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Styles For The New Black Men Haircuts

Updated on August 22, 2011

Afro Hair

Unique, totally unlike any other type, handling black men haircuts can be a challenge for the inexperienced barber. With the texture, and the degree of coarseness, it can either be an easy job or have you on edge working with it.

We have moved past the day when the only choice for men was the Afro. Styles go the full range, with the only limit being the individuality and preference of the person sitting in the chair. Or his mother, keeping an eye on the scissors and razor.

Back in the day, older men admired the full Afro, liking the link to their heritage and the ease of taking care of it. Younger men and boys preferred the shorter look.

There are many styles, as well as lengths, that can be chosen today, based on individual taste. Options like completely shaved, to emphasize the shape of the head and brow, or long. The long styles can range anywhere from below the ears to below the collar.

Fade Hair

With some of your shorter cuts, fades and designs are popular with the modern young men of today. Actually, even some of the older gentleman might choose a fancy cut occasionally. There are no age restrictions to looking sharp.

Braid/Cornrows Hair Style

If you are a braid kind of guy, you will still have your choice of many types of cuts. Choose one long for connected plaits, or maybe cornrows. With either of the braids or plaits, you still have the option of designs and the added of convenience of a hairstyle that will last for a couple of weeks. This is great for the busy man on the go.

There is also the ever more popular braids that come all the way down the back, no longer a style just for women. And like the women do, it will be put in a ponytail when it is inconvenient to have it loose.

There are several lines of products that black men use to keep their hair looking fresh between trips to the stylist. Braid oil can be used to keep them looser and to keep the hair moisturized. Another common product is sheen, which is really good for keeping the good looks.


Or you can opt for the dreadlocks. With dreads, you have very little maintenance or need for hair care products. They grow naturally and are matted together to give them that classic look.

Depending on the texture of the hair, a man can get away with putting a scarf over it at night to keep the frizzies away, or a little more maintenance might be sometimes be necessary at times.

There are many choices and many great people to copy from if you are wanting to go for a new look. Black men haircuts are really as individual as the person, perhaps when you are sitting in the chair you will decide to tell the man cutting your hair to take a bit here, scrape a bit there and create something new and unique just to you.


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