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Dressing Age Appropriate

Updated on March 13, 2014


Dressing Age Appropriate

Have you ever been out and witnessed someone who was dressing as though they were 18 and you knew good and well they were at least 30? Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to dress trendy and young no matter your age, after all, 40 is the new 30 according to the movie stars!

However, I feel that dressing age appropriate is actually the most sexy thing you can do for yourself and your partner.. There is a difference between looking youthful and looking slutty!

One of my favorite shows is on TLC called What Not To Wear. If you get that show I highly recommend watching. They give fantastic advice for dressing for your body type and age.

Here are some basics to dressing age appropriate.

  • 20's and early 30's - virtually anything goes at this age, if you have the right body type. By right body type, if you are dressing the trend of tight fitting clothing and showing off some belly, and you have the body to show off, please, feel free to dress trendy! Have fun! Short skirts, barely there dresses, low cleavage showing necklines, accessories to the hilt are acceptable when you have youth on your side. Stars like Kate Moss and Jessica Alba can take fashion right to its edge because they are at the right age and body types.
  • mid 30's and 40's - this is the age when a style change is in needed. You are no longer in high school or a teen, even if you have the body of one. Strive to look more adult, tailored and sophisticated. Its time to pay a bit more attention to sophistication and classic style. You can still be funky and fashion forward with accessories, but the days of skin tight clothing and showing skin should be over. Your make-up needs to be more natural and classic. Pay a little more for something that is better-end. Stars in this age range that have it going on are Naomi Watts, Sarah Jessica Parker and Julianne Moore.
  • 50's and 60's - there is never a need to dress like grandmothers of previous generations, just appropriately. Wearing tailored and structured clothing of good quality is imperative when you are over the age of 50. Being refined, smart and uncluttered of too many accessories is appropriate. Choose clean lines and classic cuts. Stay away from t-shirts, tight pants and loud prints. You'll still look fabulous in a pair of dark-wash jeans as long as you dress them up with an elegant shirt, minimal jewelry and shoes. Add your personality through your accessories and hairstyle and keep your style simple. Catherine Deneuve and Jane Fonda are effortlessly chic at this age.

These rules apply to men as well. However they can get away with the more trendy styles a tad longer than the ladies as long as they have the right body.

Please understand when I say the right body I do not mean being a super thin model or having a 6-pack belly. The right body is healthy and height and weight proportioned as much as possible.

Staying fit is just as much a part of fashion as your clothing, eating right and staying active also helps your intimate life as you are able to keep up with your sex drive!


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