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How to Get Rid of Couperose and Rosacea Without Using Chemical-Filled Facial Cleansers & Products

Updated on October 4, 2011
There could be chemicals in your beauty products!
There could be chemicals in your beauty products!

The Dangers of Chemical Facial Cleansers

In recent years online shopping has become the preferred way to buy the everyday things that we use. Online, you don't have to worry about parking, standing in line, or paying marked up prices.All of these things are better than having to waste fuel (it’s expensive these days!) or deal with the pesky sales people that keep asking you if they can “get a room started.” The only downside is that you can often be misled when shopping online for facial cleansers, and it's less likely that you will be able to see the ingredients. Checking the ingredients list is vital, because most non organic cosmetics and cleansers contain harmful chemicals and parabens that can make existing skin conditions worse, and even cause new ones in the long term.

Inherent Dangers of Chemicals in Skin Care Products

On a daily basis, you can apply as many as two hundred different chemicals to your face, if you're using the "big brand" skin care products. Many facial cleansers also contain known carcinogenic agents and other elements which can aggravate skin conditions which you may already have; such as allergies and eczema. More than fifty percent of these chemicals enter your bloodstream. That's astonishing! Aside from the chemical compounds, these products often include preservatives and fragrances which can cause skin allergies. In the U.S. companies aren't required to list the ingredients in their fragrances - so most don't.

Signs of allergic reactions caused by skin care products are:

Allergies are Annoying & Super Uncomfortable. Are yours caused by the chemicals in the products you use?
Allergies are Annoying & Super Uncomfortable. Are yours caused by the chemicals in the products you use?
  • Watery eyes
  • Inflamed skin
  • Nausea
  • Itching
  • Cloudy Sight

Organic Skin Care Products

Using organic facial cleansers eliminates the risk of any short or long term side effects that one would subject themselves to by using products with chemicals. Organic facial cleansers rid your skin of toxins naturally, and will gently exfoliate and treat dry or oily skin. In addition to these benefits, using organic products can help to naturally fight wrinkles caused by sun damaged skin, blemishes, and sagging. These products are just as versatile as traditional products, but lack the unappreciated side effects. There are effective organic products that treat a wide range of skin conditions, from acne, to dry skin, and everything in between, including eczema and couperose.

Couperose & Rosacea Typical Problem Zones
Couperose & Rosacea Typical Problem Zones

Couperose and Rosacea: What they are and How are they Treated?

Couperose and rosacea are similar conditions in which the skin is frequently red and irritated. This is most common in women ages 35 and up, and can often last for a lifetime. Thankfully, there are many organic treatments that are very effective in treating this condition. The most popular one is so simple you can even make it yourself at home.

Green tea is known as a cure all by many cultures from all over the world. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants which soothe and rejuvenate the body and skin. Green tea is famous for its cancer preventing properties as well.

Drinking green tea is not only better for you, but applying it topically is also a great treatment for a number of varying ailments. On the top of this list is couperose, with rosacea coming in a close second. A number of different organic cosmetic makers are starting to use green tea as part of an anti-aging formula - it helps with a condition called telangiectasia, in which small blood vessels appear in the skin. This causes the skin to look similar to what it would with spider veins. The condition may worsen with sun exposure, smoking or alcohol use, which causes the blood vessels to dilate.

Large sections of couperose can be treated with a procedure known as electrodessication, whereas smaller affected areas can be helped with special serums or creams containing vitamin K, or horse chestnut, (which is filled with bioflavonoid) or vitamin P. These help to make the capillary walls stronger. An equal combination of green tea and grape seed is also an effective treatment for couperose.

Green Tea
Green Tea

Green Tea Facial Mist

Of course, no one wants to get to the point where prescription creams or painful medical procedures are necessary. Many estheticians recommend that their clients use a homemade mist made from green tea as a part of their daily cleansing and skin care routine. The mist is simple to make:

  • Start by heating a cup of green tea, and letting it cool to room temperature.
  • Then pour it into a spray bottle and refrigerate until cool. This last step isn't vital, but the cool feeling of the tea can be very refreshing.

After you cleanse your face and exfoliate, you then spray the green tea mist onto the skin surface and massage gently in a clock wise motion. Try to use a moderate amount of pressure. Let the mist dry before applying moisturizer or sunscreen. You can even carry a small bottle with you to spray on the go.

But, HEY! Don't forget about the used teabags! Chill the tea bags in the refrigerator and use them for a refreshing under eye treatment.

Besides treating couperose, this mist is also beneficial for people suffering from eczema and sun damage.

Go Organic! What are You Waiting For?

As with anything, you should consult your doctor before making any huge changes to your diet or routine. If you suspect that you have couperose or rosacea you should definitely talk to your physician to rule out any other underlying conditions such as allergic reactions. If you have couperose (or rosacea), you should also avoid any stringent facial toners which can aggravate the condition further.

The bottom line is using organic products is a great way to know for sure that what you're putting on your face is natural and beneficial to your skin.

What Does the Doc Have to Say ...


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