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Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Skincare Kit and Boots Expert Sensitive Skincare Kit Review by Nightcat

Updated on March 22, 2014
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Nightcat is a Jane of all trades and likes to pass on tips she’s found useful around the home.

This quest got me excited because I don't have one favorite beauty product when it comes to daily skin care, I have six. I used to use Boots years ago before a certain local store raised their prices into the ozone layer. Couple that with a rough few years and I have had absolutely no skin care regimen. Until now.

I found these two kits, the Expert line for anti-blemish and Sensitive Skincare and I'm getting the results I remember with a simple twice daily skin care routine. And as an extra bonus I have a wonderful mask for a weekend treat and a pack of thirty wipes to cleanse and tone for those times when I'm in a hurry or too tired to do more.

So what do you get in these two kits?

Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Skin Care Kit

Boots Expert anti-blemish cleaning foam This foam is wonderful! I just dampen my skin, pump out a foamy dab and apply then rinse and towel dry. I use it twice daily and I love how my skin feels after. I notice it is already reducing the redness in my skin, and my skin isn't dry and flaky.

Boots Expert anti-blemish serum This follows my cleaning with the foam twice daily and just one pump is all I need. There's enough to do my face and neck as well and my skin feels soft and slightly tightened after my routine.

Boots Expert anti-blemish 2 in 1 scrub and mask Just five minutes for a weekly indulgence? Sign me up! This mask is very light, can also be used as a scrub, or mask and scrub combo. I use it on the weekend as a reward for my skin care routine.

Boots Expert Sensitive Skincare Kit

Boots Expert sensitive hydrating moisturiser Just a little of white cream goes a long way and to me it balances out any drying effects the anti-blemish kit might have. I use it twice daily after the foaming cleanser and serum from the above kit.

Boots Expert sensitive hydrating eye cream If I had a rough night this reduces puffiness and dark circles, though I'm not aware of that being two listed effects. Designed to minimize fine lines it leaves the skin around my eyes much brighter and is a must-have in my routine.

Boots Expert sensitive cleaning and toning wipes I am holding these in reserve for the days when I'm in an unexpected rush or I'm just too tired for my nightly routine. But from what I remember and the rave reviews they do a wonderful job. Just keep in mind these are more for emergencies and shouldn't replace your normal evening or morning routine.

Both kits!

Why do I love these two kits? Together they've been making my neglected skin look much healthier and even younger and my skin doesn't have that shiny or red look a lot of anti-blemish skin care lines leave. Plus to be honest, the price was amazing. What I paid per kit would be the price of one of these products in a local store, and shipping was very low.

I also love Boots quality. The products are consistently good and always a great value for what I pay. Every ingredient is listed and if not there is usually an 800 number or website listed on the package. Plus I can customize. Mixing these two kits worked great for me, and Boots has a lot of other lines and products as well.

Ready to rev up your skin care routine? Here's some quick tips.

A healthy diet does wonders. While it isn't true that junk food causes break outs (it is actually a skin infection) a good diet can help your body replenish skin cells faster and give you a more radiant appearance.

Hydrate the right way. Water helps flush toxins out of the body and this can improve your skin's appearance, it also hydrates and helps keep your system in top condition.

Every face is different. We all have different combinations of normal, oily and dry skin, and those can change as we grow older. They can also change from the products we use, so be ready to adjust your product level and pay attention to when your skin needs less or more of a product.

More is not a good thing. Get used to using what a pump dispenses or as small an amount as possible of creams. Most go a long way and too much will leave your skin looking and feeling greasy.

Don't pop a break out. Ever. Not matter the method or what you treat with after, you only push the infection deeper into the skin and help it spread. Keep up your anti-blemish routine (Boots recommends two weeks of consistent use) and you'll see great results.

Don't touch your skin. Unless you are applying products or taking them off avoid touching your face as much as possible. The oils from your hands, plus the risk of spreading infection from scratching, popping or rubbing are not worth it.

Self-Esteem is your best beauty tool. How you feel about yourself shows on you face. Learning to love yourself regardless of your age, weight, skin condition or body type will give you a natural glow people will find attractive. Be the best you you can possibly be and you will shine.

Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Night Moisturizer
Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Night Moisturizer

This moisturizer also treats your blemishes and would be a great addition to the anti-blemish kit or paired with both kits.

Boots Expert Sensitive Skincare Kit Includes Sensitive Cleansing and Toning Wipes, Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream and Sensitive Mydrating Moisturizer
Boots Expert Sensitive Skincare Kit Includes Sensitive Cleansing and Toning Wipes, Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream and Sensitive Mydrating Moisturizer

This kit is what seems to be keeping my skin nice and soft and it isn't causing additional breakouts. Paired with the anti-blemish kit it is doing a fantastic job keeping my skin soft while the anti-blemish routine works.


Get great skincare tips from the Boots expert! Keep in mind I have a combo of skin: a dry T zone, oily spots and breakouts. And so I can use more or less of my routine or swap in another product as needed. I love her advice and would only add that you won't know quite how a product works for you until you road test it. (Example: the sesnitve skincare line is working great for me, but might cause breakouts for other people.)

Are you a Boots fan? I'd love to hear from you!

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