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Cellulite Oh, Cellulite!!

Updated on April 17, 2015

Cellulite Oh Cellulite...What did I do to deserve you?

I have been exercising regularly and keep a Tab on my diet then, why did I get to see you. Man has defined you as an ugly sight and as if possessing cottage cheese skin and you cause ripples in the skin which makes me go ugghhh!!

You are classified using three grades:

  • Grade1 where no clinical symptoms are seen but some anatomical changes are seen under the microscope.
  • Grade 2 where the skin shows loss of elasticity when seen under the microscope.
  • Grade 3 where cellulite has visible signs of roughness in the skin.

What causes YOU?

The causes of YOU are not yet known but, scientists blame a few factors such as:-

  • Hormones- Hormones play an important role in the formation of YOU. Many hormones can be blamed such as the insulin, estrogen, thyroid hormones and prolactin which, help in the production of cottage cheese like skin.
  • Genes - YOUR development has also been blamed on our genes. Certain individual's have such genes which slow down the metabolism and the distribution of fat due to circulatory inefficiency.
  • Diet - Diet also plays a major role in the development of ripples in our skin. It is noted that people who eat food with high fat content or carbohydrates or too much salt and little fiber in their diet are prone to cellulite.
  • Lifestyle - Our life-style is also being blamed for the above. If we are in active and sit or stand in one position for long periods of time; we could develop those cottage cheese skin.
  • Clothing - New research indicates that wearing an underwear with tight elastic across the buttocks limits the blood flow and helps in the formation of cellulite.

How can YOU be removed?

There are several therapies that have been suggested to remove YOU, but none have been supported in the scientific or medical literature.

Therapeutic methods include massages that stimulate lymphatic flow, ultrasound, radio frequency therapy, magnetic therapy, radial waves therapy and electrical stimulation. However, there is no solid evidence that these methods are effective.

How can YOU be prevented?

As indicated above; the various factors that cause YOU; is our lifestyle.

Thus, making the right choices of what we eat such as low fat foods such as fruits, vegetables and a fiber rich diet can help us remove the fat from our body thus, avoiding the ripples in the skin.

Also, being on the go by exercising and maintaining a healthy weight can help avoid that cottage cheese on our skin.

Stress is also a big cause for cellulite since, with stress we land up eating more and making unhealthy choices which can eventually be seen on our skin.

Wearing loose undergarments can also help prevent cellulite by allowing circulation in our body.

I have attached a hub courtesy of Tammyswallow

A list of 25 BEST workout songs to help you get into the groove of exercising and help you kick the Cellulite out of your system....Good luck!

Exercises for cellulite removal


Reports indicate that WE HUMANS are to be blamed 'cause of the genes, gender, age and the amount of fat on our body. Well, I can't control my genes, I can't control my gender and neither my age but, Fat is one thing that is under my control.

So, let me try kicking you out of my butt, thighs, stomach area 'cause there aren't any miracle products, treatments or medicines that can make it go away.


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