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Kathy Van Zeeland -Handbags and Purses

Updated on January 30, 2014

The History of Handbag

Our journey starts many years ago, probably from the middle centuries. That time women used to place various objects within the internal pockets. Internal pockets were situated under the many layers of clothes and were made from either linen or cotton. When women's clothes became more snugly, it was a time to create external "pockets", which actually were the first handbags.

First reference of external bag appeared around 14th century. According to Egyptian's history the first bags were created and wore in this ancient Egypt centuries ago. External bags during that time did have straps, thus they had to be tied up from the waist of the carrier. The more wealthy was someone, the more beautiful were the designs of those bags.

During 16th century we can notice that linen bags were substituted by leather ones and were mostly used when traveling. Leather bags were quite large in size in order to fit all the necessary things of a person. Travel bags were worn crosswise.

Later in the 17th century both men and women start keeping and carrying smaller bags, made of different materials and shapes. Up to the century, women wore their bags, as an extension of their clothes and only during the 18th century they started to keep small bags like pouches.

Women's clothes were quite complex and sensitive at that time and they did not want to damage clothes by wearing bags over them. Fashion magazines of that era gave a daily battle emphasising that holding bags and not wearing them is the correct way but no one agreed, they all had different opinion. The term to describe the "external pocket" was bag or purse, while the word handbag came later in19th century and usually it was used to described only bags held by men.

In 1920, many women of high society carried bags. In 1930 was created the famous Kelly bag but it became famous only in 1950 when Grace Kelly started caring it and from that point the word handbag came into our vocabulary.

Kathy Van Zeeland

Kathy Van Zeeland is one of the quickest rising designers in fashion industry. Van Zeeland is her real surname which she decided to use when she created her brand to honor her father, who passed away. Having only female members in family, three sisters, she wanted her fathers name not to be forgotten, which was actually the second reason for naming her company Van Zeeland.

KathyVanZeeland as a brand was found in 2004 as she was creating high quality handbags and purses. Designing and releasing only four collections per year, she actually managed to cover all four seasons. Each collection is unique and each handbag and purse stands out for its high quality. Kathy creates high fashion standards products available for every and each women, as the price of her products is more than just affordable. Simple, everyday middle badget women can actually allow herself to have more than couple handbags and purses.

The emblema of the products is changing with each seasonal fashion release but it always remains classy and sophisticated. Emblema always carries KvZ letters. Designer is not scared of colors, shape and style. Her products are made for every woman no matter of age or social position.

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Kathy Van Zeeland has been designing handbags for many years. She manages to make her clients feel confident and sophisticated. Handbags and other products actually were designed many many years ago, by young girl who liked drawings. Even as a child she was designing handbag and playing with her grandmother's old clothes and fashion accessories. Her dream was to become high fashion designer and to share her talent with all women around the world. But the way to success is always thorny and difficult, so long before creating her own company, Kathy used to be a Vice President of Design department at a major fashion corporation for more than nine years. Having knowledge and intuition helped her to be what she is today.

The very first Kathy Van Zeeland handbag was created with the help of her husband, actually there were 3 handbags:

  • Nine West
  • Easy Spirit
  • Angiolini

Ebay and Amazon

The best market to shop Kathy's handbags are Ebay and Amazon. Both online stores are well known for their auctions where you can buy any product for Great Price price. Such market provides best prices, fast shipping, safe shopping and high quality after sale experience.


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