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Pristine Black Diamonds

Updated on September 6, 2012

What is a Black Diamond?

A pristine black diamond is a gemstone made up of many crystals. The composition of the different crystals make up the very rich unique black color as seen from the picture on the right. The rich iron oxides make the diamond color blacker if you were to compare them under a microscope. The black diamonds do spark interests from those who enjoy collecting such rare gems. The more clear a black diamond is the more expensive it will be. Trustworthy Internet stores such as Amazon sell real black diamond jewelery for better prices then most local jewelers. Most black diamond jewelery purchased from the internet are certified and beautiful.


The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond can be found in several different Countries around the world. Australia, Africa and Venezuela are the best locations for finding natural rare black diamonds. Black diamonds can also be created in a laboratory, so always do your research and ensure you get a certification for any black diamond jewelry you purchase. Black diamonds are stunningly beautiful and have great prices for those who purchase jewelery on the Internet. Black diamond bracelets come in many different styles and look best with White Gold.

Test For Diamond

Always ask for a Certificate, which grades the diamond or seek an independent appraiser that is associated with the American Society of Appraisers. The test for diamond is crucial before making any expensive purchase. Test the diamond with a heat probe, and if it is real the diamond will easily disperse heat quickly. Most jewelers will allow the test without it hurting the diamond. The last easy check would be to breath on the diamond. If you notice that the diamond fogs for 3 to 4 seconds most likely it is not real. Real Diamonds do not fog up. Black diamond earrings are popular amongst those who like to match jewelery with there professional attire. 

Black Diamonds are Real

Black diamonds are real and they don't sparkle simply because they're black in color. They do absorb light but they do not refract it. They are Polycrystalline diamonds that are mainly found in Brazil. The color often changes from dark black to grey depending on the lighting. They are very rare and extremely hard. The United States Geologists found evidence to suggest that the black diamonds are not originally from planet earth. Mainly because they found traces of Nitrogen and Hydrogen, which is thought to be from another planet.

Pristine Black Diamond

Basic History of the Black Diamond

The majority of black diamonds have been enhanced, meaning they are being treated with some form of radiation to make them appear real rich in black. Black diamonds mostly are dark green. However it can only be seen through a telescope. Natural black diamonds do exist, but they are extremely difficult to cut and polish.

It appears that Black diamonds were originally discovered in Brazil in the mid 1800s. Some scientists claim that black diamonds are made up of several different crystals, as opposed to a single crystal structure of single white diamonds. Several researchers have since claimed that hydrogen and nitrogen in black diamonds could mean that they have fallen from outer space.

Man made and natural black diamonds look pretty much the same to any ordinary naked eye. Although, most researches have show that real black diamonds can be damaged much easier than the lab-created diamonds.


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