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Cheap Cupcake Pageant Dresses & Tips for Winning Pageants

Updated on March 17, 2013

Cheap Cupcake Style Pageant Dresses for Less & How to Win Pageants

Cupcake pageant dresses for glitz pageants don't come cheap, but hopefully this article featuring where to buy cheap cupcake dresses and great tips on how to win pageants, will lead you to the perfect glitz dress for much less than you'd expect.

Scroll all the way down for a sneak peek of winning glitz~style pageant cupcake dresses for less (from a pageant judge's perspective) and pageant inside success secrets on how to win that pageant title!

Image credit: Cheap Cupcake Pageant Dress shown here is available for sale below..

Why eBay is Your Best Bet for Cupcake Dresses

eBay is your winning option when it comes to buying cupcake--or any pageant--dresses and OOCs (outfit of choice). At eBay you'll find amazing deals for cupcake dresses. Use the Watch List function at the upper right of the page and bid at the last minute to get the winning bid. I've searched the web for eons looking for pageant dresses and eBay out shines on price every time!

Why White Wins - Toddler Cupcake Pageant Dress

If you're new to pageants, consider white. White cupcake dresses enable your girl to stand out without her dress overwhelming her.

Avoid reds and black cupcakes as too many judges find these dresses dismal or too grown up for toddlers and little girls. I once spoke to a long-time judge and pageant coach who said a red dress is an automatic "no-no" in her book. Don't take that chance. White cupcake dresses are the ideal choice for beginners. Consider this cupcake shell dress.

Pageant Tip #1: Find an expensive dress you love and use it as a template, but don't copy completely; just use it as a guide. You can save literally thousands of dollars over your little girl's pageant career embellishing the dress yourself. Don't be afraid--you can do it!

Pretty-in-Pink Glitz Pageant Cupcake Dress - Best Smile How-To

Pink is definitely in on the pageant scale: It's a safe choice and many girls' complexions can shine wearing pink and judges love the lighter hues of pink for toddlers and little girls. Leave the hot pink cupcake dresses for older girls.

Consider this glitz cupcake with enough bling power without swallowing your girl's sparkle.

Winning pageant smile tip #2:

Other than the obvious "behind the judges teddy bear bounce," plan ahead. Find something in your girl''s everyday life that brings her to smile big. Maybe a fake nose or hat. Put the item away and only take it out for pageants. Have a friend or relative (usually dad or auntie) wear the prop at the right moment. For older girls, use the charade game technique and act out a joke or funny story. Get that real smile out!

Pink Pageant Cupcake Shell Dress PLUS Winning Pageant Tip - What Pageant Winners Do to Win That Ttile

Consider the cupcake shell dress. Don't be afraid--you can do it!

Find a glitz dress you love or one that's a proven winner. Use a similar design on your dress. Start simple, then build upon it. Don't glitz the dress out too much if you're not comfortable with the bling thing. Use your imagination; don't copy the design of the sample dress exactly as that's someone's creation. Just use the cupcake sample dress as a guide.

Pageant Tip #3:

Girl's that win at pageants know how to look directly at each judge confidently. They "own" the stage. Judges love the confidence factor. Practice with your girl in a mirror. Have fun with this. Don't push too hard or say anything negatively; to do so, would be counterproductive and downright damaging to your girl's self esteem.

Black Cupcake Pageant Shell Dress - Say, "Yes!" to What Dress? Pageant Tip

Yes, black cupcake dresses are a pageant "no-no" but come Halloween black is in for the moment and wearing it at the right time will give off that custom look.

Find a spider pattern on the web (no pun intended) or other Halloween image and use white or orange rhinestones found on eBay. Using eBay for your embellisment needs will save you a bundle!

Pageant Tip #4: What dress to wear? Experienced pageant moms bring two or more beauty dresses to each pageant. This way they get a "feel" of what is most competitively suited. Compare your dresses to some of the other girls' dresses and go from there. You'll have the best chance at competing when you know what you're up against!

Pre-worn Glitz Pageant Cupcake Dresses


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