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Created Diamonds are Flawless

Updated on February 21, 2013
Discover a flawless, personal diamond today!
Discover a flawless, personal diamond today! | Source

Created Diamonds are Flawless

Most earth mined diamonds have flaws.  Because flaws make the diamond less desirable to the human eye as, the value of the diamond decreases.  The more flaws, the less expensive the loose diamond. 

While it's quite common to find earth mined diamonds with defects and inclusions, diamond cutters can help hide flaws.  Cutting the diamond to disguise some of the flaws is one way to make a flawed diamond more visually appealing.  Also selecting a specific setting that detracts the viewer from the defects can help as well.  Yet, some natural diamond flaws are too apparent to hide.

In contrast, lab diamonds are nearly flawless to completely flawless because of the exact, scientific process in which they are created and the ability to control the diamonds growth in the laboratory.

Another great advantage of created diamonds is that when you create a laboratory grown diamond, you can determine what size and what color you want.  For larger diamonds, the growth cycle is longer and for colored diamonds, different chemicals are added with the diamond seed depending on the color selected.

Created diamonds can also be cut even more proportionally, as compared to the mined gems.  Just ten to fifteen percent of earth mined diamonds achieve the ideal cutting proportion.  Man made diamonds, on the other hand can almost always be cut proportionally.


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