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Cheap Glasses Online

Updated on February 2, 2016

How to buy cheap glasses online

Hello and welcome to my new lens about buying cheap glasses online. Before we get into how to do that I'll tell you a little story of mine.

I have a young girl who's now 8. The past year was her first year to spend just with me, so I was trying to make her happy by all the means I had. One morning before school she gave me a hug and squeezed my head with my glasses on. I didn't mind because it's the best feeling ever, but the next thing I did was searching for cheap glasses online to make up for the broken one.

And this is how I got to know about this subject. I searched every possible way to get cheap perscription glasses that fit my face and the distance between my pubils. I found some and here they are in this lens for your benefit to save your time.

What to look for when you shop for cheap glasses online

I am an affiliate marketer. Which means I promote other people products and make commission on sales I generate. So the first place to look was my clients. And since I had been promoting for GlassesUSA (and still have) I gave them a try.

The first thing that was in my mind was the price. Luckily I found glasses + lenses for $19. So I didn't have to keep shopping.

The next thing I had in mind was how are they going to fit it on my head. I was thinking that maybe the frame will not fit my small face or that it will look ugly on me. One of the stores had a toole that takes my picture and let's me change the size and position until the pubillary distance (the distance between the two pubils of the eyes) fit in a certain frame, then it shows me all the glasses on my own face. That was a game changer for me, so whenever I shop for glasses online I look for a similar tool.

You can go ahead and try the fitting tools on website by clicking here.

Then my worry was about the actual pubillar distance and how they'll fit it. I found on the same store's channel on you tube a video that explains exactly how to do that. I embedded it below to save your time.

How To Measure your Pupillary Distance - This is extremely important

Follow the instrctions in this video to measure the pubillary distance before you order a pair of prescription glasses, no matter which store you're going to order from.

The pupillary distance input is extremely important. Get that wrong and you'll feel cross-eyed all the time you're wearing your glasses. And if you keep wearing it your eyes will cross eventually.

If you can not get it precisely after watching the video it's worth the time and the investment to give an eye doctor a visit to get it right.

Personal review of Glasses USA

Since I am located in Canada I had to pay for shipping. It's not much and the cost of my glasses + lenses with shipping was less than the cheapest pair of glasses I could find here in Toronto (without lenses). And I like my glasses.

But since I am affiliated with the store and they pay me commission every time someone orders through my link below (this is how I make my living) I thought my review is not going to be neutral enough, so I asked a relative who lives in New York to test it for me.

Click here to order cheap eyeglasses online ... from $19

She ordered a pair of glasses for her husband as a test. She went through the website and she liked the experience, as if she was shopping in an offline store. She scanned the prescription (that had the pubillary distance) after she picked the frame and lenses and palced the order.

A week later after she received them she placed an order for herself and two of her 4 kids. Obviously she's happy with them. I wasn't surprized because I am one satisfied customer.

The first time I talked to her husband he thanked me for referring him to this company. He got quality glasses for really cheap, and since he's in the US he's got free shipping.


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