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Kick the Season off with PLIA Designs Blueberry Bag.

Updated on March 11, 2014

A Blueberry Handbag by PLIA Designs

The must-have handbag to carry this season. Fruit is no longer is only for still life paintings and art! These bold prints are taking the fashion arena by storm. From bold bananas to bright watermelon, fabrics are coming alive with delicious fruit prints. A fruit print handbag really brightens up an outfit.

Carry a fruit print by your side

Food prints are all the rage this season. Specifically fruit.

Fruit prints are starting to gain popularity with the fashion crowd.

From bold bananas to bright watermelon, fruit is no longer relegated to faded still life paintings or prints on tea towels.

One would think wearing or carrying a bold fruit print is deliberate bad taste and only worn by young hipsters that are simply cool enough to get away with a pinch of cheeky vulgarity. Not so. And let’s look back at the fashion calendar.  A few seasons ago, Stella McCartney made lemons and oranges popular.  This spring the fruit print has matured even further. It has become a power, bold and recognisable emblem of the mature fashion-consious woman, thanks to PLIA Designs.

 That PLIA Designs, purveyor of designer handbags, has chosen this bold blueberry print is not a surprise. When fashion buyers and editors first saw the current collection at the leather goods design studio last September, the talk was not about whether blueberries were bad taste but about how much of a hit the range was going to be.  Indeed it is predicted the print will be incredibly successful.

And this cute little small Reid satchel feels like a breath of fresh air no matter the season. As much as I adore printed bags, I’m often disappointed by their fabrication.  It’s often on thin cotton that feels and looks cheap.  This PLIA Designs blueberry bag is made of a linen sateen canvas.  Its incredibly durable.  The black trim is made of both real leather and faux leather. 

Part of the blueberries appeal for various fashionistas lies in the print itself.  The print is almost artisanal and somber in a master painter sort of way.  It’s priced at $310.00.  It’s actually a tolerable price point considering each of these designer handbags are individually handcrafted.  The silhouette and design of the bag is the same as PLIAs original Reid satchel.  The Bluberry print is a part of their new small Reid satchel collection.  Naturally, the high street has gone all out for the fun and frivolity of the fruit trend, but without the expensive craftsmanship. The results are a dull letdown.  If you want a disposable blouse for your beach holiday, then by all means hit up the usual mass fashion stores.  (Guaranteed not last another holiday.) But if you want to go berries and enjoy the unparalleled strictness of PLIA Designs craftsmanship, then you know where to find your new blueberry handbag.

PLIA Designs blueberry bag

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From PLIA Designs' new small Reid collection
From PLIA Designs' new small Reid collection
From PLIA Designs' new small Reid collection

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