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How To Buy Classic Style Handbags For Under $50

Updated on May 30, 2015

How to buy stylish handbags and purses - without breaking the bank.

Yes, it really is possible for you to have a beautiful classic-styled handbag without spending a fortune. Read on to read professional advice from an expert fashion editor.

The beauty of these stunning handbags and purses is that they never go out of style and are inspired by classic designer styles that will add a lot of flair and a strong element of chic to your wardrobe and to any outfit. The classics will never date.

There was a time when stylish women heeded the advice from the fashion gurus - to buy absolutely the best you can afford.

This advice was perfectly correct for the times but today, modern manufacturing methods mean that stylish handbags and purses are available at very affordable prices.It's what the stylish girls do.

My old university friend, Caroline, who is a fashion editor for the best major fashion magazine in London, alerted me to these stunning examples as she included them in a recent layout. Classic styles always work best because they match everything. Plus, if you're buying a handbag as a gift, you can be sure that a traditionally styled purse or handbag will be sure to please. Fashions come and go but the classics remain. They are always good value.

When buying these as a gift, it's always best to choose traditional finishes, shapes and colors which defy the here-today-gone-tomorrow fashions of the day. The classics win every time and are essential in your wardrobe.

Satchel purse shoulder style


When choosing your bag, it's important to take your own lifestyle into account. I prefer to select a multi-purpose handbag which will be suitable for the office and just as convenient to use when travelling. Does your bag have to be large enough to hold your laptop? Have you any special requirements for interior compartments? Will your iPad be secure? Remember that exterior pockets should only be used for non-valuables.

Consider your favourite materials in addition to a neutral colour and choose something that's easy to clean. A detachable shoulder strap is a great idea too, especially when you're travelling - be sure that it's strong, sturdy and theft-proof. In crowds, thieve scan swiftly cut a shoulder strap and make away with the bag if the strap is too weak. Be sure to consider this.

Choose your bag to suit your lifestyle. Today's women are busy so don't be tempted by a bag that needs time to upkeep. A wonderfully styled bag is not worth it for you if it needs time-consuming maintenance. The examples on this page are all easy to clean and care for.

Practicality combined with style works perfectly - get the best of both worlds.

Before you shop, decide on what you'll need. You'll save time and money and you'll be sure to choose what's right for you.

Double handle faux croc style

MG Collection Vintage Style Crocodile Tote Framed Bag, Brown, One Size
MG Collection Vintage Style Crocodile Tote Framed Bag, Brown, One Size

A nice touch that shows attention to detail are the tiny metal studs on the bottom of this great example which protects the finish if you put it on the ground.


This is a faux crocodile finish design with a roomy, fully lined interior.

There are compartments inside which are perfect for the things you'll need to grab quickly, such as your cell phone. I love the super-stylish handles on this lovely holdall.

This is a gorgeous look and a classic style that will never date. And that's without endangering animals.

It's also available in a rich brown as you can see on the right.

This is quite a formally styled version and so is perfect for business use. It happily takes over the role of a briefcase and looks incredibly smart and professional. It will easily hold most laptops and tablets.

Three in one


This is a three-in-one bag and is great value.

As you can see from the photograph it comes with a useful coin purse (great for those parking meter quarters) and yet inside, there's another bag that can be used independently or inside the larger one to keep your belongings organized.

This is smart enough to use for business meetings, yet has a casual look that makes it fine for the beach and it's roomy enough for shopping trips. It's excellent value for money.

This is an especially useful bag to use when you are travelling because you have such versatility depending on your needs.

Classic - for night or day

MG Collection Eilis High Gloss Faux Crocodile Doctor Tote Purse, Black, One Size
MG Collection Eilis High Gloss Faux Crocodile Doctor Tote Purse, Black, One Size

There are lots of handy compartments in this lovely bag that make it easy to organise all the belongings you need to carry around every day. Organisation with style.


All the bags on this page look like a million dollars but are incredibly affordable -this one is no exception. Doesn't it look great? Truly a classic.

It looks fabulous for business meetings and daytime use, but is sophisticated and stylish for evenings too.

When you're making a new purchase, evaluate your own style. Which of your existing bags do you use the most and why?

Are you buying a bag which will primarily be used for business? Are you looking for a bag that you can use when you're travelling?

Be sure to assess your own needs first and then look at a selection of bags that fulfill your own personal criteria. But whatever you decide, the classics are a great choice.

Animal welfare note

Although these handbags look and feel like leather, they are all faux. They do not contain any animal products. Yet they are super-stylish and functional bags and excellent value for money. A perfect choice for style and conservation. There is no need to slaughter of animals for adornment. It seems so primitive these days. Choose materials wisely for the benefit of the planet. The range we have to choose from is huge.

Be eco-conscious and stylish!

© 2013 Jackie Jackson

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