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cheap perfume

Updated on September 2, 2011

3 Places To purchase Cheap Perfume

Should you want to don the newest fragrances created by stars, designers, as well as cosmetic corporations, you become aware that designer fragrances are often extravagant. Many of these fragrances may cost several hundred dollars for just one oz and purchasing further items may be even more expensive and this all adds up. However, designer fragrances don't need to set you back a couple of months pay. Once you learn the best spots to buy designer perfumes, you will find high-priced perfume cheaply.

If you wish to purchase cheap perfume then by pass the department stores. Except in cases where you might possibly come upon a sale at the department store, you can spend an outrageous amount of money for high end fragrances. Rather than shopping at cosmetic counters at the shopping mall, go to a perfume outlet instead.


Discover Cheap Perfume By Looking In these 3 Places

1. Several shopping malls today include perfume outlet shops, however if your neighborhood shopping mall doesn't have a perfume outlet shop, make the time to drive to an outlet shopping mall and you will end up being delighted at the amount of money it will save you. The majority of perfume outlet retailers offer designer perfume cheap. They may not really have a great deal of other items created from your favorite fragrance, however , you may generally get nearly all brand names of cologne or perfume from 30 to 70 % off. Make absolutely certain that you are purchasing the genuine designer brand and not just a knock-off. Although a knock-off may have the fragrance that is similar to the brand name you love, knock-offs generally have a greater alcohol content, resulting in the fragrance wearing off quicker and the fragrance to go stagnant.

2. Bargain retailers that sell department store left over merchandise and last year's styles will also be excellent spots to locate cheap perfume. You could discover a wide variety of designer perfume cheap at retail stores including Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross department stores . Since these fragrances aren't secured behind cosmetic counters then it is a good idea to look inside the container to make certain that you're purchasing a full bottle.

3..Internet auction websites like craigslist and ebay are wonderful spots to locate great bargains on brand name fragrances. Lots of people may advertise a perfume which they received as a present, however they don’t especially like online auction websites. Generally, these types of sellers are simply thrilled to receive any sum of cash for the fragrance that they do not really want and you may be able to buy outrageously expensive perfumes at very cheap prices.

Don't Pay Top Dollar For Designer Perfume

So if you really love designer and brand name perfumes then be sure to check out perfume outlets, bargain retailers and auction sites to find the best prices. However, in no way pay top dollar for designer fragrances especially when you can purchase the top brand names of perfume cheaply, once you learn where the best sources to buy.


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    • profile image

      wary customer 6 years ago

      I love xeryus rouge, but main-stream stores no longer sell it (macy's, etc). I find it at perfume outlets in malls, but my concern is it's just a knock-off made to look like the real thing. I know the cologne is still made, just not sold in the US for some reason. Except by outlets that mail-order it. I just get nervous that they're selling some made-in-china POS in sheep's clothing. Also, I used to get the small bottle for $40. The boutique place I was at lately charged me $60/bottle. So, it's not always cheaper. If you really want an inexpensive perfume/cologne, find an essential oil blend you really like, and dilute it down in a spritzer bottle with a lot of 90% rubbing alcohol. It sprays on even, the alcohol dries, and the oils spread well and get into the skin to last for a long time. You can make a small $10 bottle of essential oil perfume blend last a very long time when you dilute it down just right.

    • profile image

      blah 6 years ago