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The Best Diabetic Slippers For Edema, Wide, Swollen or Deformed Feet

Updated on January 15, 2013

Protect Your Feet In And Around The Home With Good Diabetic Slippers

A good pair of diabetic slippers is one of the best ways to protect your feet from injury and infection around the home. No matter if you have advanced diabetes, edema, or simply have poor foot circulation these slippers will help promote healthy blood flow while protecting your skin from injury.

The best diabetic slippers will protect the sole of your foot from puncture wounds, the toes from stubs, the skin from blisters and scrapes, and the fit should be loose and non-binding promoting better blood flow.

This is accomplished by using well fitting stronger slipper material with soft and seamless interior lining. The best slippers will have adjustable fit straps making fit customizable in the event that your feet are a little wider than normal or even deformed.

Pictured above is the Propet men's house shoe/slipper. It is an excellent choice for protecting the foot around the home while remaining very comfortable.

Some Of The Top Men's Diabetic Shoes

Diabetics should be wearing slippers inside the home. They protect the feet from damage and prevent infection. For diabetics this is important because foot injuries can spiral out of control quickly. Even the cheapest slipper is better than going barefoot but the slippers below are going to give you the most protection. They may be overkill for borderline diabetics but for people with advanced diabetes they can help minimize the chances of developing foot ulcerations, infection, and even amputation.

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The Top Women's Diabetic Slippers

The features that make slippers good for diabetics are no different for women as they are for men. The slippers listed below are some of the best available for diabetics but they are just a bit ore feminine. Each slipper below has a sturdy exterior with a soft interior. They all are adjustable for the best fit possible and they can accommodate feet that are wider, deeper, or malformed when compared to the average foot.

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