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Blingy bangle bracelets

Updated on December 4, 2014

Bangles with over-the-top bling!

Here's an eye-popping collection of the top 20 bangle bracelets you've got to see to believe. But brace yourself, they're not for the faint of heart! These are the blingiest, boldest and most outrageous bangle bracelets I could find.

There's something here for everybody. You'll see owls, peacocks, dragonflies, flowers, cats and more, grouped together by theme and color. So if you love adorning your wrists with lots of bling, or you know someone who does, you're sure to find something special.

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Mystical Blue Crystal Owl Bracelet

Owls symbolize wisdom, helpfulness and protection

A stylish talisman for the owl jewelry lover, this vintage inspired piece of wrist jewelry is done in shades of vibrant blue which makes the jet black eyes really stand out. The hinge makes it easy to slip on and off.

Retro Style Crystal Owl Cuff

A great addition to your owl jewelry collection

You'll adore wearing this silvertone owl cuff done in monochromatic topaz crystals and piercing red crystal eyes. The leaves and flowers swirling around the sides give this bangle a vintage look. Easy to open hinged style.

Magical Kirks Folly Peacock Cuff

With crystals in shades of blue, green and amethyst

Imagine these dreamy jeweled peacock feathers adorning your wrist! Inspired by the paintings of Josephine Wall, this collectible Kirks Folly hinged bangle measures 6.75" on the inside. Matching drop earrings are also available separately.

Stylish and Colorful Crystal Peacock

Every color of the rainbow lives here

Talk about eye candy! Feast your eyes on this yummy peacock in shades of aqua, pink, red, yellow green and purple. Will fit any size wrist and is sure to add pizzazz to your wardrobe.

Vintage Inspired Dragonfly Bracelet

Dragonflies bring good luck

A beautiful combination of dragonflies and flowers in shades of smoky topaz. The dragonflies are made of chunky jewels and the flowers are accented with aurora borealis crystals. Easy to wear stretch bangle.

Purple Rhinestone Dragonfly Bangle

Insect jewelry is a classic

This stunner features a family of dragonflies in variegated hues of purple rhinestones over enameled leaves. Opens with a hinge.

Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Dragonfly Bracelet

For the insect lover

One magnificent dragonfly encircles your wrist in heavenly aurora borealis rhinestones. The prismatic stones will go with everything.

Stunning Purple Amethyst Butterfly Bracelet

Purple lovers, this one's for you!

This one will take your breath away! Just look at all the different shades of purple in the rhinestone-encrusted butterfly. Accented with swirls and jeweled flowers.

Field of Flowers Bangle Bracelet

Totally gorgeous!

Any day will feel like spring wearing this extravagant jeweled flower bracelet. This amazing piece of wrist candy is 2" wide and features swirls, leaves and dimensional flowers in shades of orange, topaz and brown with iridescent center crystals. Perfect day or night.

Chic Earth-toned Swarovski Flower Bangle

An awesome choice for flower lovers

Genuine Swarovski crystals in golds and browns decorate a beautiful vintage-style flower on this hinged bangle. The perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

Teal Rhinestone Leaf Design Bangle

Simply divine

Nature-inspired leaves and vines grace this gorgeous rhinestone bangle. Teal is a flattering color on everyone and is especially pretty to wear in the summertime. Comes with a foil gift box.

Shimmering Aurora Borealis Crystal Bracelet

For endless sparkle

You'll be mesmerized by the aurora borealis crystals encircling your wrist in this 2" wide bracelet. Fits wrists from 6" to 8". An excellent choice for bridal jewelry.

Lovely Four Row Crystal Bridal Bracelet

Lacy and lavish

This opulent rhodium-plated crystal bracelet is the perfect choice for the bride. Large round crystals alternate with smaller ones in this four-row style. Measures 2.5" wide and has a foldover clasp.

Trendy Black Leather and Crystal Cuff Bracelet

Look like a rock star!

This one has a rocker or biker chic vibe by combining real leather with 12 rows of genuine austrian crystals. Perfect for day or evening. Pair it with jeans or a little black dress and you'll be ready for anything, whether it's shopping, dancing or dining out. Measures 1.5" wide and fits up to a 7.5" wrist. Easy snap closure.

Betsey Johnson Crystals on Animal Print Bracelet

Pure Perfection!

You'll go wild for this leopard print cuff bracelet with a scattering of multi colored crystals. Made from a printed suede-like fabric with a bright fuchsia lining. In the center amidst the jewels is a fun fuchsia tassel. This one is 2" wide and wraps around the wrist up to 7.5".

Magnificent Clear Crystal Tiger Bracelet

Will have you purring with delight!

If you love cat jewelry and you want a statement piece, go with this fabulous crystal tiger. The hinged bangle is 2" wide and will fit up to a 7" wrist.

Spectacular Black, Silver and Gray Crystal Leopard Bangle

For animal print lovers

Be prepared to swoon when you see this black, gray and silver crystal leopard bracelet in person! Fully encrusted in sparkling crystals, this hinged bangle measures 1.25" wide.

Aquamarine Rhinestone Snake Bangle Bracelet

A reptilian delight

Snake jewelry has been popular ever since the days of Cleopatra, and she probably would have loved this stunner. The snake encircles your wrist in blue zircon and aquamarine rhinestones. A stand-out piece for your jewelry collection.

Glittering Green Crystal Frog Bracelet

Frog lovers rejoice!

Talk about a wrist-grabber, here's a bold and outrageous crystal frog bracelet! It surely will command a lot of attention, not just for its size (3" long), but also for the brilliant green crystals adorning the frog. Hinged-style with magnetic closure. Fits a 7" wrist.

Enchanted Forest Spider Bracelet by Betsey Johnson

Not just for Halloween

Spiders symbolize power, mystery and growth, and who wouldn't want a tarantula gracing their wrist? Well maybe not everyone, but if you're that girl, this is for you!

The spider measures about 2.5" long and features a large crystal heart on its head surrounded by pink crystals. The body is encrusted with blue and pink crystals. It looks as if she's encircling your wrist in a golden web.

Will fit up to an 8" wrist.

© 2012 Lynda Makara

Which one has the most outrageous bling? Thank you for your comments and questions.

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    • Snakesmum profile image

      Jean DAndrea 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Couldn't chose just one of these, but then, I'm a blingaholic! Not that I wear it, I just love it. :-)

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      These are so colourful.

    • mattcut profile image

      mattcut 4 years ago

      My daughter and I LOVE it - you make GORGEOUS lenses - thank you for sharing these amazing ideas with the world. We are richer for it !

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 4 years ago

      Fun lens - pinned to my jewelry board.

    • worldflashpacker profile image

      worldflashpacker 4 years ago

      A perfect gift. Thanks for sharing.

    • NibsyNell profile image

      NibsyNell 4 years ago

      Well you certainly wouldn't fade into the background wearing one of these! :)

    • Jo-Jackson profile image

      Jo-Jackson 5 years ago

      I loved all of them but thought the Purple Violet Amethyst Crystal Rhinestone Dragonfly Family Leaf Bracelet Bangle was the most outrageous.

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 5 years ago

      The creepy spider one is pretty outrageous! These are dramatic and very pretty. Great gift ideas.

    • JoolsObsidian LM profile image

      JoolsObsidian LM 5 years ago

      Great lens!!

    • blessit3 profile image

      blessit3 5 years ago

      Love this!!!

    • profile image

      EstheticGoddess 5 years ago

      Love bling.....all bling!

    • Lyra Kua profile image

      Lyra Kua 5 years ago

      All of these bracelets are very pretty and stylish. I like the peacock bracelet best. Great to wear one of these blingy bangle during a special occasion

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      These are true, BLING! I love so many of these bracelets, I can't choose just one.

    • sociopath-free profile image

      sociopath-free 5 years ago

      Lots bling . . . I like it!

    • Board-Game-Brooke profile image

      C A Chancellor 5 years ago from US/TN

      Wow -- you weren't kidding about these being eye-catching! Most of them are too outlandish for me, but there were a few I liked.

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Wow, these certainly are over the top! Way too much for me to personally wear but I think they're very pretty!