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DIY Nail Art Designs: Must-Have Nail Art Tools for Stunning Designs

Updated on May 13, 2012

When I first started doing DIY nail art designs, I had no tools and no experience. If you’re low on cash, you could use things you find around the home to substitute, but getting the right tools for the job makes it so much easier, and you’re likely to get a better result as well. Let’s look at some of the must-have tools every nail art fanatic should have in her (or his) collection of nail art supplies.

Dotting Tools

This is one of the most basic nail art tools, but it’s one that you’ll use often. A set of dotting tools usually include five different ones of varying sizes. These tools help you to create perfect dots in various sizes, and it makes the process much easier. Dotting tools can also be used when doing water marble designs, and work better than using a toothpick.

Nail Art Brushes

This is another must, especially if you’re interested in playing with more intricate designs. A nail art brush set usually includes anywhere from 5 to 15 brushes and each has a specific shape and size to help you create certain effects on the nail. I’ve only just started to play around with mine, and I can tell it’ll take a lot of practice to use them correctly. The end result should be well worth it though!

Rhinestone Tweezers

This is such a handy but often-overlooked little tool! If you’re using rhinestones, dried flowers, or fimo slices as part of your nail art designs, you’ll need a pair of these tweezers. It makes it easier to pick up the rhinestones or fimo slices, and applying them is also a breeze because the tweezers can be used to position or press decorations onto the nail.

Nail Art Pens

These pens can be used in two ways. One use is as a striper and the other is as a nail art pen. Two-way nail art pens have a striper brush inside the bottle and a small metal nib inside the cap that makes it twice as useful. These pens are great for more intricate designs and they offer greater control than other striper or nail art brushes, for example. If you lack a completely steady hand, then nail art pens are most likely the way to go. Another plus is that you can buy these pens in sets of 12, 24, 36 or more, so you’ll end up paying a lot less than you would if you bought them separately. You could end up paying 0.60c or less per pen.

These tools for DIY nail art designs will make life much easier and will make it a breeze to whip up exciting and fun designs at home. You don’t have to be a professional to get great-looking nails if you have the right nail products and tools as part of your nail art arsenal.


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    • Emeraldgreen21 profile image

      Atell Rohlandt 3 years ago from South Africa

      Hi 3dottydotdotty3. Thanks for your comment. I got mine from ebay but that was a long time ago. When choosing a seller look for someone with 98% or more positive feedback and a lot of transactions under their belt. That'll ensure you're buying from someone who's been around a while and has been proven legit.

    • profile image

      3dottydotdotty3 3 years ago

      I tried to get mine on ebay but the guy never sent the dotter tools. where did you get yours. im looking for a good seller and cheap too if possible.