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Dopp Kit: Every Man’s Must-Have

Updated on November 24, 2016

Dopp kit, anyone??

Every man these days have their own essential things they need to bring every time they travel, unlike before where they can travel with just their wallets in hand. Well, a few can still travel with just a wallet. However, with the increasing men’s beauty products on the market they now have a lot of things to bring whenever they travel. Some also use dopp kit for everyday use.

Toiletry bag or Dopp kit
Toiletry bag or Dopp kit

What does a dopp kit looks like?

Dopp kit is a body hygiene kit, more commonly known as a toiletry kit. It is a small container, usually a pouch with a zippered opening, which holds body hygiene or toiletry products. Since we are talking about a man’s toiletry kit, it won’t have the floral or butterfly design that most women love to have. It usually is a one-colored pouch, either made from leather, vinyl, and cloth.

Most dopp kits have one zippered compartment, while others have two. If you find a dopp kit with two or more compartments, that would be a great option. It would give you more space for your essentials.

Choosing your dopp kit

Just like every bag, you also need to find the right dopp kit that will fit your needs. Choosing something in a hurry will bite you back in the ass someday. To avoid that, here are some of the things to consider:

Check for quality.
Check for quality.

Quality And Material

As mentioned above, leather, vinyl, and cloth are the most common materials used in dopp kits.

Leather dopp kits are great both in style and durability but they are quite pricey.

If you’re looking for the same style and durability as leather, you may also look for a vinyl or PVC dopp kits. Most vinyl dopp kits are waterproof and durable but not as pricey as a leather.

Cloth dopp kits on the other hand, are not recommended mainly because they do not offer the waterproof option. You would not want to travel with a wet bag right?

Always look for a dopp kit that has a waterproof inner lining. If you find a washable dopp kit, that would also be great.Imagine if that annoying gel cap pops off during travel and makes a mess in your dopp kit, you would feel at ease knowing that you can scrub it away easily.

Quality zippers is also a plus.Make sure that the zippers of your dopp kits are fluid.Zippers should run smoothly along the zipper tracks to seamlessly open and close compartments.

Choose a dop kit that is not too big and not too small for your essentials.
Choose a dop kit that is not too big and not too small for your essentials.


Size matters. Buy a dopp kit that will contain all your essentials. It really depends on how you would like to use your dopp kit. But then again, buying a dopp kit as small as a wallet do not give you the option to pack your things right.

Price depends on the quality of the bag. However, there are dopp kits that offer good quality, right size and right price. You may want to take a look at Pure Sir's dopp kit at Amazon through the link below.

With this in mind, you now have an idea on how to choose your dopp kit or how to choose a dopp kit for a gift. Plan ahead so that you won’t be spending on something that is not worth the price.


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