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How To Copy Elvis Presley Pompadour Hair

Updated on July 30, 2011
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

Though many years have passed since the King of rock 'n' roll was laid to rest, there is still no shortage of Elvis Presley fans who want to mimic his style and appearance. His influence on the entertainment industry is timeless, his admirers are both young and old. If you want to try to copy the way the great man looked, you should take a moment to learn about the Elvis Presley pompadour hair style.

The pompadour style was popular in the seventies, thanks in no small part to Elvis' sway over the music industry. The advice below should help you to create a similar look.

Elvis Presley hairstyle.
Elvis Presley hairstyle.

Step By Step To Get Hairstyle Like Elvis Presley

If your hair is naturally dark, then you will not have to think about changing its color. What many people do not realize is that Elvis' hair was not actually black, he was blond, and dyed his locks when he became famous. If you want the same shade as the King, you can pick up a dye at your local drugstore for a relatively low cost. There is also the option of visiting a salon to have the work done professionally.

It can be useful to at least visit a salon for a trim and cut, a professional stylist should be able to crop your locks so that you can create the perfect pompadour finish. It is easier if your hair is straight or slightly wavy, those of us with curly locks may need to use a straightening iron to get the right type of finish.

Once you have the color and cut right, the next step is to get hold of the right kind of styling product. The King used a large volume of pomade to create his famous hairstyle, you can also do the same, or choose a more modern gel. The process of styling should be done when your locks are clean and slightly damp. Take the gel or pomade and use it to slick back strands, start on the sides before moving to the top.

To create the right kind of pompadour, you will need to give more body to the top. The best way to get this look is to use a comb to sweep your hair back, be careful not to use too much gel as this can impact on the way it falls. If using pomade, it should be warmed in the hands before it is applied.

The next step is to get the right slope or angle to mimic the King's, this is best done with a comb as opposed to your fingers. It can take a number of attempts to get the look right, if you feel that there is not enough balance, flip over your head, ruffle your locks, and start again.

The final step is to get a few strands hanging from the front of the pompadour. When your hair is still wet, flick your comb so that a few dozen hairs hang down in front. Now take a look in the mirror, you should see that Elvis has come back to life.


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      mightymouse 6 years ago

      The pompadour was a '50's style....not 70's!!!