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Emerald Engagement Rings vs. Diamond

Updated on April 20, 2015

When you come to the point in a relationship when you want to take it to the next level and pop the big question, then it’s probably time to start thinking about getting an engagement ring.

Every lady secretly has a dream ring, and on that dream ring isn’t always a diamond! Make her dream come true with the ring that she wants!

Raw, uncut Emerald gemstone.
Raw, uncut Emerald gemstone. | Source

Emerald vs. Diamond

“Diamonds are (not always) a girl’s best friend!” Although, this is what media and society has imposed on our females and it has, for lack of better words, brainwashed our society into believing it.

More and more women are choosing other stones over diamonds in more recent years, but diamonds still tend to be the stone of choice for many men for engagement rings. They mean well, they really do, but let’s look at other rings, such as emerald engagement rings!

What is an emerald?

Emerald is one of the top four precious stones and comes from the beryl group. Their beautiful medium green to dark green color is attributed to traces of chromium within the stone.

If you can recall the Emerald City in the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” then you may have a good idea on the various shades of green that is in an emerald.

The truth about diamonds:

  • They are not a good investment

  • They are not as rare as you've been led to believe

  • They have inflated prices due to artificial scarcity

  • They can be man-made without noticing a difference

Why choose emeralds?

  • They are gorgeous and have many different shades of green

  • Emeralds are more rare than diamonds

  • Emeralds are typically less expensive than diamonds

Emeralds, with a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, are very versatile for jewelry and are definitely strong enough for emerald engagement rings. In fact, there is a special way to cut this stone in such a way that it emphasises the true beauty and color of the stone, known as the emerald cut.

Got Green on the Mind

Emeralds and emerald engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular amongst women in their jewelry preferences. If you know for certain that your lucky lady loves emeralds, then looking at emerald engagement rings is probably in your best interest!

Never assume that your mate wants a diamond for an engagement ring just because it’s considered traditional, make it an engagement ring that she cannot say “no” to!

Chances are, if she is a fan of the emerald, she’s well aware of the true beauty behind the stone and can appreciate its intense green coloration.


Things to Consider

When browsing emerald engagement rings, make sure to keep the following information in mind:

  • Chatham emeralds are emeralds grown in a lab and are not “true” emeralds.

  • Be sure to ask the jeweler if the emeralds are “doublets.” A doublet is a piece of real emerald glued down to a piece of glass or other surface, then set into a piece of jewelry to be sold as a “natural emerald.”

  • Emeralds that contain a lot of blue coloration are typically not worth as much as emeralds that have a touch of blue in them.

  • Sometimes emeralds are given a name with an origin that is inaccurate just because of the color. Be sure to ask exactly where the specific emeralds are mined if you want that information.

  • Emeralds are graded by eye, not with a loupe like a diamond. “Eye-clean” diamonds are considered the best grade and cost the most.

Emerald engagement rings are an excellent and common alternative to a diamond engagement ring and should be considered if you know your lady doesn’t like diamonds but loves the color green!

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Picking Her Perfect Ring

Getting down on one knee, generally in front of others (including strangers) can be stressful enough, but now you have to wonder if your ring is going to get the wow-effect that you are striving for. So really, really strive for that “yes!” by making sure that the very ring you picked out for her, si the ring of her dreams.

Some girls really do like diamonds; everyone is different, but if you want to make sure that she will be happy with your choice of ring, there are a few sneaky ways you can find out just what type of engagement ring she is hoping for.

She cannot find out what you are up to, though, and being a female, she can likely sense something is up, so be extra careful and try one or a few of these until you get the answers you’re looking for:

  • Listen to her: She has probably dropped some pretty obvious hints, even if you did not pick up on them. Listen to her. This will not only help get her the perfect engagement ring, but get you some brownie points, too!

  • Ask around: If you have some of her friends and family on your social networking pages or have their phone numbers, connect with them. They’ll likely know something you don’t!

  • What does she wear? If you’ve noticed her wearing a lot of a particular type of stone, then chances are, she really likes this stone.

  • Jewelry store visit: Either take her or have a friend take her, get creative with the reason why you’re going there. Make sure you keep an ear and eye out for any potential information leading to what kind of rings she is looking at!

Get her the ring that she truly wants, and do not pop the question until you can pop open a box that has her dream ring in it!

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