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Cheap Baby Clothes

Updated on September 5, 2013

Important point to bear in mind with Baby Clothes

What is something that all parents need to think about when it comes to finding those good quality cheap baby clothes.

  1. Babies grow up quickly.

  2. Save your dollars and pennies with where to shop.

  3. Be creative and have fun dressing your baby.

  4. Look at your style, you can find similar things for your baby.

  5. Designer brands, buy from factory outlets, like Nike.

  6. Online stores for time saving.

Some styles of Baby Clothes

1. Retro Gear or Gothic, see Etsy stores for unique stuff.

2. Funky Baby Clothes, sketchers infants socks, tie-dyed t-shirts.

3. Rock Baby Clothes, from your favorite rock star like Rolling Stones, Bob Marley.

4. Unique Stores, like Harley Davidson for bike lovers.

5. Baby Wholesale Clothes, Cheekaboo, get great gift vouchers, coupons for discounts.

6. Cool Kids Clothes, Baby Nay, some very cool rompers, some great funny clothes with slogans, animal designs for example zebra.

7. Preemie Clothes, teddy & me in England.

8. Unique Clothes for Babies, Etsy shops, all the designs possible, find your style

9.Punk Baby Clothes, skull clothes for the baby.

10.Organic Clothes for kids, bamboo organic clothes, eco-friendly, save the planet.

11.Used Clothes for Babies, register with RockaBuyGear, a percentage goes to a good cause.

What do you want most from Cheap Baby Clothes?

1. Machine Washable, check the labels for this.

2. Quantity, a lot of diaper shirts or baby grows (it is like a t-shirt with the button snaps at the crotch area), more than one, babies can get dirty quickly, they need constant changing of clothes.

3. Soft Fabric, make sure you wash the clothes before putting them on your baby, you do not want them to develop any rashes or irritations.

4. Size, buy larger sizes or one-size up.

5. Seasons, buy for weather seasons, warm gear and cold gear.

6. Buy unisex clothes, possibly you can use it for your next baby.

7. Comfort and practicality, button snaps for easy opening to change nappies.

The online stores are great but remember to check the sizing, generally most deliver within 4-5 days depending. You can really find some great bargains in Cheap Baby Clothes if you shop around.

Cute little boy in dungarees

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ethan my nephew in his pram in Naartjie dungarees
Ethan my nephew in his pram in Naartjie dungarees
Ethan my nephew in his pram in Naartjie dungarees

Save on Baby Clothes

For you as new parent it can be quite a daunting task with a new baby on the way, you tend to just buy items of clothes that you would buy yourself, like for example if you buy your clothing items in Gap then you would go to baby Gap. It is simply natural to be drawn to things that you would personally buy for yourself.

A few things new parents can take in mind.

Babies grow fast, so you need to keep that in mind whilst shopping, will it last a month, 2 months.

Buy discount baby clothes and necessary items.

Gently used baby items from Craig list for people on a budget.

Clearance racks in all stores. All stores have clearance racks winter sales or summer sales, baby Gap has as well, great for finding bargains but still keeping the style. to trade your babies outgrown clothes or to buy.

Friends, families and workmates, ask if anyone has leftover baby clothes and baby gear.

Charity shops

Garage Sales, find more bargains from people getting rid of old kids clothes and toys.

Swop kid clothes, thredup, stuff a bag with old clothes, they will do all the hard work, get used clothes. They will even pay you per bag.

Online stores.

Discount stores, Ross for less, Marshall's great for more bargains. It does take patience hunting through some of the racks but it is worth it in the long run.

Cute baby dungarees

My nephew Ethan in a Naartjie outfit so cute.
My nephew Ethan in a Naartjie outfit so cute.

Baby Clothes Stores

Rock Star Baby Store, Tico Torres from Bon Jovi store with some really cool baby clothe items.

Cute baby onesies, skull caps, trendy t-shirts.

My Baby Rocks, great online store for rock baby items, from tutu's for your little girl, onesies (bodysuits) t-shirts. T-shirts with Bob Marley or tie-dyed bodysuits, AC DC,

Baby Rock Apparel, trendy toddler apparel, boys hoodies, newborn shoes, hats and music for girls and boys gifts. Uniquely different clothes for your precious darlings.

Baby Gap, also has a great sale section, see online for great offers and upcoming ones as well.

Naartjie Kids, lovely colorful items, so trendy, lovely layered effect for little girls.

In South Africa you can find the factory shop for Naartjie in Hout Bay.

Hooligan kids, with all the big five animals, so cool, see online as well as the stores.

Cool Clothes for kids

Hello Kitty, who does not simply love this cute design, from the bodysuits, the t-shirts.

Sporty Baby Clothes & Shoes

Nike, great with the socks, the little trainers especially originally style white and blue/black.

Adidas, also great little trainers, all the original styles look cool on babies.

Puma, great t-shirts, caps, trainers, funky styles.

Diesel, such a classic style, you are sure to match your style with baby.

Cheap Children's Clothes ThredUp

What are your favorite stores?

What are your favorite stores for baby clothes?

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Saving on Baby Clothes

How can you save on baby clothes?

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Please leave any great ideas on Cheap Baby Clothes here.

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