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Infant Toddler Clothing

Updated on May 23, 2015

Cute Infant Toddler Clothing

Most parents want their kids to look cute, but buying infant toddler clothing can be very expensive. It is estimated that the average American family spends more than $1,000 each year on children's clothing .

Toddler clothes can be just as expensive as adult clothes but will rarely get much wear. Toddlers tend to grow so fast and will typically grow out of their clothes within 3 months.

So what do you when you went your toddler to look trendy but don't have too much cash to splash around?


Infant Toddler Clothing Swap

Swap Infant Toddler Clothing and Save Money

Have a toddler clothing swap with your friends and family.

You can organise a party for your friends and family members who have toddlers and get them to bring along their unwanted toddler clothes. As mentioned, toddlers tend to grow so fast so you will find that most second hand toddler clothes won't have had too much wear.

You may even find some brand new designer kids clothing with the labels still on. Some people receive unwanted gifts that they either do not like or that were given in the wrong season that their toddler had outgrown before they got to wear them.

You will soon find some great outfits for your toddler to wear and also get rid of the clothes that your toddler has outgrown.

sweet toddler girl
sweet toddler girl

Shopping For Infant Toddler Clothing

Enjoy A Day Out Clothes Shopping With Your Toddler

Why not have a fun day out with your toddler shopping for infant toddler clothing. It is a good thing to bear in mind that toddlers do have a short attention span so make the trip short and sweet.

Also bear in mind that toddlers are at the age where they tend to have tantrums if they can't get their own way. So explain to your toddler beforehand that you are going to take them out clothes shopping and that they must be on their best behaviour. You can use bribery by offering them a small treat such as a toy or book if they behave themselves. You may be surprised at how much your toddler will understand if you explain things to them carefully.

Take along a small snack and drink for your toddler in case they get hungry during the outing as there is nothing worse than a hungry or thirsty child nagging at you because they want something to eat or drink!

Plan ahead and decide on the shops you will be visiting and make sure you know the right size of clothing for your toddler.

Look out for bargain rails and end of season sales as you could pick up some great bargains there.

Great Toddler Boy Clothing

Some people think that toddler girls are easier to dress than boys, but you can still find some great toddler boy clothing online.

cute toddler girl
cute toddler girl

Shop Online For Infant Toddler Clothing

Online Shopping for Toddler Clothes Will Save Time And Money

A great option when looking for infant toddler clothing is to shop online.

When you shop online you can do it without leaving the house. Get your toddler to sit at the computer with you and choose some outfits together. Your toddler will enjoy wearing an outfit they have chosen themselves.

You can find some great bargains online and have lots of online shops to choose from. When you find an online shop you want buy from, you should check out their returns policy and find out if you have to pay postage and packing. You can also read customer reviews to find out if they have been satisfied with the goods and services. Sign up for their newsletter then they will email you about their special promotions and discount offers, which will save you even more money.

Check outl Ebay where you will be able to find some lovely designer kids clothing at greatly reduced prices.

How Do You Save Money On Infant Toddler Clothing? - Tell Us Your Money Saving Tips

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    • mazbond profile image

      mazbond 7 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks for visiting. Yes having young infants and toddlers can be very expensive so every way we can save money is great news.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      When my children were young I loved the swap option as well as, of course, buy used. Little ones grow so quickly that they just don't wear things out. I was also very blessed with gifts from generous family members. I'll have to mention to my daughter about your idea of having a swap party, what fun!