took years to filter through to be able to reach where I am today.

Big, Fabulous & Savvy

Today I am still big but have lost some weight and I am looking good. I am a confident, strong woman who knows who she is and what she wants and I really do not care what your opinion of my weight is, people negative comments if their are any does not disturb me no longer. Today I am so fashion savvy (not necessarily designer savvy but style savvy)and I love to shop and buy great clothes that are form fitting and very flattering to my body, I have a closet full of clothes and it amazes me to see how far I have come and the fabulous woman I have become, not trying to be conceited but just reflecting. I said good bye to low self esteem and embrace love so I now carry my self with pride and confidence, every time I dress and go out I am constantly being watched, admired and complimented for my taste in style and putting together a complete outfit that is sophisticated, classy and tastefully sexy. My clothes are definitely not boring nor frumpy and I love my colors because colors reflects my personality, I am a very out going person with a great smile and I am very happy and humble, all this is due to my God who has loved me unconditionally and have transformed my mentality, I give God all the thanks and praise for my transformation.

Plus size fashion

Today fashion for the big girl or plus size as they are referred to has been revolutionized, we now have an abundant of wonderful clothes to pick from, where we can feel beautiful, sexy, comfortable, and confident in. We now have a role in society's fashion world and the designers are recognizing that plus size clothing is a huge market so they are targeting the the plus size customers and they are making a killing money this area of the industry.

The variety of styles, cuts, and color in today's fashion is a breath of fresh breeze, because they are flattering to any woman skin tone and shape,I just love it. I love to go in the stores now because i know there will be a good selection of clothing that will be available to me, and it is good to know that I can now be in the same styles that smaller women are wearing and look just as fabulous as them. There are many big name designers that are catering to the full figured women, such as Anne Klein, Jessica McClintock, Vicki Vi, Nine West, Eileen Fisher, London Fog, Liz Claiborne, Chicos and more, and they are also catering to our budget as well. Knowing this information it's up to you to find a designer brand of clothing that will fit and flatter your individual shape, fashion, and style so you can look as fabulous as you can.

Fabulous big girls

There are several plus size women that I admire their sense of style, and who just look fabulous in all their clothing, two of these women are  Miss Monique, and Queen Latifah.

Monique is a full figured and voluptuous woman, she's uninhibited and she has a great sense of style, that is what I like most about her. She wears her clothes with confidence and comfort, and I love to watch her fashion sense.

Queen Latifah is also a favorite of mine and she looks fabulous in her clothing, whatever she wears it is well fitted to fit and flatter her shape, and she is also a very stylish woman.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      well written, comparing yourself to monique is very powerful, i love her and how she carry herself , being large is a plus and looking good comes in all sizes.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      good for you , you remind of monigue a strong black women ,whose being large is her beauty inside and out. remember:" phat" means pretty-hot-and-thick. we were all created by one God and are all beauifull in our own way


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