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Bralettes for Small Busts

Updated on September 5, 2014

Bras for Small Busts - Bralettes are a good, non-wire option

I'm on the hunt for a new bra. But this time I am considering getting what is called a "bralette" ... a bra without wires and padding, but generally seen as being suited more so for those with small busts since they don't need so much support as those more generously endowed.

There was a time when, being young and flat chested, I didn't care about padding, wires and stuff in bras that made me look a size larger. Then when I was just a little bit older, while struggling to find a bra that fit I found a padded bra that fit quite well. From there I started to quite like having it look like I was a larger bust size and overly padded bras with underwires were more common and thus easier to buy than the more scarce, not padded (or lightly padded) and no underwire variety.

But now that I am much older at 40 I find myself, once again, not caring about padding and wires and "push up" effects or other tricks to make me look like I really am not once the bra is off. Actually I am finding myself irritated and frustrated by those things. They really are not comfortable (especially as the bra gets older I confess).

A few things perhaps have led to this change in what I want to wear. One, I have come across men who appreciate/admite the kind of figure that I have and I have come across men who appreciate me for me (regardless of my body type).

I have become more intested in activities such as gardening, where padded, wired, push up bras really are more of an annoyance and things like Comfort are much more desirable.

So now that my bras are getting older (they are still serviceable, but as bras with underwires get older they start to not fit as well and get more uncomfortable) I find myself pursuing online undergarments that are labelled things like bralettes, bandeux,

Although some of these terms are used interchangeably I am focusing on searching on bralettes for my small breasts as I seem to be finding quite a few that seem like good candidates to me.

Regardless of your age, young or older, if you wear an A cup or AA cup (which is smaller than an A cup) and are tired of underwire and excessive padding, then bralettes may be a good choice for you. Here are some that I am looking into buying that have good reviews on Amazon (I'll try to update this with my own reviews after I try some of them).

Anemone Women's Lace Bralette (2 Pack)

This particular lacey bralette comes in a pack of 2 and at a great price (actually I have noticed many bralettes have good prices, maybe because their lack of wire and less padding makes so there is less cost to the manufacturer).

They also come in many colors...usually you are given the option of two color choices. But there are some where you can get two of the same colors in some basic colors such as two white bralettes, or two black ones. I personally think I would be interested in the white and nude choice, and then if I like them come back for more for more "fun" color options.

Most important is that it has mostly really good reviews. Most of the poor reviews were from people who did not realize that these are more ideal for small breasted women (although some women with larger cups did like them as well). Occasionally there were people who did have problems with quality, so it is worth taking note of that...and also consider handwashing them if you do get them.

This same bra is available singly, and not just a two pack. But for this price I think one may as well get two.

Things to be Aware of When Buying a Bralette

Bralettes tend to have less support than more "traditional" bras.

They tend to not have padding and are more likely to make so that the nipples show through.

Wacoal Smooth Bralette

I think this would make a great bra for wearing under t-shirts. It's simple, basic and has no lace and such and has smooth lines that won't look funny under a cotton tee. It is somewhat more sports bra like, which some won't like. But I am looking more for comfort, and being flat chested I don't need to worry so much about the "uni-boob" look that some women don't like that sports bras can give them, although one review I read said that it keep them more separate and thus gives a little more definition than a sports bra. Many reviewers did say it did not really hide nipples very well though.

Cotton Cantina Women's Seamless Padded Bralette with Adjustable Straps

This is another bralette that because it is seamless to me it makes me think it would be a good t-shirt bra. It actually does have pads, but those can be it's up to you. Based on the reviews I think this is a good candidate for what I will purchase. The way most of the reviewers describe their body shape and their dislike of underwires makes me feel like these are fellow comrades in...well, small breasts.

Although I did say I don't care for padding, they are removable. And honestly in the winter time I find padding keeps my chest just a tad warmer (that probably sounds strange, but it's true). And of course the padding would help hide the nips.

Cotton Cantina Women's Cotton Racerback Bralette with Lace Trim

I am adding one more possible option as I wanted to include another lacy bralette to the mix. Plus this has a very different sort of look. The lacy band extends down further (which I wonder if it would help prevent the bra from riding up over the chest...I very much dislike it when that happens), it also has a racerback style which I am actually not sure if I would like but it might be fine and certainly would be something other women would love.

Bralettes on eBay

Bralettes on eBay often seem to include those worn as "outerwear fashion" where it is actually worn as a sexy top. But you can actually get those that are meant to be worn as underwear too.

What Do You Think of Bralettes...

Have you worn a bralette?

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