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Getting Rid of Dry Flaky Skin on Your Face

Updated on June 2, 2013

Many of us have this problem and no matter what we try those dry flaky patches show up and we wonder how to get rid of this problem once and for all. Some people face this problem all year and for some people it is a seasonal problem prominent in the winter season when the air contains less humidity.

Finding a solution for dry flaky skin on face

Dry flaky skin on face, most of time, is a symptom of some kind of skin disease, mostly varieties of Dermatitis. So, getting yourself a treatment requires you to find out the real cause of the problem. Although you must remember that the treatments available for this kind of skin disease cannot cure it permanently and thus the best way to get rid of dry flaky skin on the face is to make sure you protect your skin with a good skin care routine.

Normally, dry flaky skin appears in a particular portion of the face, sometimes on the chin, around the nose and mustache or around the eyebrow. Where it is appearing the most can give you some clue about the skin disease associated with it and what treatment you should apply. Other symptoms associated with dry flaky skin are redness, inflammation and itchiness. Whether the problem is chronic or seasonal, it is necessary to take steps to heal your skin otherwise it can lead to other serious skin problems.

Combining advanced facial treatments with a skin care routine

Don’t leave your face as a patchwork of dry flaky areas, find the appropriate treatment and use skin care products that will keep your skin safe from those skin problems. We often visit salons to get advanced facial treatments, which is good but not enough. You have to back it up with a good skin care routine at home. Use the skin care products that suits your skin, always keep your face moisturized with a good moisturizer cream.

You can use natural homemade remedies that have been used by men and women for centuries. But not all works for everyone, find what suits best for your skin and use it regularly. Honey, avocado extracts, aloe vera and many other natural ingredients are known to be useful for dry skin. Mostly these natural ingredients are used before bath, applied on the face for 5 to 15 minutes.

Advice for getting rid of dry flaky skin on face

Don’t forget the usual things that are not only good for your skin but for your health too. Drinking plenty of water and having a diet full of vegetables and fruits will always help you get the nutrients necessary for your skin and body. Lack of nutrients that are necessary for the skin, often contribute to dry flaky skin on face and other parts of the body. Keep your skin clean, wash your face whenever you come home from outside. You can use a moisturizer after washing your face. Do not use warm water as it can further dry up the skin, normal or lukewarm water should be used.

Women who travel on air frequently should also be extra careful specially if they have dry skin. Flaky skin and dryness can be greatly increased by the lack of humidity and fresh air inside the airplane. It is recommended that you do not wear makeup and apply a moisturizer cream before boarding. If makeup is unavoidable, use water-based foundation and moisturizer.

Dry skin should always be well-hydrated and kept clean, this will reduce the occurrence of dry flaky skin on face and will keep your skin soft and smooth.

Some information are taken from the books

The beauty therapy fact file

By Susan Cressy


The encyclopedia of skin and skin disorders

By Carol Turkington, Jeffrey S. Dover

These books are available in Amazon


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