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Dog Sweaters and Dog Coats for Home Use and for Party

Updated on August 9, 2015

Dog Coats for Occasions Like Dog Party USA

Dog themed party ideas are plenty. A patriotic celebration such as Dog Party USA involving our canine friends is one of them. What style is best for your pet? Well, it is very personal, isn't it? No one knows better than you. For your pets to get dressed up for the occasion, you are looking for pretty dog coats which are functional, decorative and aesthetic besides comfort. Hoodies such as these in the photo allow your pets to stay outdoor longer in cold weather, even when it is snowing.

In this article, I will focus mainly on the apparel dog coats or dog hoodie which will go great with parties.

Image Credit:

Do You Dress Up Your Dog?

Do You Dress Up Your Dog?

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Are Dog Sweaters Necessary for Cold Weather

Do Your Dogs Need Sweaters to Keep them Warm and More Active When it is Cold?

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Designer Choice of Dog Hoodie to Keep Your Pet Warm

Designer Dog Hoodie
Designer Dog Hoodie | Source

Choose the Right Apparel: Dog Coats

In this article, I will focus on the apparel meaning dog coats or dog hoodie and toys which will come great with parties.

There is always suitable outfit for the right season and function. Whether we are planning to have a party for ourselves plus our beloved dogs, or a dog-themed party for our animal friends particularly, you have landed on the right page.

When organizing a fun event, we have to decide on the venue, who to invite, what food to serve, decorations and how we are to dress ourselves up etc. Well, it is easy for humans but our pet friends will need a bit of help from us. If you think your pets will enjoy more with special apparel, toys and a lot of attention, why not browse the ideas here?

I don't know if your pets like to be fashionable, but one thing that I'm sure is that they will welcome a lot of attention at an event when they are dressed up comfortably and smartly. If your pet is very sociable, you can imagine how great it feels when friends and neighbors come indulging all over. It will add up the celebration mood!

To choose the right clothes, comfort should come first, and function second, don't you think? Which type of materials does your pet like more than others? Fleece, cotton and lightweight materials are good choices. Maybe even designer's choice?

Image Credit:

Padded Vest Helps to Get Your Dog More Active in Cold Weather

Do Your Pets Have Enough Clothes to Keep Warm?

This is the ever popular rainbow style. See details above and below.
This is the ever popular rainbow style. See details above and below. | Source
How to Measure Your Pet for Clothes Size
How to Measure Your Pet for Clothes Size
Reference for Suitable Breeds for the above Coats
Reference for Suitable Breeds for the above Coats

Red Snowflake Pattern Sweater Hoodie

Knitted and Warm Pet Sweater with Hood
Knitted and Warm Pet Sweater with Hood | Source

Animal Costumes Should Be Comfortable, of the Right Weight and Size

It is just a reminder that what you choose will show both your and your dog's personality. The costume should be comfortable and preferably reusable. The choice will give guests a lot to talk about.

The most popular outfits are the gentleman look in tuxedo and bow-tie, Superman, Leo the Lion King and other themes are on my consideration list too. How about something a bit extraordinary, if your furry friends and yourself are up to it!

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas for a fancy dress pet party.

Designer Pet Apparel for the Fashion Conscious

Alfie Couture Designer Pet Apparel - Hilda Hooded Jacket - Color: Red, Size: L
Alfie Couture Designer Pet Apparel - Hilda Hooded Jacket - Color: Red, Size: L

This hooded jacket combines fashion and warmth and comes in different sizes from Extra Small 7 inches body length to Large 13 inches body length.

This can easily be a gift as it comes with Zip-lock Travel Bag for easy storage.


Great Pet Apparel for Dog Themed Parties - Do You Need a Reason To Get a Dog Hoodie?

If you are up to it, there is always a reason to celebrate. Why not have a dog birthday party or a dog party usa to celebrate? It will be a good reason to gather together with friends, neighbors and pets to have a great time! Do you know that there is a pet dressing day? It is the 14th of January every year. I'll talk more about it in the section with the videos below.

These fashionable apparel is very affordable mostly in 4 sizes from XXS, XS, S, M to L.

The materials are mainly fleece or cotton (35%), and washable. They are soft and cozy. You have a choice of different patterns and vibrant colors here.

The item in the photo above has these sizes available.

Extra Dog Toy, Tasty Snacks and Accessories

Party is a special time for everyone to enjoy. Why not get your pets a bit of extra fun for them to feel indulged?

These toys, snacks and accessories will add value to the occasion. They can be for the party time or as rewards to make them happier. You may want something fun, healthy and durable for aggressive dogs for chewing and playing with. How about a game of throw and catch? It will keep the young ones active too. Roasted slices of chicken meat sound yummy. A drinking fountain with charcoal filter will be handy to keep animals hydrated. To make the tidying up easy after the party, odor eliminator and urine cleaner will be a lot of help, just in case you need something fast and effective.

Don't forget some party extras to suit all your and your pets' needs. When you are organizing a party, it might be a good time to check out for any extra dog toys, tasty healthy snacks and other accessories. You will like a selection of very high quality products with very good customer reviews.

Toys That Will Last for A Long Time

Virtually Indestructible Best Ball for Dogs, 10-inch
Virtually Indestructible Best Ball for Dogs, 10-inch

Let the pets run about and have fun with their pals.


Natural Snack for Energy and Comfort

National Dress Up Your Pet Day - Friendly Ways for Pets to Get Every Attention

Have you enjoyed this fun day before? Or are you simply looking for friendly ways to pamper your beloved animal friends? Here are some ideas to share. Every pet owner has their friendly choice of outfit. These photo shots in the video may entertain you or even inspire you!

As long as you and your pets feel comfortable, there are various styles to suit you best. Besides that of a gentleman and a lady, there are also Superman, Star Wars fighters, aliens and other funky styles.

Here is a bit more about National Dress Up Your Pet Day. In 2009 it was started by Colleen Paige, a pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist. The intention behind is to promote the need for adoption, celebrate our beloved pets and to help support the pet retail business who can take the opportunity of the special day to share their talent. We are reminded not to disrespect our pet friends for them to be ridiculed. Bearing that in mind, let's have fun and make sure that our pets have fun as well.

Doggies All Dressed Up and Ready for Partying

Our furry friends are all dressed up and ready! The little ones are particularly cute. These videos give me ideas to dress up mine. These videos are worth a few smiles at least. Enjoy!

Beautiful Bows Canisters

Aria Gracie Bows for Dogs, 48-Piece Canisters
Aria Gracie Bows for Dogs, 48-Piece Canisters

Great decorations for parties and have sizes to fit small dogs too. These bows will last.


Dog Hoodie and Other Dog Costumes in Happy Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day Parties

Here are the latest images that our furry friends seem to feel very cozy in. I don't know if humans or pets enjoy the special day more. It looks like a fun-filled day to show love and care.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day 2014

© 2014 May Matthew

Have you ever dressed up your pets for a party? Do you think they will enjoy the party more? - Please leave a comment to let me know that you have been here.

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