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elf, Santa's Helper

Updated on September 16, 2017
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Small (.47 fluid ounce) - $6
Small (.47 fluid ounce) - $6
Small (.47 fluid ounce) - $6 | Source

In two articles published earlier this year, Cruel free, Natural, and Organic and The Essential of a Limon, the type of makeup companies a person should invest in whether looking to prevent acne flares or looking for a company that is vegan-friendly and a treatment that is sure to work on some of the most sensitive acne prone skin, were discussed.

Purpose: Makeup Hauls

Makeup hauls are essential for all those who cannot go without wearing makeup. Why? For two reasons. A makeup haul consists of the shopper buying the essentials used in an everyday appearance. During these hauls, the shopper tends to buy products no longer on their makeup shelves and new products. A lot must be taken into consideration when shopping for products. Finding an affordable company that will give you quality product is not always beneficial to the wallet. Foundations can cost as much as $200 and primers will run up into $100.

Purpose: Face Primer

Most people that wear makeup will agree – having a face primer part of a makeup routine can sometimes make or break the way the foundation sits. Though primers are not just for the foundation, it’s for all face makeup. This facial tool helps keep makeup application on longer. It allows the makeup to grab on to something other than your bare skin. Applying it is easy, the lightweight texture makes rubbing into the skin with fingertips just as simple as adding milk to cereal. Essentially a primer will minimize pores, even skin tone, fill fine lines, and give a healthy flawless photo finish look. Best feature is that it can be worn with or without makeup. As stated, a primer provides certain attributes, however, there are a few primers that will give something more other than a regular primer. The common primers that can be found are Hydrating Primer, Mattifying Primer, Photo Finish Primer, and Poreless Primer. Face primers that are not sold by most companies – is beneficial to have in a makeup bag are Blemish Control Primer, Color Correcting Primer, and Mineral Infused Primer.

Primer: Blemish Control

Blemish Control Face Primer texture is smooth and lightweight on the face. Only one to two airless pumps are necessary to get a full coverage primed face. With a detachable bottle. That is not the case. Depending on the amount of usage the product may last up to a few months. There have been reports that the dispenser pumps out a green substance, instead of white. The only product produced by e.l.f. cosmetics that dispenses a green substance is the Tone Adjusting Face Primer. That primer counteracts any redness on face. The only company that provides a green substance for controlling acne is BioClarity. Blemish Control Face Primer actual color of the bottle is a lime green the product tag reads clear and pumps out a white substance. This primer not only makes the skin feel radiant it can always act as an acne treatment. Applying three times daily allows it fight all blemishes for a lifetime. Overall using the blemish control primer is great and with the Acne Fighting Foundation, the combination is sure to eliminate any possible new outbreaks.

One thing to remember is when trying new products there is always a risk of it not working for your skin. This does not mean the product is useless and does not work. The company has not cracked the cosmetic code for it to be considered as a universal product.

This past week a mini makeup haul was conducted. One of the big items brought was a blemish control face primer. The company sells this product in both small and large. It consists of Salicylic acid. This active ingredient is important in keeping new acne bumps and blemish scars from appearing giving the user the opportunity to rid the skin of any old acne bumps or blemish scars.

Most people with acne and blemishes are looking for a permanent removal, however, finding a company that can minimize breakouts are better than everyday breakouts. All of e.l.f. acne fighting products contain a dosage of Salicylic acid and tea tree. With a lightweight appliance that is sure to give a long-lasting healthy full coverage face.

Yes, e.l.f. cosmetics is one of the best companies to turn to when dealing with acne. Not all their products say that it targets acne, however, a company that puts out acne and blemish control products statement clearly saying they care about what is going on your face.

Blemish Control Primer

Cover FX
2% Salicylic Acid
.5% Salicylic Acid
2% Salicylic Acid
small - $6 ; large - $10
Can wear with or without makeup
Can wear with or without makeup
Can wear with or without makeup
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 Black - $3Midnight - $2
 Black - $3
Black - $3 | Source
Midnight - $2
Midnight - $2 | Source


Shopping at e.l.f. cosmetics one place to stop is the eyeliner section. Their expert liquid and cream eyeliner are both two eyeliners that are needed. The expert liquid eyeliner comes in about five different colors, smooth on applying, and easy to handle. Its brush is not like most eyeliner brushes, the bottle is sleek with plenty of handle room. Applying eyeliner on the lower lash line gives the eye a bigger appearance. A product that is easy to use is the cream eyeliner with a brush applicator smoothing the product to give a nice clean edgy eye.


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