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Boots Footwear as a Fashion Statement

Updated on August 30, 2009

When it comes to style, boots footwear can be a tremendous fashion statement. Let’s dive right into the world of fashion to determine just how boots footwear make an impact. The truth is that your boots footwear can either make or break your outfit. For example if you happen to wear a salmon skirt, white shirt, pearls and metallic green knee high boots footwear; you will look like the village idiot. If you seek an eclectic look, you would want to still keep a theme. Your theme could be pastels, or pearl, or even a color scheme that reflected jungle colors. Then there are monochromatic schemes. No matter what your theme, your boots footwear should flow with your intended look. In a monochromatic scheme you can combine various shades of a single color.

So when it comes to deciding how to pick your boots footwear, you must remember that your boot choice cannot be random. First preparing a plan is absolutely key when determining what outfit and motif to go by. Boots footwear must complement the clothes. The old saying that “black goes with anything” is simply not so. Black is one of those colors that can conform, but it takes away from so many looks. Black is, is first of all, dark. When we seek to shine, we can’t anticipate that black will complement our wardrobe and boots footwear.

Boots Footwear: Color Theory and Application

In truth there is no way that one article could contain information regarding color theory. Fortunately we will be using it as it applies to fashion and boots footwear. So what is color theory exactly? Well, we will look at some basic principles and how to apply them to your boots footwear choice. We begin with a color wheel. This wheel is based on the three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. The secondary colors are the combined primary colors as pairs. The secondary colors would be green, purple, and orange. Then a further separation would be the tertiary colors. This would come from further combination pairs of secondary and primary colors. Think of combining design with color in your boots footwear choice. The next part of color theory happens to be harmony. Harmony would be a pleasant sum of the parts. That would be colors that when arranged together are pleasant.

So a good way to make your boots footwear compliment your outfit would be to use a particular theme.  Our first example would be an analogous color scheme. These are colors that relate directly to one another on the color wheel. Let’s use oranges and yellows. This would be a yellow hat, with yellow-orange blouse, an orange yellow skirt, and orange boots footwear. The colors then flow great together. We can also use complementary colors as a scheme. These colors fall opposite one another on the color wheel like purple matched with green. This would involve using lavender boots footwear with light green skirt, a purple blouse, and green hat.

Next would be a color scheme based on nature. This would be modeled after something like a flower. We will go ahead and use a red rose as an example. Imagine this if you will, you incorporate your body as the plant. This would include a beautiful green, and most likely body tight, dress. You would then use red accessories to symbolize the flower. A red hat, handbag, and of course red boots footwear would create the final image that we are trying to achieve.

Boots Footwear as a Fashion Statement in Conclusion

You really can use boots footwear to make a fashion statement. No matter what color scheme you use, always remember to use harmony when compiling your apparel for a day on the town, or even to work. A hodge-podge of miscellaneous boots footwear does not necessarily entitle one to creative license. You can always be loud, if that’s your desire, without bad taste. Loud colors that complement a loud personality are fine in your boots footwear. But using boots that are obnoxious to express yourself will only be demeaning to you.

Color schemes can be expressive of your emotions and desires. Dress to express, and always to impress. Never compromise yourself to do what you think will impress others. Dress to bring yourself to the world. Boots footwear are a great way to start a trend or make a statement. You decide for yourself each day the boots footwear that you will bring to the world in which you live.


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