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Ear Stretching Kits

Updated on July 28, 2014

Where to buy the best ear stretching kits

Ear stretching is a popular craze among young people and, if that is you, make sure you choose the best ear stretching kits and learn how to do it properly without damaging your ears. Here we give you the best choices as well as some useful tips before you start.

In case you don't know, ear stretching refers to stretching the hole size in the lobes of your ears. It originates in African cultures when the size of the hole depicted wealth.

Image courtesy of Amazon: Featured here: Ear Stretching Taper Kit

36pc Ear Stretching Kit Color Marble Plugs and Color Tapers

These marble effect plugs from Zaya Body Jewelry are very popular and get great ratings for ease of use and appearance. The kit comes with a good variety of sizes in tapers and plugs to gradually increase the size of the holes in your earlobes. Click the link for detail of taper and plug sizes. Be sure to use stretching balm -

14 Pieces Checkerboard Ear Taper Kit & Tunnel SetCHECK PRICE

36 Piece Ear Taper Stretching Kit & Plug SetCHECK PRICE

36pc Ear Stretching Kit Neon Color Plugs and UV TapersCHECK PRICE

Young woman with stretched ears
Young woman with stretched ears

How to stretch your ears

If you want to stretch the holes in the lobes of your ears you need to start small and be patient! Make sure you have the original piercing done professionally and wait at least 6-8 months

l for it to heal completely before you start stretching. You will see the tapers and plugs you insert come in ever increasing gauges. Start with the standard gauge which is 16G. Use the next size up first - remember the sizing goes backwards as it were so 14 g is bigger hole than the 16. The sizes go up to 00g.

Don't skip gauges - make sure you take them in the right order.

Make sure you use a proper lubricant especially designed for ear stretching - do NOT use oil based cream like vasoline.

Make sure your hands and your ears and clean when you go to stretch.

Use a tapered gauge and only insert it to whatever is the most comfortable, you should never feel pain. if you do, you are likely causing damage.

The tapers are not meant to be worn as jewelry so replace it with an appropriate sized plug when it is ready.

EAR STRETCHING IS IRREVERSIBLE SO BE SURE IT IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU START. Note you may be limited in your choice of earrings when your ears are stretched.

This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Gauges Kit * ALL GAUGE * Tapers Stainless Steel + Plugs Surgical Steel Single Flared Tunnels Ear Tunnel & Taper Stretching Kit

This is a stainless steel set with 12G 10G 8G 6G 4G 2G 0G Tapers 2 pieces each size - 12G 10G 8G 6G 4G 2G 0G Plugs 2 pieces. You can use these to stretch your ears with this great kit.

The Epic Starter KitCHECK PRICE

Ear Gauges - Starter KitCHECK PRICE

Stainless Steel Stretching KitCHECK PRICE

How to stretch your ears - click the video you want to watch

30 Piece Ear Taper Stretching Kit & Plug Set

If plain black is your style, this ear stretching kit will suit you fine. The set has 30 pieces of varied gauge tapers and plugs. made of black acrylic material.

Ear Stretching Kit Black And white Marble PlugsCHECK PRICE

The Defy PLUS Starter Kit Gauge Gear Stretching BalmCHECK PRICE

Ear Stretching Kit 18 Piece Ear Taper Kit 316L Stainless SteelCHECK PRICE


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