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Dry Shampoo: the Way out There as Life Gets Faster

Updated on February 12, 2013
Feel Cool..Look Livelier
Feel Cool..Look Livelier

Our looks as well as personalities are determined to a great extent by the texture, style and appearance of our hairs. To maintain the lively look, to give a better styling and to ensure a shiny appearance of our hair we use a lot many hair products but shampoos takes the most important place to ensure a healthy look of our hair by saving it from the oily and dirty look mainly caused by the sebum that is the natural oil produced from the sebaceous glands to lubricate both our skin and hair. Some people have overactive glands to produce too much sebum which causes the lifeless, limp or greasy looking hair. Shampoo using may help you remove the oily things out of your hair but the irony is that the more you use shampoo washing the more it get the sebaceous glands over produce the sebum- and here lies the point why you need to give a break to the over washing of your hair and find dry shampoo a solution regarding keeping the lively look of your hair in between the water washings.

Dry shampoos in powdered form are designed to work without water. Powders like starch, silica or talk are used as the main ingredients intending to physically absorb the sebum from the hair. Dry shampoo works brilliantly in preserving the essential oils produced in our scalps to lubricate it. While shampoos used with water remove all the sebum out of your scalp, dry shampoo eliminates the oily residue and keeps your hair hold the fresh and lively look.

There is an obvious reason when you opt for using a dry shampoo particularly when you are ill or undergoing a hair treatment that does not allow you to use water for washing your hair. Instead of lying idle in your bed with the itchy feeling on your scalp for the over produced oil in your hair, you can find the dry shampoo, the ultimate solution for keeping afresh as the dry shampoo gets cleared the extra sebum and provides a shield against the dirt and greasy look. But still there are other reasons for which one might take resort to a dry shampoo:

Give a Break to Overusing of Your Hair:

Let’s see what we use to give a better look to our hairs: shampoos, conditioners, oil treatments, gels, straightening irons and what not. We expect our hairs to give a shiny and fantastic look but never stop to think that overusing of shampoo washings or even using conditioners in excess rather pave way to a dull and lifeless look to our hair. In this regards we can easily give a break to the over washing of our hair by using a spray of dry shampoo. With it you can still hold the same old freshened look you would have by an ordinary shampoo washing of your hair.

Manage Your Time When You Run a Race against It:

When you wake up late or in a hurry for going out you can easily manage your time by taking resort to dry shampoo consuming not more than a couple of minutes. Even if are late for an appointment and lose your confidence with the oily or sticky hair you can rejuvenate your spirit by taking a opportunity to use a bit of your dry shampoo from a can being carried in your bag. Give a replenishing look to your appearance with the liveliness of your hair and stay cool for whatever it appears before you.

Try it & Stay Cool in case of Emergencies:

You never know when your water mains or water heater go out of order. You may even face situation like turning off the water for some maintenance work. Providing that you have a can of dry shampoo, you will never need to go out without feeling refreshed or giving your hair a lively look.

When you get closer to the nature:

If you wish to get closure to nature by planning a trip to nature, you may better avoid shampoos or conditioners even if you have an access to water by the availability of a river or stream. You might not even consider swimming if the temperature stands antagonistic to you. But it doesn’t mean that you will stay with an unpleasant feeling caused by the sebum. You can still feel fresh and clean by taking a can of dry shampoo with you.

Chose the Brand Suiting Your Best

There are several brands of dry shampoos available in the market. You can choose yours according to your hair type and color, as there are shampoos specially produced for blonde, black or brown hairs catering to some specific demands. These considerably inexpensive shampoos are conveniently packaged for man and woman either as powdered form or as spray stored in can. You can easily buy one to maintain the liveliness of your hair in between the water washings.



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    • Monis Mas profile image


      5 years ago

      Great info! I love dry shampoo, but I can't use it very often, since it dries out my hair. However, it's awesome to add volume! Voted up and useful!


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