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Cotton Petticoats, Slips and Pettipants

Updated on September 7, 2014

The Romantic Appeal of White Cotton and Lace!

There are many reasons to love a cotton slip or petticoat! Perhaps the main reason women give for loving them is the fact that they are so comfortable and cool in hot weather. Unlike nylon, cotton breathes and absorbs perspiration, making it a cool choice when hot weather rolls around.

When I was young, my friends and I loved wearing cotton petticoats and slips under our skirts and dresses. We would layer them under our skirts to make a full flounce. Then we would often find a way to leave a few buttons undone at the bottom, or even pin up part of the hem, to let the pretty lace and ruffles show. It was a very feminine style and so much fun to wear!

Girls today are reviving a similar fashion with country dresses that reveal a bit of pretty lace, as often worn by such celebrities as Taylor Swift. You can take this style and make it your own with a collection of cotton slips and petticoats in a variety of lengths.

Unfortunately, this is a garment that can be hard to find. Manufacturers have just about stopped making them; but, they will respond to the demands of the market. When we show them we want to wear natural fibers, they will start producing them again!

Here are the ones I have been able to find so far!

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1960s Boudoir...

Lolita Fashions

Petticoats are also popular with Lolita enthusiasts, as shown here.

Photo by Ari Helminen at used under a creative commons license.

Vintage Petticoats on eBay

These garments can be so hard to find in stores now, but you can still get them on eBay! Here are a few samples on items that are available today!

Cotton Half Slips

It has become hard to find cotton slips and petticoats anymore. Here is what I have found for everyday wear.

Lady Romance Cotton Half Slip
Lady Romance Cotton Half Slip

This six-gore cotton batiste slip is made in the USA. It is available in white only, in sizes medium to 3XL.


Full Slips

A full slip provides comfortable coverage under a dress any time of year, but it is especially nice in the summer. I also like to wear some of these styles as a cool nightgown in hot weather.

Full Cotton Slip (XL)
Full Cotton Slip (XL)

This very old-fashioned slip is made of 100% cotton. Very plain and comfortable, it is designed to provide coverage under your sheerest summer dresses.


Cotton Slips on eBay

eBay can be a good source of hard-to-find fashions like these. Here are some of the items the sellers are offering today!

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Which style do you like best?

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A cross between a half slip and pants, these pettipants are similar to culottes, but designed to wear under your clothes. Perfect to put on under your summer dress, this garment serves as both panties and a slip.

Not only do they serve well under your dress when you are out in public, many women like to wear them as pajamas and loungewear in hot weather!

Underworks Woven Cotton Batiste Culotte Slips Pettipants
Underworks Woven Cotton Batiste Culotte Slips Pettipants

These pettipants are made of 100% woven cotton, and trimmed in formaldehyde-free lace. Available in sizes small to 6XL. Made in the USA!

Also available in a 3-pack at a reduced price.

Lady Romance Cotton Coulotte
Lady Romance Cotton Coulotte

These 100% cotton pettipants are 26 inches long. Available in sizes small to 3XL. They are made in the USA.


Long Cotton Petticoats

Wear these petticoats under your long skirts and dresses. They are perfect for special occasions and historic costumes.

White Cotton Petticoat
White Cotton Petticoat

Create an authentic full-skirted look with this cotton crinoline petticoat. In sizes small to large. Hand washing is recommended.

5 Bone hoop Full Petticoat Wedding Slip Skirt (150DS) (Regular, Cotton Blend)
5 Bone hoop Full Petticoat Wedding Slip Skirt (150DS) (Regular, Cotton Blend)

This hoop skirt is available in either taffeta or a cotton blend. In sizes regular or extra-large. Perfect for civil war reenactors. The bottom circumference is 120 inches, and the skirt is 39 inches long.


Sew a Cotton Petticoat

If you like to sew, or know someone who does, consider making your petticoat or slip from one of these patterns!

Ladies Victorian Corset Cover, Petticoat in Three Lengths and Bustle Pattern
Ladies Victorian Corset Cover, Petticoat in Three Lengths and Bustle Pattern

The petticoat can be made in three lengths. Sizes 2 through 36 are included in the pattern.

Patterns - Folkwear #203 Edwardian Underthings
Patterns - Folkwear #203 Edwardian Underthings

This pattern makes a petticoat, drawers and camisole. Sizes small to 3XL are included in one pattern.


Would you wear one of these slips or petticoats? Which style do you prefer?

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