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Coconut Oil For Your Skin And Body

Updated on February 7, 2016

What Can Coconut Oil Do for Your Skin?

Coconut oil has received some bad press but the truth is coconut oil is a great source of saturated fats. In fact, 90% of the calories in this oil are from these fats. These fats are just some of the ingredients that will benefit your skin by helping to fight off wrinkles, fine lines, and give your skin a natural glow.

Why You Should Use Coconut Oil On Your Skin Instead Of Lotion

Many skin lotions and moisturizers out on the market today do help your skin feel nourished and cared for. The problem with these products is that it's water in them that makes your skin feel that way. As soon as the water dries your skin is going to become dry and dehydrated. Some of these skin lotions are made with petroleum based ingredients, and those are going to suffocate your skin. That is the opposite of what you want to happen.

  • Coconut oil will not suffocate your skin. It will give your skin a deep cleaning while strengthening the cells of your epidermis...the outer most layer of your skin. The cleaning will remove the dead skin cells that make up the top layer of your epidermis. Those dead skin cells can make your skin appear dry and rough. They need to be removed.
  • Coconut oil can also clear up some skin issues you may have to deal with. Issues like rashes, insect bites, flaky skin, wrinkles, sun damage, it can even help you to remove your makeup.
  • Coconut oil is also known to help your skin heal at a faster rate than other lotions. It contains medium chain fatty acids which are quickly absorbed into your skin...feeding it. This process will provide your skin with the energy it needs to heal itself.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Here are some of the benefits Coconut oil will have on your skin:

  • Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • It can help clear up acne. It will kill off the bacteria that causes those blemishes.
  • Some people use Coconut oil as a deodorant to remove body odor.
  • Coconut oil can heal chapped lips and cold sores when it's mixed with a couple drops of bergamot essential oil.
  • Coconut oil is natural - it is healthy because there are no chemicals in it.
  • There is vitamin E in coconut oil. Vitamin E can soothe outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis.
  • Three fatty acids in coconut oil are capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. Each of these fatty acids can kill off candida. Candida is known as one cause of fungal infections of the skin.
  • Coconut oil is gentle enough to use on a baby as a diaper cream. It can form a barrier to prevent diaper rash.
  • You can lighten any age spots with Coconut oil.
  • It can help to prevent those stretch marks you get when you are pregnant.
  • Coconut oil, when used on a regular basis, can get rid of cellulite.
  • Coconut oil can soothe the itch of problems like the chicken pox and poison ivy.
  • Coconut oil can help your nails grow when you apply it to your cuticles.

What Are The Physical Properties Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is safe to eat. It comes from coconuts harvested from palm trees, it is actually extracted from the kernels found in the coconuts. It can be stored for a long time without going bad. Coconut oil smells like coconuts. It's white when it is in it's solid but colorless in it's liquid form. Coconut oil has a melting point of 76 Fahrenheit

What Kinds Of Coconut Oil Are There

  • Virgin Oil - This form of the oil is unrefined. It is made from fresh coconut meat rather than the dried coconut meat. It smells and tastes like coconut.
  • Refined Coconut Oil - This form of the oil is made from coconut meat that has been treated and bleached. This is called the copra. This process reduces the possiblity of bacteria that might be in the meat.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has some health benefits you may not know about.

  • It can prevent cardiac disease. It contains lauric acid which has been proven to prevent heart problems like high cholesterol and hypertension.
  • It contains saturated fats which can help to reduce rupture of your arteries. That could prevent atherosclerosis.
  • Prevents high blood pressure. There are many reasons people get high blood pressure and they include poor diet, obesity, and a family history. Poor diet, obesity and family history, are some of the causes of high blood pressure. Coconut oil, when used properly, can help to lower the numbers in this disease. Coconut oil capsules are one way to help lower or prevent high blood pressure (HBP). The capsules can also help to regulate your cholesterol levels.
  • Coconut oil can help to prevent diabetes. It can help to regulate blood sugar levels, and it can boost the Coconut oil can help in regulating the blood sugar level and boost insulin secretion.
  • It can help with your digestion when used in cooking. The properties in Coconut oil boost the digestion of food and that can help you avoid digestive problems. It also helps with the absorption of nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.
  • This oil can help your body heal. Apply it to a wound and it forms a barrier that will prevent air, bacteria, dust, fungi, and viruses, external elements that can cause problems. Keeping those elements away from the wound will speed up the process of healing. .

Skin Care Benefits Of Coconut Oil

The skin care benefits of Coconut oil are many.

  • Coconut oil is ideal for massaging your skin. It's a powerful moisturizer. It has no side effects when used correctly and that makes it great for dry or flaky skin.
  • Coconut oil is a curative for eczema, dermatitis and other skin infections.
  • It can make your skin look fresh and youthful.
  • Coconut oil can boost your immunity.
  • Coconut oil contains antimicrobial lipids; caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid. All of these contain antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial elements. These are components can help to strengthen your immune system.

Coconut Oil Detox and Weight Loss Benefits

Coconut oil is a source of energy and they also contain medium-chain fatty acids. These are fats that are perfect for cleansing and detoxifying your body. They go directly to the liver in stead of being stored in the body. Coconut oil can boost your metabolism, eliminate toxins and help to reduce body fat and weight.

Coconut oil removes body toxins and it can help to increase the rate at which your body fat is burned. How does this oil do all this? The medium chain fatty acids in this oil metabolize in your body differently than long chain fatty acids do. When they go directly to the liver they increase your metabolism, giving your body extra energy without you having to eat more food. Coconut oil also helps you to have less of an appetite, that means you will eat less food. Weight loss occurs when your intake is less than your output.

If you eat more calories than you burn, your body will store them as fat and that makes you gain weight. Coconut oil will help you will feel less hungry, then you will eat less without ever going on a diet. You will feel full longer, you will have fewer sugar cravings, and that in turn will help you to reduce taking in calories.

The thyroid gland can contribute greatly when people fail at dieting and weight loss programs. Coconut oil can help the thyroid function properly. This oil seems to boost your thyroid functions which will also help you to lose the weight you want.

Used as a detox diet tool, coconut oil works to cleanse the body of parasites and microbial infections. How? It's because of the antifungal actions of the lauric and caprylic acids. Your system will be cleansed of any fungal growths and it can help you to rid your body of digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut syndrome. The lauric acid changes and releases antiviral properties that can fight viruses like the flu and even herpes.


Health Issues That Coconut Oil Fights

Coconut oil is found to be helpful with stress relief, skin problems, hair care, the maintenance of your cholesterol levels, weight reduction, boosting of the immune system, digestion, regulating metabolism and acting as an antivirus.

Coconut oil flushes body toxins and that boosts the immune system.

Some of the infections that coconut oil can eliminate:

  • Candida

Candida is a fungus - it occurs when your body has an excessive amount of Candida Albicans; that is a yeast that is found in your stomach. Many people believe that the Candida problem is wide spread in people today. Research on Coconut oil has shown that the medium fatty acids kill the Candida. It gradually works with your body to gradually relieve you of the symptoms Candida can bring.

  • Thyroid Problems

Hypothyroidism happens when your thyroid doesn't make enough hormones. That in turn can lead to adrenal failure. These events can lead to weight gain, hair loss, and exhaustion. If you suffer from hypothyroidism you may experience symptoms such as low energy, weight problems, slow healing, and fatigue. It can also experience some depression, anxiety, and low body temperature. The oil of Coconut is a natural way to give your adrenals the nourishment they need, which will boost the thyroid function too.

This isn't an overnight cure, but a process that occurs over time. This cleansing process will clean the liver and remove toxins from the internal organs thanks to the medium chain fatty acids.

  • Fungal Infections

Bacterial and fungal imbalances in the body can result in ringworm, jock itch, and skin rashes. Coconut oil will fight these problems because of the lauric and the caprylic acids. They are antifungal. They help the body to rid itself of the fungal toxins.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Coconut oil can improve and prevent digestive related problems because the saturated fats in it have those antimicrobial properties that can help to improve the absorption process and restore a state of balance to your digestive system.

  • Herpes

Coconut oil is believed to fight lipid-coated viruses, like herpes. The lauric acid in Coconut oil is converted into monolaurin once it's ingested into the body. Once that happens the strong antiviral properties of the monolaurin help your body fight off germs, bacteria, and viruses.

The Best Skin Care From Coconut Oil

To see the best results on your skin from Coconut just apply it to your face as you would your regular moisturizer. You don't need to use a lot, just a few drops will do. Leave it on for several minutes and then rinse it off using warm water and a soft wash cloth.

As with any product, if you feel or see any signs of irritation, stop using it. If you don't you have the go ahead to use Coconut oil on your entire body. Leave it on overnight. It is an oil, it does go on greasy but it is absorbed by the skin quickly.

Scrambled Eggs And Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Can Be Used For Cooking

Coconut Recipes – Coconut Oil Scrambled Eggs

The ingredients you need to make these scrabbled eggs are:

  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Tbsp coconut milk
  • 1 Cup chopped red pepper
  • ½ Cup chopped mushrooms
  • 2 Oz ham or turkey sausage
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil
  • Sea salt & black pepper


  • Beat the eggs with the coconut milk in a small bowl.
  • Heat the coconut oil in a pan until melted.
  • Add the peppers, mushrooms and ham.
  • Cook until done about 8 minutes.
  • Add the egg mixture and scramble until eggs are cooked.
  • Season to taste with the salt and black pepper.
  • Serve with a chopped tomato.


  • Add cheese to your eggs
  • Add left over vegetables to your eggs
  • Add left over meats to your eggs

Coconut Smoothie

Blueberry Coconut Smoothie
Blueberry Coconut Smoothie

Coconut Milk Smoothie

Coconut Oil Smoothie Ingredients are:

  • ½ Cup coconut milk
  • 1 Banana
  • ½ Cup blueberries
  • ½ Cup Greek yogurt
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil melted


  • Mix together and blend until smooth
  • You can substitute any type of fruit for the blueberries. Frozen berries are perfect for this and you end up with a nice cold, refreshing smoothie

Coconut Oil Stir Fry
Coconut Oil Stir Fry

Coconut Oil Stir Fry

To make this Coconut Oil Stir Fry Ingredients:

  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 Red and yellow pepper, diced
  • 1 Large red onion
  • 4 Cloves of garlic, chopped finely
  • 1 Large sweet potato, diced
  • 1 Cup of broccoli or cauliflower, chopped small
  • ½ Cup snow peas
  • 1 Cup bean sprouts
  • ½ Cup mushrooms, chopped small
  • 2 Tbsp sesame oil
  • Sea salt & black pepper


  • Cut up all of your vegetables so they are read to fry.
  • Melt the coconut oil.
  • Add the sweet potato first and cook them until they are soft.
  • Add the onion and garlic and fry for a few minutes.
  • Add the remaining vegetables, except the bean sprouts.
  • Cook until all the vegetables are done.
  • Stir in the bean sprouts and warm through.
  • Add the sesame oil and season to taste with the salt and black pepper.

Feel free to change this stir fry recipe by adding your own favorite vegetables. You can include additional protein by adding in a small handful of nuts.

Mashed Potatoes With Coconut Oil
Mashed Potatoes With Coconut Oil

Mashed Potatoes with Coconut Oil

To make Mashed Potatoes with Coconut Oil you will need:

  • 2 Pounds of yellow or red potatoes
  • ¼ Cup coconut oil, melted
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • ½ Cup of sour cream or plain yogurt
  • 1 Cup of coconut milk
  • Sea salt & black pepper


  • Wash and peel the potatoes, then cut them up into diced pieces
  • Add a little salt to a pot of water and cook potatoes until soft but not overdone.
  • Drain the water.
  • Add the coconut oil, butter, sour cream and coconut milk.
  • Mash until blended, or you may like to use a hand mixer.
  • Season to taste with the salt and black pepper.


  • Leave the skins on the potatoes. It will add fiber to your meal.
  • Roast two or more heads of garlic. Let them cool, squeeze out the garlic pulp and add this to your potatoes before you mash them.

Vegetable Medley with Coconut Oil

Vegetable Medley with Coconut Oil
2 cups of broccoli or cauliflower
2 cups of Brussel sprouts
1 sweet potato
1 large apple
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp coconut oil
Sea salt & Black Pepper
Wash and peel the sweet potato.
Chop the broccoli or cauliflower into bite size pieces.
Slice the apple into chunks and coat with lemon juice.
Melt the coconut oil in a baking dish.
Add all of the vegetables and apple.
Season to taste with the salt and black pepper.
Place a lid or tin foil on the vegetables and bake at 350 C for 45 minutes or until done.
You can mix and match your vegetables for this dish. You might like to include slice onions, red pepper, asparagus spears and squash. Use whatever vegetables are in season to create a tasty mixed veggie dish your entire family will enjoy.

The List Of Essential Oils

Find out about Essential Oils.

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil!

How to Fight Wrinkles Using Coconut Oil


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