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Extraordinary Bio-Organic, Mechanical Tattoos

Updated on May 11, 2016

For a time the bio-mechanical and bio-organic tattoo theme was one of the most popular, and they still continue to be an attractive choice for those wanting to put something unique on their body.

I'm including the two styles for the purpose of contrast so if you're interested in these types of tattoos, you can see how they differ from one another.

My personal preference is bio-mechanical because I like the lines and machinery aspect of it. Some are done so well it appears the image is embedded right in the skin.

In some cases bio-organic tattoos can be inked in a similar fashion, but it has a more fleshy and muscular look than the bio-mechanic tattoos.

Either way, they're fascinating to look at even if you think they're a little too edgy or not the particular design you want to display.

Bio-Mechanical Back Tattoo

We'll start off the tattoos with a bio-mechanical back tattoo. This one has a lot going for it, and the detail work is fantastic. The various ways the image had to have shadow added is great, and the jagged edge of the machinery stands out nice.

Bio-Mechanical Back Tattoo

Here is a good bio-organic tattoo you can measure against the bio-mechanical one above it, as they're pretty close to the same position on the body.

As you can see, the organic tattoos look more living and include the appearance of being inside the body naturally. The bio-mechanical tattoos, on the other hand, are more an imposition into the body.

Bio-Organic Back, Shoulder Tattoo

Another reason I'm not that fond of bio-organic tattoos is the usual inclusion of a lot of color. I'm more of a fan of darker images, shadow, and lines. But for those interested in color and tissue, they can work well, as shown in this brightly colored shoulder tattoo.

Bio-Organic Shoulder Tattoo

Bio-Mechanical Rib Tattoo on Woman

The tattoo below is of the type that propelled the popularity of bio-mechanical tattoos. It's like looking inside someone with a mechanical inside, and done in a way that makes you believe it could be true.

Bio-Mechanical Rib Tattoo

Below we have another tattoo which can be used to compare against the bio-mechanical one. Again you have the strong colors associated with the organic, which gives an entirely different look to the bearer of the tattoo.

Bio-Organic Hip Tattoo

Vertebrae tattoos are very compelling to look at, and the one below has the bio-mechanical design included with it. This is a very popular tattoo style, and one with numerous variations for other parts of the body.

Bio-Mechanical Vertebrae Tattoo

As you can see from the bio-organic tattoos, a lot of times it's difficult to identify what exactly is being displayed. With this tattoo it's not the case, as you can readily see it's a brain design.

Bio-Organic Brain Tattoo

This is a fantastic tattoo that combines the organic and mechanical together is a powerful way. These types of tattoos are very popular and possibly may be the most sought after design of the bio-organic and bio-mechanical tattoo themes.

Bio-Mechanical Tattoo on Calf

As you can see with this brief sampling of bio-mechanical and bio-organic tattoos, they're definitely not for the faint of heart. Having said that, there are an almost infinite number of ways to design and display them, and if you like them, they will be a way to generate conversation, and will draw comments for sure.


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      TorontoJim 6 years ago

      Who is the artist that does these fabulous pieces of art?